Some Flowers Are Still Hanging On

Fall is approaching. But some flowers from summer are still hanging on. Tenacious vines keep spreading.

I have brought all my house plants back inside before winter. They luxuriated in the rain and humidity and are now more lush than before.

Repotting House Plants To Bring Back Inside:

Some I repotted and put the plants in those pebble-like things called Hydroton that I ordered from

I want to see how they do before I pot them all. See if there is a difference in plant health and appearance.

Uncontrollable Vines:

The vines on the fence look completely out of control again. One vine grows into another and they are meshed together, vining around one another.

But last time I got out there hacking them down I was sick with asthma for weeks. So I guess I’ll just have to let Mother Nature freeze them instead of cutting them back.

I still have a few roses blooming. They’re quite protected by all the lush and bountiful vines. They peek from beyond the foliage surrounding them.

Wild Morning Glories:

And the same goes for the morning glories, but they’ve slowed their growth a bit. They will probably hang on long after other flowers have stopped blooming.

I can’t recall where these mums came from. But they’re finally opening up and blooming.

I like having them in the galvanized tub.

These red berries are growing vines on the other side of my driveway. But I don’t know what they are.

I wonder if the birds eat these berries?

The Occasional Zinnia Blooming:

There is still an occasional zinnia blooming. I just love these perky flowers. They stand up to the sun when other flowering plants don’t make it.

This year the zinnias are mostly shades of red and pink. The other colors of zinnias I planted from seed didn’t come up.

The leaves are finally starting to turn colors.

I’ve got to get out to the rose garden and Swan Lake and take some photos there soon. I love to walk around Woodward Park and Swan Lake in the fall.

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  1. I love the Blacklist too. Never miss it. It's funny…I have lots of morning glories and some I'm quite particular about (they came from Sir John A. Macdonald's garden, Canada's first Prime Minister) but every time I see one, I think of your broken ankle too. I can't quite enjoy them as much as I used to. J

  2. I've been a fan of James Spader since he co-starred with Brooke Shields in Endless Love and Molly Ringwald in Pretty In Pink. (I am so dating myself with that sentence, lol!) His turn in The Blacklist is nothing short of brilliant!!! Actually just started watching last week…stayed up rather late viewing the episodes On Demand. Watched them all in one night…I was mesmirized. I still have some roses in bloom….they are actually looking much better in our NJ fall temps than they did in the heat of July. Said bye-bye to many of the begonias yesterday….it was nice to walk around the garden formulating plans in my head for next spring. I hope James Spader and The Blacklist will still be around 🙂

  3. alas – my flowers are all goners! cleaned up the beds this morning! brrr it's has even snowed a touch here (didn't stay but still – yuck!) I'm so thankful for the cozy images you share – they warm me right up! ♥

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Brenda! You are a very good photographer. We have already been through a bad storm which tore down many trees, left us with 5 feet of snowfall and 8 foot drifts, and tore down about 30 feet of our picket fence. We spent many hours hauling away the branches in the back of our Subaru! But, God is good and we came through it all okay. OH! Did I mention we did not have power for seven days!?!?!!! THAT was horrible as we do not have a wood stove. Next house, wood stove is the first thing to look for or the first thing going in.

    Thank you for sharing. I LOVE your home! God bless your day.

    Cate <><

  5. I think the vine with the red berries might be snailseed. Google it and see if it might be the same. I would love to have only pink and red zinnias. I love color and our trees in the pineywoods of east Texas are beginning to change. They always look brilliant against the backdrop of the pine trees.

  6. I too love that show!! Had to mute it and look away for a few scenes with the Stewmaker, gosh he just creeped me out!! I think Spader will wind up being her father, just my thoughts! Excited for the next installment tonight!! I can remember seeing Spader for the first time years and years ago on Stargate, the movie! Have a blessed week!!

  7. I love the mum color you have. I don't think I've ever seen one that color. Where I live, Louisiana, they are orange, yellow, white, or dark purple. This color is beautiful.

  8. I really like James Spader, too. I used to watch Boston Legal and yes, it's his mannerisms.

    Nice to see you have some blooms. I went out and gathered an armful last week to put in vases, so sure we were going to have a frost. Nope, not yet!


  9. Hi Brenda,
    I like your dish drainer or holder, I would like to find one like that, it just so much prettier than the regular ones.
    Your flowers are gorgeous, mine have all been covered over with a nice layer of leaves, I look forward to seeing their colourful faces next spring.
    Your zinnias are especially pretty and so are the maroon-ish coloured leaves!
    Have a good night.

  10. I know this time of year you never know what will die or just keep living a while longer. Don't know how to dress each day without checking the weather first either. It was so cold the end of last week and into our weekend, but is now starting to warm back up again. We are still waiting on the leaves to change color too. Still mostly green around here despite the cooler temps. I would just leave those vines alone. I wouldn't chance getting sick again! I have never seen that show you mentioned. I'm getting ready to watch my favorite show called Homeland. It comes on Showtime. We just got rid of most of our movie channels, but kept Showtime just for that show alone. It was only an extra $5 a month to keep it. There is very little on tv that I like anymore.

  11. We LOVE the show too Brenda…its so awesome and he is such a good actor..I swear he is her father…time will tell! Love your post today and all your pretty pictures…Take care! xoxoxoxo Carol

  12. Brenda you still have some gorgeous flowers there! As always I love looking at your photos! I so agree with you about Blacklist! I think it is one of the best things on TV. I have alway thought James Spader was a very special actor! Glad you know you are enjoying this show also. I'm still purging and feeling good about it!


  13. You do still have lots of pretty blooms.
    I have a few blooms left on pots of begonias and impatiens, but first hard frost and they will fizzle. The pots of mums are at their peek now, so need to get some pics in next day or so.
    Cloudy and cool all day – stayed in and accomplished nothing. 🙂
    Have a great week.

  14. We were hooked on Blacklist from the get go! He is amazing. Every week I wonder what will they do next? The plot line twists and turns. I regret not having watched him sooner on Boston Legal, only saw a few reruns of it. Are those morning glories on your vine? I just planted some morning glory seeds on my chain link fence that the neighbor tore all my vines down. This time the vines will be on my side! And I planted two plumbago plants, and talking to them gently to encourage their growth, telling them every day how beautiful they will be on that fence! I'm hoping they grow big and strong and cover that mess up behind me! I'm afraid to say anything to him for fear I'd just blow up and then really make for strained relations! So counting on my flowers to make it all pretty again.

  15. Oh, Brenda, isn't he just the best ever! I fell in love with his acting years ago on Boston Legal. But this show is superb, most especially his acting. As you said, his mannerisms. The way he tilts his head back. His voice. I am a fan. I recommended this show to one of my sons, Zack, who usually only watches cable series. He called me up after the first show and said he couldn't believe it, that the quality was as good as the best cable series. He told me the writers had previously written really good shows too so I hope they keep the quality up and that the ratings are good so it will last a while.

    Well, I haven't even mentioned your flowers but I was excited to know you like the show. I know you don't watch much t.v. so it's high praise indeed.


    P.S. I do have to close my eyes during a few parts of particularly intense scenes!

  16. Ah you still have some loveliness there ! 🙂 Hard frost / freeze the other night so just a few hangers-on here now…as in a scattered bloom here or there, though the sweet allyssum? Acted as if it had never been 30 degrees…it is so hardy…still blooming!
    Fall is muted here this year. For the most part the landscape looks as if it were around mid Sept, not the end of October.