Morning In The Backyard

After my morning shower, I stepped out on the back porch. Birds immediately took flight in every direction.

I love to walk out on the porch fresh from my shower to watch the birds flitting around the yard. To hear them singing and chirping at one another.


I hear the melody of all their different songs. I’ve always preferred birdsong to most other types of music. I call it “nature’s music.” Music at its finest.

Then I noticed that there is one lone pink rose that bloomed after some of the other plants died back.

I had to cut back other plants for the rose bush to get some much-needed exposure to the sun.

A robin was perched on the roof next door. This seems to be a good landing spot for them. It seems to be staying still as though to pose for my camera.

Mourning Doves:

I think mourning doves are elegant birds. Despite the fact that they seem to lumber along slowly at first. Probably due to their size.

Then they get their groove on and go faster and rise in flight just like the other birds.

Birds Building Nests:

I love to watch the birds choose their birdhouse in which to raise their young. It’s so fun to happen upon a nest full of bluebird eggs.

The bluebird is one of my favorite birds.

And then there are the squirrels that are busily digging in the dirt to hide their nuts. Those nuts will become trees that I will have to eventually dig out of my plant containers.

I wonder how many tall trees were once nuts the birds buried for another day?

Squirrel eating morning glory leaves

Mischievous Squirrels:

The squirrels have been out in the front garden next to the house. They run through the yard and then head across the street. Back and forth they go.

It drives poor Charlie crazy. He sits on the top of the couch, intensely following their movements.

charlie on the couch

His body is quivering as he watches them. His eyes widen and he looks like he’d love to jump right through the window to get to them.

Today the squirrel raced across the fence, over my house, into the trees, and onto the roof of the house next door. You won’t find a finer acrobat than the squirrel.

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  1. Brenda I really love your photography. It makes me smile to see all the beauty in your backyard! and let me tell you that was a great shot with that squirrel on the run! I've Pinned it to my Autumn abundance board. Have a great week!

  2. You got some great shots of the birds and squirrel! My cats love to watch the squirrels out the window, too. And the squirrels know that the cats are watching…the squirrels "chit" at them!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Birds are the most amazing creatures, I love to hear their song. I have noticed lately twitters and twirps that I don't hear ordinarily. It must be the migrating birds. I have several squirrels that I watch on a daily basis. I love the urban forest that we are so fortunate to live in, they keep the birds happy and us humans as well.
    Have a lovely day!