Friday In The Garden 5/9/14

I’m hoping someone can tell me what this tree is. Just in the past couple of days, it has bloomed out and the bumblebees are all over it. The perfume is intoxicating.
Every time I open the patio door, the smell hits me immediately. I pause and breathe it in.
This is the hyacinth bean vine I planted earlier this week. Not more than four days ago I pushed the beans into the soil. And look at it now. It’s about four inches tall. I think they should call it the Jack & The Bean Stalk vine.
I ordered the seeds from Renee’s Heirloom Seeds years ago. You let the bright purple bean pods turn brown and dry up in the fall, then come spring you open them up and plant the little beans. 
That is a small blue plate in the background. See how it frames the plant in the container?
Make your garden fun. Put little ceramic birds and such in pots under the leaves. 
My pink rose I brought with me is blooming. Oddly enough, this was the rose that was mostly in shade last year. And the one in sun just never took off. 
The little sparrows are all that I’ve seen at the feeder. But the male cardinal flits around the patio and sings to me. Still can’t get a photo of him.
I think a true gardener loves every aspect of gardening. I like to go out in the evenings after the sun goes down and dead head petunias and tend to the plants. 
It gives me joy and serenity just to be able to touch them and pamper them.
Did you go out into your garden today? Did you plant or tend your plants?

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  1. It's a privet hedge. It is very invasive and will grow next to everything you set out. The stems and trunk are like iron. I battle these hedges all the time. Get rid of it if it is on your side of the fence!

  2. I wonder if the tree is a Russian Olive Tree…it looks like one of mine and their scent is heavenly…maybe check some of our guesses against googling these and see if we determine a match…can'wait to see your new "old" goodies from the antique mall.

  3. Didn't read all the replies so if someone mentioned this I didn't see it. I think it might be a WAX LEAF VIBURNUM . I do know it isn't a lilac.

  4. We actually have a sunny 70* spring day here today!! It has been a long time coming. I know when you just moved in you spoke of some cats in the "hood". I wonder if that is why the birds are just a bit reticent about visiting the feeders. Once they realize they are safe, they will come, I'm sure.
    Have you tried a load of laundry yet?? Hope it works well for you after the challenges of the delivery! Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. I gave up trying to put that thing together myself. They have a lot of instructions and scare you to death with hazards that make you feel like you're dealing with hazardous materials instead of a washing machine. I shall have to find myself a plumber, I've determined

  5. Your flowers look like they are settling in wonderfully! I won't be working very long in my flowers today, just watering under the tree where they don't get much water even when it rains, and puttering a little. Right now, I am thwarted, in that I must find a birdcage that I know is in the basement somewhere, haven't found it yet. I need the birdcage before I can plant my baby yarrow plants. Without the cage, the squirrels will have my yarrow for a snack, or at least dig them out to look for squirrelly in-ground treasures. It is so perfectly spring cool here this morning. Can't wait to get out there and putter around a little.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I am a faithful reader and lover of your blog, by email. I stopped getting them in my email in box, so I just resubscribed to your blog with MadMimi – so glad you switched. I stopped receiving all my favorite blogs that were being delivered by FeedBurner for some reason. Thanks for doing that – I hate to miss any of your posts. So enjoyable to read and look at the pics – and I love the comments too…..

    1. If you were subscribed before, you should have been transferred over with the bunch I exported (or is it called imported?) But I'm glad you're getting them, however. I'm loving Mad Mimi. I wonder how they came up with that name?

  7. I thought about you girls yesterday, out and about, having fun. I hope you found the goodies you were looking for..

    I think, most definitely, you have some sort of privet hanging over your fence.. It does have a powerful fragrance and some folks are very allergic to it.. It does draw bees of all kinds and the seeds do invade anywhere they land..

    I have two bird feeders just like yours. They seem to be the favorites of the birds in my yard.. Don't you just love to watch them eating ?

    I spent the afternoon sweeping maple seeds off of my deck.. I will have zillions of baby maple trees coming up in my pots and in the ground.. I did sweep some into my dust pan and put them in the trash.. Those will be some that won't grow in my yard.. I want to power wash the deck and then get some VERY good paint to paint the floor and benches that surround the deck.. For that, I will need lots of energy and maybe some help. That will happen next week. Not today.

