Cheap Decorating Tricks

You all know I’m a big proponent of using what you have, living green when you can, and not taking up a giant footprint on the earth.

So how do you decorate your home and get a new look for under $50? I found these ideas on the Better Homes & Garden website, one of my favorite go-to places for budget-friendly decorating.

If a lamp is drab and boring, liven it up. Attach fabric or paper to transform the shade.
It doesn’t cost much to buy pillows, pillow covers or make your own pillows. It is a very fast way to get a totally different look. You might even just switch up pillows from other rooms.

Wallpaper the backs of cabinets or shelves. This will utterly transform your space.

Make little vignettes like the one above with just a dash of creativity. Turning one mug upside down gives it a whimsical look and added height.
If you have an ugly lamp, prettify it with paint. This glossy red paint takes this lamp to a whole new level.
Is your coffee table or side tables a cluttered mess? Corral items in a tray. The look is elegant and tidy.
You don’t need fancy art to bring your walls to life.
You could print out old family photos, cut them in a circle shape, and tape them to the center of plates for a unique look.
A cheap way to create table art is to take clear glass containers, pour some acrylic paint inside, and turn and swirl the paint around until you achieve the look you desire.
If you have room (which unfortunately I do not) put your laundry detergent in clear vintage style glass jars. Add a pretty teacup or spoon to use for measuring.
A way to make your bathroom take on new life is to get a new shower curtain. Or you could make one. This could be the start of a whole new look and bring new color possibilities into your small space bathroom.
There are all kinds of ways to “decorate on a dime.” The best way is to shop your house. Or get together with some neighbors and do a bit of trading.
Painting is your cheapest and most versatile friend.
Let you imagination be your only limit when deciding how to beautify your home.

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  1. Brenda, all great ideas and many I have used over the years as well. Another tip I use, having limited space for storage I made pillows and then covers out of inexpensive fabric, I can the slip a cover on the pillows to change the look for the season or holiday.

  2. I read your posts each day even though I don't always comment. You are constantly sharing neat tips, photos, and your cozy little house. I recently was able to "downsize" so I am trying to get into the mood to change things a bit. Still recouping from the move. LOL
    Connie, IN/FL

  3. So many wonderful ideas! I especially love the ones where painting is involved! When talking about my decorating passion I always say, "If it isn't moving, its going to get painted sooner or later!" (This scares my husband a bit!)

  4. Brenda,
    Great tips and I must say the lampshade tip really caught my eye-those 2 pink vintage lamps of mine, with the plain lampshades, are going to get a makeover soon!
    Thanks, hope all is well,

  5. I am all for saving money, and loved the ideas you presented. I am a painting fool and I think paint alone can make such a dramatic difference in a room.

  6. Ohhhh…. that kitchen – the very first photo. It reminds me of jadeite dishes, which I am so fond of. LOVE that color on those cabinets… Great roundup and inspiring tips! 🙂