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  1. I surprised myself in that I really like the black and white graphic pots. Not really “my” style but they are very striking. Now, the terracotta pots with the white designs on them are fabulous. The one seems to have a design that reminds me of mendhi or lace. What a fun group to select from.

  2. Brenda,
    I love all of these pots! It is crazy how expensive these things are! I was at Lowes last week and I paid $15.00 for a plastic pot! Crazy!
    Sometimes you can find them at the thrift store, but even they are pricing them as much as they are at the store.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the brown and white ones! That is such a different/cool pattern! They really caught my eye!

  4. I love the Save for Later on Amazon. I have a page of pre-owned books and a few other things on my list. I will add the owl pot.
    Brenda, thanks for the tip to use Miracle Grow on the African Violet. I don’t know why I didn’t even think of that. I use it in the summer for my outdoor flower pots, and have some in our garden shed. I’ll try it, and will post here on your page, if/when it works. Fingers crossed.
    Have a pleasant weekend. Hugs from Wisconsin

    1. Let me know how it works. Fingers crossed. Just make sure you know the amount of Miracle Grow to use because African Violets seem rather delicate to me.

  5. I love the white beaded pots. They remind me of milk glass, which was very popular when I was a girl (I’m about the same age as you Brenda, so you probably remember milk glass too). My mother had a milk glass bedside lamp, and I used to run my fingers on the nubs. I guess it was my version of a fidget spinner. 🙂

    1. I don’t recall the milk glass from childhood. But we didn’t have any type of decor that I can remember. Just furniture.

  6. Lovely pots, Brenda. I am drawn to the matte white ones and the owl.
    I shop on Amazon the same way. I call it “faux shopping” because it’s not for real until I push the magic button. LOL I do 99.9% of my shopping on Amazon for several reasons. They bring it directly to my front door, I don’t have to go out, so much easier to browse, etc. I refer to Amazon as my “Bestie”. LOL
    I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  7. Wow! What a great selection you found, I liked them all, but these are my favorites: the four white 6″ pots, and the four white 5″ pots, each of the pots have unique but coordinated raised designs. White, like black, can go with any decor. I really like that each pot has a drainage cache, so no worry about water draining through or causing root rot if you over-water and the water has no way to drain out of the bottom of the pot.

    1. I always look in the fine print for drainage hole. Can be disastrous for a plant without one.

  8. Brenda ,
    The tv show with Hillary Swank that you liked, Alaska Daily, resumed last night on ABC. It was such a good episode with an important message on words and thoughts spread on social media and the impact on lives that believe and follow it. I am thankful for entertaining blogs such as yours about books, plants, food choices, aging in our homes and accepting limitations.

    1. Oh good! I can’t watch it until it’s streaming though because I don’t have network channels.

  9. They are all cute, but I really love the owl one! I can’t wait to see what you choose!

    1. Do you have any pictures of your old owl projects you used to do? I’d like to see them.

  10. Such beautiful pots. It is exciting to add plants and interesting pots to your home. It is great when your plants grow babies like a spider plant does. I have stocked up my daughter with spider plants for her new home. The previous owners have good light in the house and will be leaving plant hooks on the ceiling by the windows that would be perfect for spider plants. I was not pleasantly surprised visiting the big box store looking for a houseplant and seeing they were $1.00 more than what I thought was a high price when a bought a houseplant from them just a month before. I have offered perennials on our neighborhood Facebook page a few times and every time they were taken. A few others will also offer plants or extra veggies. I think that is wonderful to share like that. I tried to organize a day where neighbors could get together and offer up plants, pots, seeds and shovels, etc. maybe because everyone is busy that didn’t come about. Most of us do have some excess in one form or another that could be shared within our community so at least I feel like I am giving them the idea to start. Seems like the idea of bartering, sharing and using basic cleaning (no chemical) cleaners like our grandparents did could help all of us these days. I wish I could have seen your owl projects. Hope you are doing well and enjoy picking out those plants and planters.

    1. I am just stunned at how much pots are these days. Even plastic ones are very expensive. If you go above the sizes I’ve listed, the cost of them are just crazy.

  11. I do love the owl planter and the white ones. I already have some indoor plants that I have repotted once because they have grown I think I will need to do it again this year
    which means buying larger pots. I don’t like cutting them back, I like them to do their own thing! I don’t have many thank goodness.

    I like the idea of putting things in my Amazon cart and then deciding which ones I want, good idea, thks Brenda

    1. Oh, I am constantly putting things in my Amazon cart, and then I click Save For Later so I won’t accidentally order them, but I still have them in sight and can compare them.

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