Sick Pupsters

I came home to obviously sick pupsters. They’ve been coughing for awhile. I’d been giving them allergy pills, when they weren’t clever enough to hold them in the side of their mouths and later spit them out.

They’ve been coughing and hacking since I moved here to this apartment, and I can’t figure out why.

So I called the vet. They told me to bring them in around 5:10. Well, I probably haven’t been out after dark in quite a few years. I don’t see well to drive in the dark.

There were icy patches. And I’m still trying to learn to drive with the brace on my right leg.

But the pupsters trump everything else. So off we went. They have tonsillitis. And they weigh too much, not a whole lot, but each have a few pounds to lose. 

Hey, them and me too. I can’t walk very far and so they’re stuck on the patio. A very large fenced-in patio. But it isn’t the yards they were accustomed to running around in. I feel bad that I can’t give them that.

The vet had two unexpected euthanasias of pets, which came first of course. 

So we sat there from close to 5 p.m. and didn’t even get back into a room until nearly 7 p.m. The elderly vet was rushing from room to room trying to catch up, as the other two vets were gone yesterday.

Charlie shook in my lap the entire time. He always does this when he’s frightened.

Here they are this morning, after having a shot for their tonsillitis, along with their annual shots that were due.

If it wasn’t hard enough on poor Charlie, he had yet another loose tooth which they pulled. It was only about a year ago that they extracted about 10 of his teeth.

Meanwhile, Abi has a mouthful of teeth.

Abi’s not looking too perky either, as you can see. Her eyes normally meet the camera, but not today. Today is a pupster sick day, and mom will pamper them. Which means not leaving their side.

A poor man who didn’t yet know what the prognosis was going to be for his dog was in the waiting room with me. We were the last ones there, and he paced and paced in anxiety. 

He talked to me about his dog. He was acting pretty calm on the outside, but was probably near tears on the inside.

What a horrible thing to have to do. Sit in a waiting room awaiting the verdict.

They didn’t get to me till quite awhile after, as you can’t rush a person through the horrible process of putting their beloved animal to sleep.

He left through a back door when it was over, so I didn’t see him again. But I felt for him. I remembered the times when that has been me. And I wished I could console him somehow.

He had told me he lost his other dog just last summer.

So finally when all was said and done it was nearing 8 p.m. It was dark and there were ice patches throughout the parking lot. 

One of the girls helped me out, and after we got the dogs inside the car, she held my arm while I slipped and slid on the ice.

We made it home and I fed the pupsters. I made myself a bowl of hot oatmeal and watched The Blacklist. 

What a trying day.

I keep thinking about the man who talked to me about his dog. He kept getting up from his seat and going over to a photo on the wall and saying: “This looks just like her.”

I knew he had probably been in the stage of trying to figure out he’d cope when he was in the waiting room. As in: If it happens today, I must somehow get through this. And life will be different without her in it.

If I knew how to email him, today I would send him a heartfelt message, and just say, “I know. I know, and it’s one the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. I’m so sorry.”

I wonder if there is a group for grieving pet owners? If there isn’t, there needs to be. 

I just can’t stop thinking about his plight.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Brenda! I'm glad the pupsters have been seen and treated, and that they feel better soon. I'm so sad to read about the man who had to put his dog down. Anyone who's been there knows how painful it is. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  2. This breaks my heart, Brenda.. We are both dog lovers (and so are many of your readers). We will do ANYTHING for our babies. I'm hoping your little guy and gal respond to the meds soon. There are many ways to give them pills and I'm sure you know. Right now Layla is dealing with that never ending ear infection. Monday she gets the tube out. Since they both caught the "disease" from my son's dog in early January, it has cost me over $600.00. Exasperating, but I would rather live on soup and crackers than let my dogs suffer. And likewise…you pushed yourself physically and mentally to get them to the doc. Love is powerful.

    I'm saying a prayer for that man having his pet put down. It is never good for anyone.