    Your flowers are looking very healthy.. I think your growing season is way ahead of mine in Virginia.. I will soak my Heavenly blue morning glory seeds today.. Haven't had any blooming for years.. Can't wait.

    Have a fun weekend. Always want to see what you've done in your little piece of Heaven on earth.. Enjoy ! ! ! ! !

    1. Got my little bird feeder from Ace Hardware, which is just around the corner. I believe it is Audubon? I wonder if that tree that got brought with me is a maple?

  8. Brenda, your new little garden is already looking so pretty. How great that you were able to bring so many of your plants with you. I know you and the pupsters will really enjoy being there this summer. xo Laura

  9. Oh! BTW, River City Trading Post in Jenks, is my favorite place! I can go and never buy a thing but am perfectly satisfied. LoL Glad you girls had a fun day. You all deserve it!

    Grace & Peace

    1. I should have called you to come go with us. Kay called me to go to lunch and I was planning on going there this week so we just put the two together. Next time please come go. Judy wasn't interested in it so went to the antique mall while Kay and I strolled that place. Heaven on earth. You have to like KFC though.

  10. Brenda, I just want to come sit in your little garden and breathe. I am slowly getting mine in shape. The little rose, that I brought from your old house, looks a little puny. I decided to take it out of that little pot and put it into the ground and I guess that kind of shocked it a bit. I'm going to give it some vitamins today and see if that perks her up. I have a question for you. If you were going to decorate your patio in a Mexican theme, what plants would you use? It is a cover patio and that is what I'm having a problem with. Can't think of any desert plants that like shade. I also love going out and pampering my plants. I usually do it in the morning when it is quiet.

    Grace & Peace.

    1. Well get yourself on over here and sit with me a spell! I mentioned that in a comment after one of your comments but I've forgotten which one. I don't know what I'd plant in a Mexican-themed garden. I'd have to Google that one.

  11. Your "tree" is a ligustrum–privet is part of the family. If your allergies kick in big time, you're allergic to it. Lots of people are in the Spring. Everything is beautiful.

  12. Could be Chinese privet:

    Or Japanese privet:

    I don't have any plants so far this year. We're living in temporary conditions in a rental and I haven't wanted to take on a more things to move. We've been on a lot of woods walks lately and I've seen some lovely ephemerals — trillium, phlox, blue-eyed mary, Jacob's ladder, mayapple, to name a few. I'm considering the woods my garden this year.

  13. The most planting I have done is to buy a hanging basket from Lowes. Not exactly exciting yet, but I hope to get out today to get some stuff done. Enjoy your weekend. Hope it's sunny and dry.

  14. Good Morning! I think your tree is some sort of flowering fruit tree. Like a crab apple. The rose is my favorite in your garden so far. I am afraid to try growing one. Dead heading is one of my favorite activities in the late afternoon. I fluff up the plants and talk to them a bit. Silly,maybe but I enjoy it.
    I think I did something wrong when I subscribed to the blog, but don't know what. I get it a day late. Is there something I can do to receive on the day it was written?

  15. It seems you are enjoying your new home in spite of all the trials and tribulations. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and have just planted beans. I am starting to put out my annuals. We have iris, azealas and rhodendrum in bloom at present. Gardening is the most relaxing thing. We have a little bird nest on one of our doors in a wreath. I think she came back from last year to buitd there again. Enjoy your new home. Hope your new washer/dryer turns out to your liking……Rebecca

    1. When I can find someone who knows plumbing lingo and can help me get it together, I hope it is to my liking. It's just way over my head, all these darned instructions.

  16. Your garden area looks so relaxing. The scents of outdoors that can never be captured in a bottle or candle. There's just nothing like it.

