I have found 10 small space Christmas trees to show you. Some of us just don’t have big spaces to put big Christmas trees. That doesn’t mean we can’t decorate in a big way.

No matter your decorating style, there is a small space Christmas tree for you and your holiday home. 
You can have small trees in different rooms of your home. You can gather smaller ones together in a vignette. There are endless ideas.
You can decorate your beverage bar for a party. Or just for everyday. 
Smaller trees, for those of us with less space, means less storage is needed once the holidays are over.

A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the customary real or artificial tree we are accustomed to.

It can be something of your own creation, like this branch that has been spray-painted and decorated.

And it’s free!

It can be an arrangement of books, which is truly inspired! If you are a book lover, this may just be for you.

A true bibliophile should love this idea.

A tray of smaller bottle brush trees looks lovely on any surface, such as a coffee table, a trunk, a dresser. Anywhere you have a horizontal surface.

Gathered together, the bottle brush trees make quite a statement.

Your holiday tree can be a grouping of paper-made assemblages. You can use scrapbook paper of your choosing and assemble a Christmas tree similarly shaped.
A small, more traditional tree on a table central to your living space can be enjoyed by all. 
This arrangement of glitzy trees is quite beautiful. Sprinkle candles among them to light up the scene at night, and for added interest and texture.
A Christmas tree as part of a table top vignette can be arranged almost anywhere. A kitchen, dining or living space would work fine.
This twiggy tree sets the stage on this small table. With the addition of birds, it suddenly becomes a scene from nature. Perfect for nature lovers!
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  1. Ok, so that first picture from the Rusty Hinge is my absolute favorite…I would give up my big trees for that look in a jiffy. Second place is the book tree. Books and a plate rack? Darling!

  2. You wrote this for me! We just moved to a very small (cozy 🙂 ) farm house, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me where to put the tree. You made me think outside the box and now I have the perfect place – on a library table rather than on the floor. Oh my, my senior brain in on hold after this move, so thanks for these great ideas!

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