    Jane x

  3. So sorry to hear the pups are sick. They both look so sad. I am sure your compassion was
    very helpful tot he man losing his dog. I just lost my 19 year old cat so I know how it hurts.
    Am glad you are all home safe. What a time your having. Lots of challenges. Prayers and
    hugs from Molly and I. I hate driving at night to and try to never do it.

  4. On the sad note, I am so sorry you had such a chaotic and looooong day. and I am truly sorry for those pet owners. My sister had to go through it just last week, so it's a fresh enough pain to feel his as well,

    As for your BIRTHDAY- please accept my sincere and belated Happy Birthday Wishes! I hope you had a good year. Brenda. Take care, Stay off that ice.

  5. So sorry about your sick pups. We know sadly how that is and how expensive too. Now I have double with the pups but I could not bare to separate them when we adopted them. They are such good companions to each other. We now have a little fund started cause we know it is going to be needed at some point. Hang in there. Hope they are feeling better.

  6. I didn't know dogs could get tonsillitis, but if I was one of them and I had tonsillitis, I would want you to be my mommy. They look pretty comfy.
    I think part of the reason it is so heart-breaking when an older person's dog dies is because they know they probably will never get another one.

  7. I hope Charlie and Abi are much better. I hate it when my pups are sick, because I feel helpless.

    That poor man… I guess we've all been there. No one could have consoled me last time I put down one of my babies. I was hysterical, because I had just ripped her out of Annie's arms with her saying "No Mommy! No!" But Fluffy had cancer and was suffering. One of the worst days of my life. I'm glad she died in my arms though, knowing that she was loved.

    If only they lived as long as we do…


  8. Brenda, what a physically and emotionally draining day you had but you made it safely home. And I'm sure you made a difference to the man at the veterinarian's office. What if he had had no one there who would listen and care? I hope that Abi and Charlie are feeling better now.

    A grieving group for mourning pet owners? Blog friends seem to help so much with that process, don't they?

  9. First of all ~ belated Happy Birthday! I am so sorry the pups are both sick. Poor babies. You brave soul for pushing on to get them to the vet's office. I hope that they are feeling better today. And that poor man waiting to hear the verdict. Losing a beloved pet is so very painful, just tearing the heart to shreds. I wish we all could send him some comfort.

    Lots of Love,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. Happy birthday!! I do hope the pups are feeling better today. I feel sad for that poor man. Hunker down and stay warm during this horrible weather. We have to move next weekend so praying for a break from it soon. Take care!

  11. So sad… now I'm thinking about that poor man :o[

    I feel for your poor little ones too, especially with having tonsillitis, being told your fat (lol!) and then having to have a tooth pulled… my dogs are both little dogs, the oldest is almost 14 now and she is losing teeth and she is definitely fat!

    I hate driving at night too. I have glasses for night driving but I don't wear them… I should because when I do drive at night I would swear I see things that aren't even there… like people crossing the street when there are none!!! Eek!

    You guys rest and have a nice weekend.


  12. Hi Brenda, What a day you had and I am so sorry the pups are sick. I am sure with your love and pampering they will be better in no time. I feel so bad for the man losing his dog. I have been there several times and the grieving can be a long process. I still cry at times when I think of my Miss Beazy (Golden Retriever) hit by a car. It was the worst day ever. How nice the girl helped you to the car with the pups. I too have night blindness and avoid driving at night too.
    Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Mine is the 2-28th but I am older then you~~ LOL
    Stay warm. We are predicted for rain and ice with freezing temps Sunday going into Monday. My poor garden is so confused!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  13. Well that was a mixed 'happy birthday' day for sure! Glad that there was a diagnosis for the pupsters so that they can get better now quickly. I know how hard it must have been to drive at night because I am the same way. All the lights blur / I've never been a good night driver even when young but it got worse as I got older.
    I am sorry for the pet owners who lost their beloved friends.

  14. Happy Birthday. I wish for you a year of healing. I feel for the man with the loss of his dear pet. It is never easy. I went through that with my sweet kitty Violet Rose in Oct. She was 18 and with me her entire life. I miss her every day.
    Get well wishes to your babies. Do you think a bit of crushed ice in their water dish would feel good on their sore throats?

