A Wonderful Day With My Daughter & Grandson

I had a wonderful day with my youngest daughter yesterday. She and little Andrew came to pick me up and took me to a belated birthday lunch.
She works during the week, so this was the best time for her.
Then we went to her house and she fed Andrew his lunch. Afterward I played with him a bit.
He doesn’t like to be on your lap long. He wants to walk around the perimeter of the seating area by holding onto furniture. He wants to be a busy little boy.
This is the happiest baby. He is so sweet and always smiling.

Then we went to run a few errands while his daddy stayed home with him and put him down for his nap. 

Errands To Run:

Then we went to Target, where I picked up a few things I had forgotten last time. Like sweet potatoes and bananas, a staple around here.

I always have to look at the Clearance stuff, and look at the pillow I found for $5.08. Odd price, but a pretty plush pillow I was happy to buy!

It was nice to have her with me, as I could send her off to find something that was aisles away.

A Trip To The Plant Nursery:

Then we went to my favorite nursery in Tulsa. It has lots of indoor plants and pretty pots. Along with bird houses and feeders, outdoor furniture. Pretty much anything you want. 

This is a place that, on a weekday during the growing season, I love to just walk around and listen to all the chimes tinkling and the water fountains flowing. It is so relaxing and something I look forward to.

I am teaching my daughter about plants. How they purify the air naturally as well as look pretty. We picked out an airplane plant and a pothos and she picked out pretty blue ceramic pots for them.

I think they will be perfect on her huge kitchen island where there is so much light. And benefit from the humidity that is often found in the kitchen area where cooking is done.

This is the biggest kitchen island I have ever seen. Probably the size of my entire dining space plus some.

So I had a wonderful day yesterday. And it did my heart good.


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  1. Brenda, I am not sure if this has ever come up on your blog….Have you ever considered adding a "Donate button to your sidebar? I have seen these before. A dollar or two each month from many readers could really add up. And after all, we have the benefit of a free magazine at this site!

  2. It does my heart good to learn you had a good day with your family. That's so important, not just for you but for them.

    I agree you should look into eligibility for a portion of his disability. Maybe one of your readers is or knows an attorney?

  3. Once a former spouse (of at least 10 years) begins drawing social security benefits, you are entitled to a portion, it's based on how old he began receiving SS. I did this for several years before I could begin drawing mine (which was more than the portion of his I drew). So, maybe he "needs" to retire..

  4. If you ex has a tax return coming there is money there for you. Don't back down would he if the roles were reversed. I know he is sick but fair is fair.

    Glad you had time with your little one and daughter. We could all use something fun to do and think about this time of year.

  5. I'm sorry. I don't trust your ex-husband at all. Once a liar and a cheat…..and doctors are the worst. They know all the angles. I think you're a bit too believing.
    Lovely to spend time with the little ones. Glad your family is back I your life.

  6. Brenda, I loved reading about your wonderful visit with your daughter and grandson! I can already

    sense the twitching in your fingers to get in your garden, too!

  7. Hi Brenda! I'm so glad to hear you had a great time with your daughter and little grandson! That is such a sweet time when they're trying to walk and explore. Don't you go out in the snow and start shoveling! You stay in and take care of yourself. That snow will met.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. Sounds like you had a much-needed good day and the pups must be feeling better if you were able to leave them a bit. As always, I love seeing pics of your place and how you have it decorated – so happy looking!

  9. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your daughter and grandson–what a lovely birthday treat! I love your pillow and the price makes it even better. 🙂

    Sorry about the ex news. It's always something, isn't it? I will pray that extra good things come your way so you won't have to even worry about dealing with him.

  10. I am SOOO glad that you were able to spend that time with your youngest daughter. You certainly deserve/need that time. Family is good- very good. Looks like a fun trip to Target and I love the pillow- great price!

    That is too bad about the ex. It sounds like kind of a hopeless situation, doesn't it? I'd like to feel really bad for him but it is hard to do that after what he put you through. xo Diana

  11. You are much nicer than me Brenda..I would not believe what your husband says without proof of it..don't forget..it wasn't so hard for people to kick you when you were down..I wish only the best for you but I know how nasty men lie to benefit themselves..anyhow I am glad you had such a good day with family..Take care!

  12. Love that pillow! I need to go to Target more! My three daughters love it. I was thrilled to hear of your spending the day with your daughter and grandchild. That made me so happy for you. Love all those bright colors in your home. I'm a color gal myself!

  13. I can sense the peaceful joy in your heart, having spent time with your daughter and grandson. How wonderful! I am admiring your bric a brac and books and initial B on your pretty coral bookshelf, and suddenly all I want is that pillow, a cup of tea and Mr. Frost's serene poetry!:))


  14. Brenda,
    A dose of a thoughtful daughter and a grand baby sure does the trick for ones spirits and a shopping trip to target is a big plus! Spending time in just the right type of garden center is therapeutic for me as well. Listening to the gurgling fountains, wind chimes and the usual family of birds who have taken up residency always relaxes me and makes me appreciate my life.
    We are in a Winter Storm watch today and I bet you are too-stay safe and warm.

  15. I, too, am pleased you had a good day with family and want to wish you a belated happy birthday. As for the ex, you might try to check out his story to be sure it's true. Seems he might not have a stellar record with truth. If it is true, you can rest assured he will be getting disability soon, and you may qualify for half of that amount even if you are not SS age. No, others don't get it soon, but if you have ever been connected to the state you have special privileges. I know it is a federal program, but state employees seem to have an inside track. (I believe you said at one time he worked for the state. If that's not true, just disregard the above). I agree with Valerie that you should attempt to get disability of your own. It won't be easy, but it would be so worth it if you qualify. Like she said, if you get turned down keep trying. They will try to wear you down, but persistence often pays off. I hope you get to visit with your daughter and precious grandson often.

  16. It's such good news to hear about your day and to hear the happiness in your post! Just watching your grandson must have been good medicine, and then getting out to run errands and see things like your pretty new pillow in Target.

    I smiled when I read that bananas are a staple at the cozy little house because they are here too, but it is our 3 hens who eat most of them. They love them and come to the kitchen door letting me know it's time for a banana meal. I almost feel guilty eating one of their bananas!

  17. So pleased to hear you had such a lovely day with your daughter and grandson! And wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday, and a wonderful year ahead. Your photos are gorgeous…..love the painted shelves and the new cushion, and the snowy patio containers.
    Have a great week, Brenda!
    Helen xox

  18. What a wonderful day! Being with a Grandchild can just bring such joy. Love the pillow and I enjoyed the close up look at your bookcase! Sorry about the Ex, but now you know and can try to move in another direction.


  19. I am so glad that you had a nice day and outing with your daughter and getting to visit with your little grandson. Tough situation with your ex – ugh.

  20. Brenda when you get old enough won't you qualify for all of your social security or 1/2 of his? I've always wanted to ask you if you've considered looking into disability? It might help you …you could invest the annuity you get and live on the disability and your blog income. I think you may qualify. If they turn you down the first time try again. My hubby is an insurance agent and money guy and we are helping a neighbor in a similar situation.

    1. I think this is a great idea Valerie….she would probably be entitled to 1/2 of his SS income even though he has remarried….something Brenda should really check into. Also, good idea on the disability issue for her.