The North End Loft: Color My Decor Series

I absolutely adore this house. Laurel lives here, and her blog is The North End Loft.
I have always, from the very beginning, enjoyed reading Laurel’s blog, from the very beginning. I love her sense of style. I love everything about house and her decorating.
One of my very favorite posts of hers included the photo above. I was smitten with the colorful vegetable cans containing spring flowers. This could be a no cost decorative vignette.
The way she styles shelves in her home appeals to me as well. She has a good balance of neutral colored objects interspersed with colorful decor.
I loved when they redid their small kitchen. The white cabinets coupled with the wood counter tops was a great choice. The glass-fronted top cabinets create a sense of openness in a small kitchen.
I love the way her house flows. One room into another, reminiscent of the old shotgun houses from another era. The corner cabinet gives the small dining room a cottage feel.
The bedroom is a sea of neutrals, which are calming and serene in the space where you sleep. The various throw pillows give the bed a bit of varied color.
This white chippy frame with the bird print stole my heart when I first saw it. It is simply clipped at the top, so you could change the bird print out with another print.
I really need to do this simple DIY!
This simple open desk is perfect for a small office space. The light showing through the burlap curtains highlight a cozy little space to pay bills or jot down a grocery list.
I’ve often thought that if I could live in one house in all of Blog Land, I would like to live in Laurel’s house. 
It looks cozy and comfortable and lived in. It is not a space designed merely for decoration. I could feel right at home in this lovely little house.

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  1. Brenda, if I had two wishes from a magic genie, I'd wish that you got a house like that. I don't need to be greedy, I only need two wishes. One for you and one for me! You could sit on the porch and talk to people when they walked by. Oh, it would be fine.

  2. Laurel's home is beautiful both inside and out.. She has a sweet kitchen and I like the color choices she has made throughout her home. Thank you for sharing Laurel's "home sweet home".

  3. Brenda, I love the animals pictures as you are looking into the dining room. Laurel has a beautiful blog. Hope you are doig well , xoxo,Susie

  4. Her home is SO charming! I'll have to go check out her blog. I have some catching up to do on your blog as well. Your blog hasn't been updating on my blog list! That's how I keep up with new posts.

  5. Laurel has a beautiful home! I really love her decorating style. Also, the flowers in the vegetable cans. Very creative! I'm looking forward to visiting her blog.

  6. Oh my gosh, Brenda! I saw a picture of my house over on my side bar feeds just now with Cozy Little House under it, and I thought somehow my picture had stolen your blog! So I hurried up and clicked on it, and here's this totally amazing beautiful awesome feature of my home. What a fun surprise!!! Thank you so much, Brenda. I am just so happy and pleased to be featured on your blog.

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