  17. Brenda I think that you are about a month ahead of me, weather and bloom-wise. If so I think your tree is a privet. The blooms look similar to mine. For years I couldn't figure out what it was….i'd bought what I thought was going to be a small flowering yellow bush and about 3 years later it started growing like mad and the blooms smelled like a mixture of honeysuckle, lilac and hyacinth. In the end I thought perhaps a late blooming lilac. Only last fall when it developed purple berries did I know for sure it was privet. I read that the berries are poisonous so I trimmed it drastically, hoping to avoid the berries this fall and just enjoy the blooms ( birds and dogs were not interested in the berries…but I was worried about the little kids around here : )

    If you are almost drunk with heady scent…it's privet. Just unbelievable…when it blooms in the far back of the yard I can smell it from the front of the house! Hopefully it will bloom this year for me…I did trim it quite drastically! 🙂

    1. I better be careful with it because Charlie Ross has had diarrhea and Abi just threw up. I don't think they'd eat that. But they do go out when their bellies are sour and eat plants.

  18. I love the shrub Brenda, wonder what the final outcome will be…lol.

    Hyacinth beans already? I'm months away from being able to plant.


    1. Well, I felt so behind Elaine in Sunny Simple Life when she was showing off gorgeous blooms months ago. I was so jealous I could have spit.

  19. Your patio is lucky to have you! It's going to be such an oasis for you. Love that you enjoy going out there at night! I didn't garden today, but I did read a recipe on making manure tea. With the horse I have plenty of it. The plants are supposed to love it!

  20. Well I did go out and inspect all the beds since it poured down rain yesterday. I also pulled some radishes. Trying to make room for the canteloupe plants I bought at the feed store on Sunday. Going to train them to climb as they will scatter otherwise and not much room in the boxes for that. I also planted some peppers around the sunny side of the house the day before the rain- so today I noticed some of the soil had washed out the side of the wheel barrel that I've planted them in and so I put some rocks in there to hopefully keep that from happening again.
    Your patio garden is thriving despite crazy weather patterns and the recent move. You have truly cared for your potted garden

    1. I don't have the good sense to plant things you could actually eat. I just plant pretty things. I can't eat tomatoes or peppers or onions, so most would be wasted on me anyway. I won't complain though if you send a good canteloupe this direction.

    1. Well if you want to come to warmer weather come visit me and we'll sit on the patio (you will have to bring some of your deletable baked goodies though) and drink coffee (or tea if you prefer or soda) and enjoy it all.

  21. The shrub is a Ligustrum, better known as Chinese Privet. They're invasive in my area too. I love them though. You will have little seedlings coming up in all your pots, so be prepared to pull while they are young!

  22. Brenda, that looks like a while lilac. Our neighbors have a few and the fragrance is heavenly! Here in Denver, our perennials are growing like crazy but I don't usually plant any annuals until Mother's Day. I will postpone that, this year, as we are expecting a big snow storm on Sunday. Can't wait to get out and play in the gardens, the flowers are my therapy. I find everything about it, peaceful. Love your beautiful pictures!

    1. The week Judy and I were toting things over here the middle of April, I had shorts on because we'd already brought my hang up clothes over here and it was snowing!

  23. Brenda, your garden is coming along beautifully! I can't do much because of back problems this year but my roses are really blooming. Have a good Mother's Day! You do some good "mothering" of our hearts in blog land! Thanks for what you do.

    1. Why girl, get yourself some tall containers and a little plastic garden scoot-scoot and you can garden. I too have a bad back. Not going to let that detail stop me. I decoupaged all those cabinets rolling around on that thing.

  24. Hi Brenda,
    Your garden is beautiful and I just LOVE what you have done with the steel tubs and your ceramic plates. I have a bird feeder that I put sunflower seeds in and it's empty every other day; the cardinals found it almost immediately and then bring their babies to eat. Not sure what your plant with the white flowers is, but after searching the internet, I believe the others are correct and that it is a privet. Have a nice weekend!

    1. They've only eaten a small portion of the sunflower seeds here. The cardinal may find it too light. He likes to eat the dropped ones off the ground. I do think he has determined that this is his yard.

  25. Your shrub or small tree looks like a Chinese privet. Unfortunately, they are non-native and invasive. Cut off all berries when they form to prevent it from seeding elsewhere.

