Do you have a gardener on your Christmas list? Well, I can help you find some great items under $50 to give them. I’m a longtime gardener myself and would appreciate any of these gifts.

1. Heirloom Seeds

Here’s a full array of heirloom seeds to get anyone started gardening. These vegetable seeds will provide tasty and nutritious food for the gardener in your life.

35 varieties of heirloom seeds for the gardener in your life

It comes with 35 packets of seeds and 35 garden markers. You can see it here.

2. Garden Kneeling Pad:

A kneeling pad will make working in the garden more comfortable.

10 gifts for gardeners under $50 shows a green kneeler for comfort

Raise the legs to make a comfy chair, or lay it flat on the ground for a supportive kneeling pad. The ultra-soft cushion reduces painful pressure on your joints, keeping you comfortable for long periods of time.

Your back and knees will thank you! You can see it here.

3. Cocktail Garden Kit:

Here’s one I wouldn’t have thought of. But it makes a great gift.

Cocktail garden kit for the gardener in your family

With this gift you get a Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden Kit. You can grow 6 varieties of plants for cocktails. Seeds, starter pots, plant markers and peat discs are included. You can see it here.

4. Gardener’s Toolkit:

Every gardener needs a toolkit.

10 gifts for gardeners under $50 has a purple toolkit

Environmentally friendly, this plastic tool case can travel around the yard with you. Iron heads are painted with anti-rust paint. The ergonomic rubber handles are printed with floral patterns. You can see it here.

5. Hanging Solar Light:

This solar light has a beautiful pattern and can be hung in your garden or on your porch wherever there is sun.

Boho-styled solar light for the garden

This Boho LED Flower Waterproof Decorative Metal Light can be seen here.

6. Window Birdhouse Feeder:

If the gardener on your list loves nature and feeding the birds, here’s a gift they will appreciate.

This birdfeed by Nature Anywhere has a sliding seed holder and 4 extra strong suction cups.

For 10 gifts for gardeners under $50 is a window birdfeeder

Sitting in the comfort of their home they will enjoy watching the birds feeding at the window. You can see it here.

7. Wind Spinner:

This 12-inch stainless steel wind spinner sports a unique metal design that’s fun and entertaining to look at.

A boho styled wind spinner

Wind spinners can be hung on lamps, trees, walls, balconies, and windows in any spot that catches the wind. You can see it here.

8. 10-Piece Garden Tool Set:

Here’s a garden toolset you can wear all over the garden. It will also keep your shirt clean while you’re working.

For 10 gifts for gardeners under $50 here is an apron with all the garden tools you'll need

This all-in-one gardening toolset includes: Transplanter, trowel, pruner, rake, weeder, weeding fork, sprayer, garden gloves with fingertips claws, and a multi-compartment tote apron. You can see it here.

9. Kneeling Pad:

If the gardener on your list is going to spend much time in the garden, they will certainly appreciate a cushioned kneeling pad for comfort.

Kneeling pad for the garden

The cushion is water-resistant with double layer protection. You can see it here.

10. Waterproof Apron:

“To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow” is something we all need to remember during these trying times.

In 10 gifts for gardeners under $50 has a green apron with a gardening phrase.

It has pockets for multiple uses. You can see it here.

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  1. The bench/seat version of the kneeling pad would suit me better than the on-the-ground version. Now that I’m 70, getting up from the ground is a lot more difficult.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of thoughtful ideas! Pretty much everything you choose would make fantastic gifts for anyone! I have the garden kneeling pad. It’s wonderful! I love that it’s a chair/bench one way and a kneeling pad the other way. I also gave the bird feeder as a gift, and they loved it! It’s a great way to watch them up close and personal. I love the lamp! The pattern is so pretty! I love all lamps that do that! I find they are soothing to look at. I have a similar one that’s an electric hanging lamp. It makes a sun ray pattern that goes on the ceiling and down the walls. It’s an old lamp from the 60’s and 70’s. (Anyone else have one if those?) I love it, but it’s not a good lamp for providing light, lol. The spinner is really pretty. I have one that’s on a stake in the ground, and it’s beautiful when it’s windy and spinning like crazy! I love the idea of the cocktail gift. It’s so unusual, and I think it would be a fun gift to receive. And of course all gardeners need seeds and tool kits, so many great ideas here Brenda! Happy shopping to all!

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