Brisk Cool Air & Nature’s Beauty

Lately, there is brisk cool air when I’m out enjoying nature’s beauty.

There was a distinct chill in the air last night. I woke up sometime in the wee morning hours and felt cold.

It’s been a long time since I felt cold and needed a blanket or quilt.

I keep many of them around for just such an occasion. Often I grab a quilt I made myself years ago.

A little bird perched on the fence

This Bird:

I saw this bird, and just can’t place what kind of bird it is. Does anyone know? Its feathers are so pretty against the green of the tree leaves.

The birds know that the seasons are changing. I see huge droves of them flying in beautiful flight patterns from my window.

They fly deeper into the blue sky until they are mere dots and then they fly completely out of sight.

We won’t see them again until springtime.

Tree branches and leaves lit up by the sunlight

Leaves Will Fall Soon:

The branches that are still filled with leafy groupings will be bare soon. 

We will see the starkness against the background of blue sky filling in till spring time. It has its own ethereal beauty. But the branches will be bare.

I am itching for the leaves to turn so I can go out on country roads and take my time taking photos. I do this every year. It is a time I truly look forward to.

The sun shining through the tree branches

For now the sun is shining and the air is cool. It is pleasant to stand outside with my camera and play the waiting game.

Collage Of Fall Photos:

This is my compilation of fall’s essence.

A collage of fall photos

I love to take photos during the fall season. To photograph the beautiful colors of the leaves as they begin to fall to the ground.

It is a time of contemplation for me.

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  1. Your title is now showing up in cursive, btw. Yay! It looks pretty. I am noticing the changes in the weather too. Love this time of year. I'm not a huge fan of Winter though, so I guess I better savor Fall.

  2. We're doing flowers in my watercolor class now, and that morning glory picture certainly makes me look at it differently. It is a beautiful shot. It has finally cooled off out here and it feels wonderful! Are those new pics of the dogs? They are so cute.

  3. Your photos are amazing! I don't know what that bird is. The other day we had one that I couldn't figure out – finally decided it was a young mockingbird. We actually got down in the 50s here two nights in a row. Woo hoo!

  4. You take amazing pictures – and I love your ease and patience in capturing some of those shots – like that dove, amazing.

    My favorite here though is the first leaf picture – that's an amazing picture to me, it's perfect in my eyes.

    Happy first day of Autumn, Brenda.