Summer Bids Adieu

It is the time of year when the shadows linger a little longer. When darkness is in no hurry to make way for light in the early morning hours. I want to stay in bed. Close my eyes and drift back off for a little while.
There’s hardly any flowers to be found. They have taken their leave for the most part. Paving the way for fall foliage and grasses. I shall miss them. Their cheery little faces tilted toward the sun.
There are some little wrens out in front. I see them from the office window gathered on the grass pecking at the ground. I wonder if they’re looking to stay awhile. I’ve also seen them out back at the birdhouses, checking things out.
There are usually two together. One will perch atop the house while the other one peers inside the entry hole.
I looked in one and saw a nest. But I don’t know if it is left behind from other birds. Or that the little wrens have carefully constructed themselves a warm nest for winter.
They gravitate to these bushes in front of the window. Last night I saw an orange/yellow cat in there. I hope it isn’t waiting for the birds to come back.
It peers out at me with slanted green eyes. Then, in no particular hurry, comes out and heads next door. It pauses to look back at me. Then lopes off.
Even with the flowers gone away, I still enjoy the textures of what remain. The leaves and foliage of all varieties.
You have to find enjoyment in all the seasons of nature. And have no regret for what has already gone away. For it isn’t gone forever.
It is that “in between time.” The time when summer succumbs to fall. And after a bit, fall drifts on into winter.

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  1. I live in the sub tropics and I just came in from harvesting green beans from the garden. I am ready for some fall weather. Love your blog and it's words and images.

  2. I for one, am sick of summer. I look forward to shorter days, with lamp light inside. We still have hot days here and I can't wait for a break in the temps and utility bills!

  3. I had just been chasing a very loud bird and its song the other day trying to get a decent shot of it to determine what it was. I posted a fuzzy pic the other day…as I could not get anything closer or crisper. I was pretty sure, after looking it up in a bird book that it was a wren, and then here you have this perfect shot of one : )

  4. So different here. Days are still very warm and my garden is exploding with zinnias and tomatoes and peppers. I am ready for cooler weather though.

  5. I love fall, but I hate that the daylight hours are dwindling. I can already feel my energy leveling dropping now that the sun sets so much earlier. I feel like the birdies looking for a place to nest. Cute photo of the bird!

  6. Brenda- You really take some amazing pictures. You have a wonderful eye. I am drifting along into Fall finally here. Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  7. I LOVE birdies and I so hope that cat is not hanging around to get them…The yellow daisy like flowers are just stunning! Love all your pretty pictures today Brenda…Have a good evening xoxoxo Carol

  8. Gorgeous photos of your surroundings. The magnification of the subjects allows us to really, sincerely, salute the miracle of their natural beauty! Looking at the veins of the leaves and really just appreciating the intensity of life!

    Hope everything went well yesterday. 😀


  9. I love fall. When the leaves fall and it hasn't snowed is not a favorite time of mine. I love winter for the most part. I guess as long as I have power and food, hah. Love the pictures. That cat must know that you are watching, hah.