10 Pumpkin Recipes For Thanksgiving Or Any Other Time

So many of us equate pumpkin pie with. But there are all types of pumpkin recipes you can make for your big dinner.

I found that there are many talented cooking bloggers out there who have created a vast variety of pumpkin recipes.

For this post I chose half pumpkin desserts and half pumpkin side dishes or appetizers that I found on Pinterest.

Sugared Pecan Pumpkin Ice Cream by Through Her Looking Glass


5 Minute Smoky Pumpkin Hummus by The Every Kitchen


Pumpkin delight dessert

Pumpkin Delight Dessert by Lil Luna


Pumpkin Rolls With Rosemary & Sea Salt by Drizzle And Dip


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins by The Novice Chef Blog


Slow Cooker Black Bean Pumpkin Turkey Chili by The Ambitious Kitchen


Melt In Your Mouth Pumpkin Cookies by Dear Crissy


Ravioli With Pumpkin Alfredo by Taste And Tell


Pumpkin Bars With Cream Cheese Frosting by Fork In The Kitchen


Creamy Pumpkin And Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes by Cooking For Keeps

I sure wish my creativity extended to cooking. I so admire creative dishes and the people who come up with them.



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  1. It’s funny, I don’t care one bit for pumpkin pie or pumpkin soups. But I will flat out eat anything pumpkin spice….the flavoring of the pumpkin makes all the difference in the world! Thanks for the cool recipes! Love and hugs!

  2. You found some fantastic recipes! Different than the usual pumpkin recipe. I might give a few of these a go!

    Thanks for sharing..

  3. I love pumpkin!!!!! Fall and winter are my favorite time of the year to cook and bake, I add pumpkin to everything from soups to chili, to cakes and more. Thank you for sharing these recipes.

    I hope that you, Charlie and Ivy are well.

  4. I love the flavor of pumpkin but I don’t like it too sweet, as is often the case in a lot of pumpkin desserts. Same thing goes for sweet potatoes. I like to eat them with a more savory approach, with butter and salt and pepper, rather than with a lot of brown sugar or marshmallows, as many people fix them. However, I do like the little pumpkin pie desserts that McDonald’s has this time of year. They aren’t too sweet and the crust is pretty nice! I’ve put pumpkin into cornbread before, and that is very good. I definitely will try some of these savory recipes, such as the chili, ravioli and the hummus. Thanks!

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