  26. The garden is coming along splendidly. Good to see the little sparrows eating the food. I have found the cardinals to be a bit more skittish, I am sure in time, when he knows you are no threat, he will make himself at home, and maybe bring some friends. I usually see them in pairs, have you spotted his mate?

    1. No! Now that you mention it, that is strange. They usually have their mate right along with them. He looks like a younger cardinal. Perhaps he has not found his true love.

  27. Brenda, I do not know what the tree is,but I do know it smells so good. You have made yourself an oasis on your patio Brenda, I love it. Hope you have agreat weekend, xoxo,Susie

    1. I'm sitting here in the air conditioning with a dog on either side of me wondering if I want to have crackers and cheese for lunch or crackers and hummus. Maybe I'll have both.

  28. I'm pretty sure Marilyn is correct that you have a privet blooming on your fence. It does have a wonderful fragrance. I am in my garden daily. I put more compost around my azaleas and divided some hostas that had gotten way too crowded. There are not many days that I don't garden this time of year. It's what I do. ♥

    1. Me too! I have told Judy for two years to divide her mother's hosta. Bet she hasn't done it yet. Sometimes you have to light a fire under that girl. She's a true angel of a friend though.

  29. Your garden is so beautiful! I enjoyed the lovely photos you posted. Adding decorative objects such as the ceramic bird creates such a fun touch of whimsy. No gardening yet for me. It's still too cold! We're about a month behind schedule. Another winter like this one and we may have to consider a major move!

    I'm really happy you were able to enjoy an outing to Jenks. Thank goodness, your back must be feeling better.

    1. You should think of moving here, Gayle! You could sure go with us girls! I got a big rusty rooster at the nursery in front of the antique mall yesterday. Bet you can't believe this, but I've named him Rusty! And he's standing watch over the pots on the patio. Maybe I should call him Deputy Rusty…

    2. We'd have so much fun! I did live in Okla. for four years and loved it. Especially the weather! May move in 2016. We're getting too old for these harsh winters.

      I love roosters! I'll have to look for Rusty the next time you show garden photos.

  30. That is a white lilac. If you cut them, to put in a vase, pound the stems to crack so they can absorb water. I pulled that out of my memory, been years since I cut lilacs. They are abundant here in the Midwest. I am new here, enjoying your blog. I am 59, divorced 6 years ago after 28 years… and started over. Love being divorced, hard to take the financial hit. Struggling and unless you have been there, which I know you have, some do not get it. Not that easy some days. I have no family, no children and on my own. I do get it, and even without limitations, some days doing it all, it just too much!

    1. Well, you don't live anywhere close to Tulsa, OK do you? We could be each others back up! I love being divorced. I love living alone with my two pupsters. (Charlie Ross is a bit under the weather today, so Mama is sitting close to him.) The financial hit is hard, but I'd rather be frugal than miserable!

  31. I am gardening today. I have the day off and I'm cleaning up my back deck and potting flowers and plants. I really love your new little garden. I think it's just right for you. So glad you found a nice spot to live. Write me and tell me how it's going. I'm so behind on everything…it's hard for me to get my chores done and blog since now I am at a store all the time. But as of next week…I'll have insurance! Haven't had that for four years!

  32. I am looking forward to a visit home next week but no garden for me yet. Hopefully a few plants will get bought in June! Love your little patio and that tree is pretty!!!

    hugs, Linda

  33. Not sure what the tree is, it is beautiful. I love hyacinth bean vines. But sadly, it is too hot and dry here. My cousin who lives in Santa Cruz can grow them…but three hours inland to the Sacramento Valley forget it. My aunt's grow to wicked heights in Tennessee. Your garden is lovely. I love dead heading…it is my little ritual around 7pm…sometimes with a little cocktail in hand…especially Friday nights. Have a lovely weekend. I am going to Chico to see my Mom and help her with a craft project for her Sunday school class. By the way, I set out three bird feeders this past Monday and they have not found them yet….I guess it take a bit.

    1. It took the birds close to two weeks to go to my bird feeder. Maybe they have a period of time in their heads before they will trust you? Yes, about 7 p.m. I go strolling and humming about the patio, saying hello to my plants. (Neighbors probably think I'm nuts.)