Small Space Solutions

Small Space Solutions


Many apartment and small space dwellers don’t have an actual foyer in their homes. I don’t either as a matter of fact. Above is an idea to “create” the look of one with these two pieces of furniture. Add shelves above to anchor the space.

Unify your bathroom with shades of one color. Green is tranquil and serene.
Use a Lucite desk for a work space. Visually, it takes up no room.
By putting a skirt around this bathroom sink, it provides storage space underneath.


Mirrors are wonderful tools to make a space feel larger.


No matter the size of your window, try taking the curtains all the way to the ceiling and the wall. It evokes the feeling of spaciousness.


If you have a long space and want to create the illusion of two spaces, put a piece of furniture like this console behind a couch to create a boundary between the spaces you want to separate.

{Photos via BH&G}


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  1. The lucite desk is brilliant, and the green and white bathroom is very pretty. Notice how there's jewelry on the walls too? I'm not sure i would do that in a bathroom, but it's an interesting concept.

  2. I don't have a foyer either – you walk in my front door straight into the living room. I have a console table on the wall as you walk in, much like what is shown in your first photograph.

  3. Brenda, these are some great ideas…
    We don't have a foyer/entry… my front door opens right into the room– thinking of changing things up soon.
    I am also thinking of RE-creating my drop cloth curtains…maybe I'll move them up! lastly…I like the color schemes in the last 3 photos… especially the one with orange lamp shade! Pretty!
    Orange has really been grabbing my attention lately.
    thanks for sharing the pictures. Don't know how knew your button/siggy is at the bottom of the post. I just now spotted it.
    I like it!

  4. I love how creative people get in small spaces. One of the best apartments I had when I was single was a small one bedroom that had lots of flexibility in the floor plan and I could shift things around for a totally different look. xo Diana

  5. You really have a good eye, Brenda. I never would have seen how these these things work without your pointing them out. Love the bathroom idea, both of mine are almost exactly like this one. Thanks!