New Bowl Colors & Freezing Temps

Don’t you love these new bowl colors I found? It’s freezing outside and I’m spending my time  inside playing with dishes.
Oh, but aren’t they pretty dishes? Or rather, bowls. And they look every nicer with the black and white oil cloth in the background.

These are some of the new colors I’m wanting to introduce into my home. I call them pastel brights. I haven’t ever been all that interested in pastel colors. But I’m giving it a go.

They are such happy colors. They remind me of sherbet.
It is very cold out. Well of course it is. It’s winter.
This place is not nearly as warm as the little blue house was. But the little blue house had concrete walls. Nothing much penetrated that.
I don’t know what I’d do without the two Duraflame stoves I ordered. They keep me warm and toasty at night. And I love to look at the “faux flame.” It looks pretty real.
I felt so sorry for the mourning doves I saw on the fence out back. They dip their heads into their bodies and puff up against the bitter cold temps that have been here all week.
I’ve always been curious about where birds go in inclement weather. Do they hide in bushes? I mean, don’t you ever wonder where they hide out? Maybe I’m just ultra curious.
Nevertheless, I feel bad for them. Because you know how I love the yard birds. They keep me entertained and are great subject matter for taking photos.
But, I thought, they seem to have one another. I wondered if they are mates. Regardless, they are together. And that’s something, isn’t it?
Try to stay warm! I take my shower in the morning and change into jammies and curl back up with the pupsters.

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  1. Brenda: I'm a pastel kinda gal!!!! Would you share where you got them? I'd love to have some!!! I had to laugh…when I first found your blog, I was a bit taken aback by your bold color choices…but the more I stayed tuned, the better I like your decor….now you are drifting to pastels. I'm sure not completely, but a nice touch. Have you heard of GREEN GATE decor? I think it is based in Denmark, and oh, TO DIE FOR!!!! I've tried to order, but am not sure about the rate exchange. Waiting to hear from them…LOVE YOUR SHARING!!!

  2. I'm so glad that you have those heaters to keep you warm..we have small space heaters (nothing nice like yours) in the back part of our house where we have a crawl space below. Without them going, we can get to 50 degrees, indoors! We've warmed up from the single digits to 23 right now. Oh joy!

    Yes, those mourning doves are brave souls. They really do well in the cold but can get frostbite. The ones you see in the winter are not the ones you saw in the summer. The babies and then females go south, then the males. And some males stick around. I've never seen any here in the winter but we are much different than OK. Funny…we had an old country guy doing carpentry work for us at the lake. He was able to imitate the mourning dove cry…Whoo. whoo, whoo, whoo. And they would actually fly over from everywhere to our trees! It was so cool. He wasn't. What a loaf.

    Hope all is well with you and you are feeling better, the leg and ears. An update perhaps?

    Jane xxxx

  3. Those are some delicious colors to add to your décor. I can't wait to see how you use them. The doves don't want you to give them shelter, they want you to give them some sunflower seeds!

  4. I too was wondering about the puppies and the heaters. It's rainy here again today, thankfully. And more tomorrow, yeah! Maybe Calif will make it out of our drought. I have a little bird that keeps coming in and nestling in the bougainvillaea plant on my entry way, it's all covered. I got mad at it one year, it was so scraggly inside, so I put it outside and it is thriving. But this cute little guy comes in and flits in/out of it, fun to watch.

  5. Aren't those stoves great. Like tge new colors. I bet those doves have a warm place to hid. I love the sounds they make. Stay war. It's sooo cold.

  6. Brenda, did the pups finally get used to the heaters? I don't think you ever told us after the post where Abi was so afraid when you turned them on. Hope your ear is coming along. The colors are great!!

  7. Seems like almost the entire country is getting hit with cold weather. I think we picked a good time to go to Florida.

    I've often wondered what happens to animals when the temps are unusually cold. I like the suggestion of warm oatmeal. Maybe you could do that, and have some yourself to keep warm.

  8. Your pastel choices are the desert hues I like to use in my home. Soft, cozy and bringing the outdoors in. Our temps were near 70 all week. A nice treat.

  9. I felt sorry for the birds here today, too, Brenda. I do know they went to sleep with full bellies though since they ate me out of house and home. I had two doves at my feeders today. They really are sweet looking birds. Deb

  10. Curling back up in bed with clean jammies sounds lovely. Did you purchase those bowl and creamer? They are cute! Stay warm. It sounds like you are having the same weather we are. -35 is way to cold for me!

  11. So glad you have the heaters. The bowls are beautiful.
    Aren't the doves gorgeous? I have 3 pair who come to my feeders every fall thru late spring. My grands have named two of the pairs Mr.& Mrs. Flapperson and Mr. and Mrs. Peckerson. They have named the third pair, but for the love of Pete; I cannot remember it right now. Bleeah! I feel so privileged to have them in my yard.

  12. Brenda, Take care with those little stoves. I love your dove photos. They do look pitiful. I think they are mates. It is so darn cold here too. Has been for a few days now and more to go. take crae, xoxo,Susie

  13. Have the pups gotten used to the stoves? My Jack Russell used to get under the wood cook stove in the kitchen and sleep all day. But she acted more like a cat than a dog.

  14. Brenda, I like those colors, as well. Where did you purchase your Duraflame heaters? We are remodeling our camper and want to put an electric heater/fireplace in it. LoL…I think I look like those Doves every time I go outside! All puffed up with layers and layers of clothing.

    Grace & Peace,

  15. I'm so glad you have the Duraflame stoves to keep you warm! I keep our themostat set up to 71 during the day. I hate feeling chilly. The colors of the bowls are lovely. Really love them! I always feel sorry for the birds in this frigid weather. We do feed them…

  16. Love the mourning dove pictures and your beautiful bowls, Brenda. I just finished a series of cushions that you might enjoy. They are very 'boho'!

    P.S. They're not for sale but they are cheerful and heartwarming. Just the ticket on a frigid day like today.

  17. Sweet little mourning doves, I hope all those feathers really do keep them warm. I really like the colors of your new bowls, very pretty!