A Quiet 4th & Good Old Karma

I’ve always preferred to have a quiet 4th of July. I don’t go to parties or gather with family. Because I absolutely hate fireworks. Well, primarily the noise they make.
It has been quiet here today. Thank goodness. Fireworks get the dogs all worked up. But then there’s tonight for the real deal, so we’ll see how they handle that. 

Why I avoid the evening news:

I don’t much listen to the news anymore. I use to have it on the TV while I did my yoga stretching at night, but I found that it didn’t relax me very much!
There’s been a serial rapist who has been raping older women in quick succession. Seven women in 25 days.  

The man who they think is behind all this is 30 years old, and just got out of prison in April. He didn’t make it long out here with innocent folks, did he?

When a rapist faces karma:

Last Sunday his vehicle hit a light pole at a considerable speed. He’s in a coma. They think he fell asleep at the wheel. A sexual assault had just been reported.

He served six years of a ten year sentence. Presumably let out for good behavior. 

Karma. As I’m always saying, it’s a real bitch. And sometimes it gets you sooner rather than later. Enough said.


Driftwood on my patio:

Take a look at the tiny bit of golden pennies that is growing out the side of the big piece of driftwood. Now that’s a real tough little plant.
It has filled out the hollow of the wood nicely, and now it’s attempting to work itself through the cracks and crevices!

Surviving & Thriving:

Sometimes life is real tough. Those that survive and thrive are the ones that can wind their way and find a little opening when it seems all doors are closed. That’s creative thinking in adverse conditions. I admire that. 
For those of you getting ready to go see the fireworks, you’d better have some iced water handy. For those of you who prefer to stay in like me, I hope your air conditioning is working properly. 
See you tomorrow.

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  1. My fourth was quiet to the extent that I needed earplugs for about eight hours. Someone across the way for me was setting off the loudest boomers I have ever heard. By the time 11 o'clock rolled around my teeth were rattling. The forum was a nice idea, but too expensive and too complicated. xo Laura

  2. Hi Brenda, so you are going through a heat wave there? Thank goodness for A/C, hope that you had a quiet night last night. Living in Canada here, I was shocked to hear them last night, since Canada Day was July 1st.


  3. I think Java Talk is fine as it is, and personally don't need more of a forum. It is already easy to reply to something some one has said and you have been asking good questions to get the conversation started.

    1. We'll try an open question and answer day next week and see if people would occasionally like to do that. Or if they'd rather have it more structured.

  4. I like your blog any way you want to present it. If there was one thing that would interest me greatly concerns what books and favorite authors people are reading and why they recommend them. Your blog is the first one that I read every morning. I love your pictures of your patio.

  5. Too bad about the forum. But, kudos to you for doing the research and giving it some healthy consideration.
    I'm not much a forum person. I only this week added my .02¢ to Java Talk. I remember back before 'BLOGS were BIG' …it seemed like there were lots of forums, with sign in names(much like PAN-HANDLES'), On Topic Chats, and Off Topic Chats–I honestly, don't think I'm a forum type person. But that's just me.
    I did however, enjoy this week Java Talk,though I was late for it– I loved reading everyone's lists.
    You offer so much here at COZY LITTLE HOUSE— I like it fine enough. 😉 Pat

  6. Well, the hurricane missed us but at least we can thank it for lowering temperatures around here. Sorry the forum didn't work out, but you'll find a way to do something similar. Glad that guy is off the streets at last, leaving a trail of tears in his wake.

  7. Well this is me… I just like your blog like you had in Texas. No tweak it Tuesday, no Java, and no welcome wagon. Just you. I usually skip those days altogether. Dont take offence.. I just want BRENDA! 🙂

  8. Just got home from a great day with my daughter at a st fair in a lovely little town on the ocean here in So Cal. They block off like 12 blocks, it's huge. Funny thing is everything we bought was from local businesses anyway! Wanted to be home in time to be in the house when fireworks start to go off though. Our big lab we adopted last yr does not like loud noises, and she escaped last year. So she's safely in the house w/us now! Karma is the real thing. I actually met my husband on a rape, robbery, kidnapping trial. He was the detective and I was reporting the case. One of the deft's got off only to run into a flatbed truck 4 mths later in his car, taking him out. I"m glad they at least have this guy in custody and they can tie him to the cases.

    1. They think now that he's tied to a whole bunch of stuff in OKC, which is two hours away. Glad he's out of commission. If he makes it and they let him out again, that will be the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

  9. Brenda, you can create a Facebook page under your blog name, and on the day of the talk just invite everyone to go to that page. Then you can talk all you want for free without needing to create a forum.

    1. If I was savvy enough with Facebook, it might be a possibility. Think I'll just have days on Java Talk that is a free forum of ideas and questions and answers. Next week we'll try it.

  10. I went over to my Mom's today and unpacked a few more boxes. Stopped at the grocery store and then came on home. No fireworks for me and hopefully none going off too close to the house. No special celebrations this year. Oh and yes I DO believe in Karma!

  11. I love seeing the fireworks but we have to drive 30 minutes to get to the place that has them – then drive around trying to find a parking space which means you have to get there 2 or 3 hours early to get a good spot – then watch them- then try to get back out of the parking area which might take you another hour – so after the kids were grown and away from home we quit doing that unless we happened to be vacationing somewhere where we could just walk to a nice place to sit and watch – this year we are at home so will just hear them in the distance but not see them. nice and cool in the 70's here – about your news story – yes karma is a bitch and sounds like he got what he deserved! I do not enjoy watching the news anymore and when hubby has it on I kind of try to tune it out of my mind if I can.

    1. Well, last night they were louder than any fireworks near where I've ever lived. OMG! They were just around the corner and the dogs went berserk.

  12. Brenda, I admire you for trying to set up a forum for us. It was a very lovely thought. How frustrating for you that it wasn't satisfactory. Thanks so much for trying.

    I would love to have some Java Talks be less structured! A wonderful opportunity to get to know one another and share our knowledge and experiences.

    Your golden pennies are able to flourish in less than ideal surroundings. Just as you have done, Brenda! You are truly an amazing lady…

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