  15. First of all, Happy Birthday!

    I am so sorry to hear about your babies. It is horrible when they are sick. I always feel so helpless. And God bless the poor guy who had to say goodbye to his beloved girl. It is so hard….but I remember what the receptionist at our vet's office told me after we had to put our precious Fiona down…"There is no joy without pain"…..and I will never forget that.

    Be safe and I please let us know how your babes do.


  16. Few things are more difficult than losing a beloved pet, but it's something we animal lovers will go through, sometimes more than once. They're worth it, and the man at the vets I'm sure knows that, and I'm sure he felt your compassion and concern and appreciated it.

    I wonder if your pups are allergic to something, or if they developed an allergy. You may recall I brought Charlie to Singapore more than two years ago? Well, ever since then he's had some issues with his skin and after many tests it was discovered most likely the move traumatized him and he developed allergies. I'm only mentioning it because you said it's been happening since you moved. Hope that's not what it is, but if you exhaust all other possibilities it's something to consider.

    Sorry I missed your birthday Brenda. Hope it was a good one!

  17. sorry to hear that your dogs are sick. Glad it was something that could be treated though. I know it had to be hard to get outside in the cold with sick doggies. Stay inside and keep warm. Hope your dogs start feeling better soon!

  18. Happy Biirthday Brenda,

    sorry I diidnt get a card sent to you.. I wen to the emergency room sunday morning-and was sent up to critical care.. Just got home at 8,, wiill write when I can….
    much love and good wishes

  19. You helped that man just by listening…sometimes that's all we can do. We had to say goodbye to our Silky Terrier Buddy just a few week ago and it still hurts too much. He was 17. I hope your pups are feeling better soon and back to their normal routines. Happy belated birthday to you.

  20. I hope the pupsters get well soon! Praying for you, the pups and the man you met.
    As for night blindness, I have that too, oncoming cars and lights just totally blind me. I got some of those yellow sunglasses for night driving, mine will even fit over regular glasses. They are wonderful and I wish I had gotten some years ago. There is a weird yellow cast to everything but the lights no longer glare and I can see clearly. I think they were about $12 and I got them on amazon.

  21. Happy belated birthday, Brenda! I hope your pupsters will be feeling better very soon. It is so scary when our pups get sick.

    We are having freezing rain right now in this part of Missouri. You were brave to drive at night on the slick roads, but I know you had to do it for your pups.

    I don't like to walk on snowy or icy surfaces, but sometimes there are emergencies. Several years ago I bought some special pull on cleat attachments for my shoes. They are a cut out piece of rubber, almost like the sole of a rubber boot that pulls on over just the bottoms of your shoes. They have small, short metal spikes at the heel and at the ball of the foot. They really grip slippery surfaces and have been a god send to me many times. I have seen them on one of the TV home shopping channels in the past, but they can also be ordered from some medical supply companies. I take them off to drive and then slip them back on before I set foot out of the car onto possibly slick pavement.

  22. Happy belated Birthday, Brenda. I'm sorry the pups are sick. That is such a cute pic of Abi even tho she isn't feeling the best. What an ordeal! Glad you made it home safely and I sure feel sorry for the poor guy that lost a beloved pet. I know how that hurts. Hope the pups are soon feeling perky again.

  23. So sorry you had such a hard day, Brenda. Your pups seem to have similar problems as my pugs. You just hate seeing them sick. It is so sad seeing situations like that at the vet…I have broken down more than once in the waiting area…when you've been through it, you know just how they are feeling. xoxo

  24. What a terrible day! But, Brenda, you reached out of your comfort zone to aid your pups and that took courage! Between the ice and night blindness, you faced your worst nightmare and came out on top. Huzzah for you and prayers for your pups' wellbeing.

