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  1. How beautiful! Love the decor and charm.

  2. Love the blue! What a charming space. Thanks for sharing!

  3. If you get to stay there for awhile, you truly are a lucky guest! Very charming space.

  4. Annette Tracy says:

    That was a beautiful remodel. A lovely space for guests! I’m afraid they’d never want to leave!

    I too loved with white walls for years then finally had my great room painted yellow and I loved it! It’s now been painted a soft green and I miss the yellow

  5. Well-how wonderful is that?!!! I love it and it is fun to see all the color in it. I am not sure I could live with all that color permanently but it is fun to see it. Have a great day- Diana

  6. Great job on this transformation! It’s lovely.

  7. I can’t believe that was a former shed. It’s huge! Way bigger than I expected! I was thinking it might be similar to a studio apartment or an efficiency. I’m really impressed! The renovations are nice. I wonder what it looked like before it was renovated.

  8. I love seeing renovations from across the pond. I also love how they used color to give everything some personality. I’ve always wanted to be bold with color buy always chicken out and simply add color using accessories.

  9. Good Morning Brenda. I love this sweet shed turned guest house. I could live in that so easily. Happy Thursday.

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