Have Your Cake

I don’t know a soul who doesn’t like cake. If you like to bake and putter in the kitchen, get your ingredients together and let there be cake.
Who doesn’t love cake? 
Meals are given more interest when there is dessert at the end of them. Maybe you could try one of these cake recipes for your family or event.

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  1. UGH!!! Too many cakes, too many 🙂 I, of course, love chocolate but my favourite is carrot cake. I found a recipe for Cream Cheese Carrot Cake and am trying it for my birthday in February. My taste buds are tingling!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. What a scrumptious collection! I, myself, am serving my Strawberry Snow Cake, as we speak! Hope you'll stop by for some, and Ill put coffee on, just for you!:))


  3. One summer when my kids were in high school, we started an impromptu cake-of-the-week club. Every Friday, we would head to the bakery or Walmart to choose a different type of cake or cupcake. Oh my–those were the days!

  4. My sister and I aren't big fans of cake. Our mother burned us out on cake when we were growing up. However, there is one thing that always puzzles me: How do they make cakes so beautiful?

  5. OMGosh…I sure am glad I made a cake yesterday 'cause these sure make ya hungry for cake. Beautiful…
    I am wondering…how does buying graphics from Angie work? You pay for them, then she sends you a file of the ones you order and you are able to use those on blogs and etc…? and, then does she sell the same ones to others?

  6. My daughter is a professional cake decorator/baker in Texas and she does the most incredible cakes. I love visiting her because I always get to eat some scrupulous cake and gain too many pounds.

  7. Brenda, They almost look too pretty to eat .LOL. But I would love a slice of the turtle cake. Blessings for a great weekend, Hope you are doing well. xoxo,Susie

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