Condo Life

I found this condo I wanted to show to you. I wouldn’t mind living in a condo. Just look how cozy this little living space arrangement is. The closer the furniture is arranged the cozier it feels!
This little condo is small but full of character and charm. The colors are muted or light and thus don’t overwhelm the space.
The black area rug grounds the setting.
This is an interesting and clever way to add a small office desk area. By scooting the short end of the desk against the wall, the desk takes up little wall space.
The wicker chair is charming paired with the wood desk.
This kitchen is small, but it is laid out well. White walls and cabinets throughout help to make it appear larger than it is. The dose of color in this kitchen is the back splash.
The cabinet doors have glass insets, which also give the appearance of more space.
I love the smallish stove. And the glass-fronted shelves acting as a pantry. This kitchen has a small footprint but what space it does have is utilized quite well.
The pegboard on the wall gives the additional option of vertical storage, which is always a good idea in a small space home.
The entry way has a small bureau near the door with fresh flowers, always a nice greeting when the owner walks in the door. It also has an umbrella stand for rainy weather days.
The dining space has a wood and cane settee against the wall that two people can sit in to dine. The white tulip table takes up less space than a typical table with four legs.
The natural centerpiece of greenery brings out the bright green of the curtains.
 Do you think you would like to live in a condo?

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  1. It’s great how your article displayed great ways to use decorations and rugs around a condominium unit to make it look very lively. Since I didn’t really like the idea of owning a big house property, I wanted to know if there were ways to decorate condos to still have that home-like feeling that full-fledged houses can give. If I can find a condo for sale that I like, I’ll decorate it using your techniques as well.

  2. I don't think I would mind a condo, especially if it was in a vintage building like this one. I still have that issue of Country Living, and if I remember correctly, the condo is in Minneapolis and is a second home for an artist and photographer. Love it!

  3. I wouldnt mind living in a condo or townhouse…as long as it had a little area for the weiner dog to do her business and to have some potted plants. It probably would suit me fine.

  4. The only downfall (for me) of living in a condo would be not having a yard. At least with a townhouse you still have a small yard. We lived in a couple of apartments when we were first married and even then when I was so young, being cooped up in an indoor space where you couldn't go outside and tend to any flowers or even have a little porch to sit on in a yard drove me nuts.

  5. What a wonderful home! I love the colors chosen. I think I would live in a condo. The smallness of the space certainly appeals to me! But, I'm not sure how I would feel about having my neighbors so close. It would be nicer if there were only a small number of units.