  25. Sorry to hear your pups are ill. I always feel so bad for Charlie, he seems to have such a hard time and he's lost so many teeth. They are lucky they have you to take such good care of them. I think winter is hard on pets immune systems, especially since they have to spend so much time indoors and it makes them more prone to germs. You're lucky your trip to the vet ended safely, especially since you had to go out after dark. I hate driving after dark as well, especially since they seem to have so few streetlights turned on anymore and my eyes are more sensitive to the brightness of headlights.

    So sorry for that man who lost his pet, such a difficult decision to make. I hope you managed to enjoy your birthday in spite of all the chaos that happened later. Hope the pupsters feel better soon.

    1. As I get older, I really find myself not wanting to do the things I so easily did in my younger years. Driving after dark, going out. Yeah, Charlie seems to have a rough old time. His back is bad and he can't jump on the couch anymore, so I tend to stay back in the bedroom where the doggie steps are and where he's right next to the window so he can look out.

  26. So sorry your babies are sick, I hope they feel better soon! I am so glad you made it home okay, how scary it must have been to have to drive home in the dark on icy roads.
    I was that man a little over a month ago. It was the worst day of my life, worse than the day my ex-husband left. My sweet 9-year old schnauzer Reggie went to the Rainbow Bridge. I am still devastated, he was my baby. This is the first time in my life that I am completely alone and I cannot get another dog at this time. Please give your babies extra hugs and kisses from me.

    1. Oh Patti, I am so sorry. The blogger at Rattlebridge Farm lost her Yorkie this week, she is devastated. I know you will be in the throes of grieving for a long time. It took me years after I lost Pepper in 2006. And if something happens to these two, they are my family. Won't be anything left.

  27. My heart breaks for those who have to lose their pets…what a difficult wait he went through. Poor man.

    Take good care of your babies, and yourself…you do not want to slip on that ice.


    1. I kept thinking, if I didn't have the dogs in my lap, if I thought he needed someone there beside him, I would have asked them to ask him if he wanted me to come back there with him. I would have held his hand, a stranger whose name I did not know, until it was over.

  28. My heart aches for that man, Brenda We have all been there -us pet lovers Some pets it is harder to lose than others but NONE of the losses are easy. I am glad you got home safe and sound-that must be frightening to drive in the dark and not be able to see with lights coming toward you. Hope you have a good night- xo Diana

  29. It is a horrible horrible thing to lose a pet. Makes me want to cry and I wasn't even there. My heart goes out to you- guy -wherever you are. Really was a rough day for you Brenda. Sorry his pain had to add to your rough day pain. I didn't even know dogs had tonsils. Sometimes I feel like I should just send the vet $25 every month so I will have some money ready whenever the pets get sick. It's not cheap but we do it for love.

  30. The poor man at the vet's office. It's only been over a month since I lost my Rocky, so I feel his pain.
    Sending good thoughts for the pups to have a speedy recovery. Kisses to them.

  31. Hope you had a good birthday up until everything else happened..I do know what that guy went is such a hard thing..We have that Winter storm coming here tomorrow too..Stay safe and warm..Hugs to you and the pupsters..hopefully they will be feeling much better soon..

    1. They're just very sleepy today. Not moving around very much. I'm not going to paint anything for awhile so as not to irritate their throats. Hoping for warmer weather so I can take it outside.

  32. What a crazy birthday you had. I often wonder at times like that if the universe isn't trying to teach me something. I'm glad you made it home safely and can baby your babies back to feeling better. Maybe you could drop a note off at the vet for that gentleman? I bet they would forward it to him. You sound very brave – with my knee trouble lately I would have been frozen in fear on an ice patch!

  33. I'm sorry your fur babies are sick. I wonder what is making them cough and that they now have tonsillitis? Could it simply be the dry air in the house from winter? Do you have a humidifier going in the house? That poor man who had to have his dog put down…it's too bad he was alone and that he didn't have someone with him. I know what you mean about not seeing well while you're driving at night. I limit my night driving, too when I can. The oncoming headlights almost blind me. In fact, I just had an eye exam and I forgot to tell the eye dr. about that. Darn it. Oh well, I don't think there's anything they can do. I'm going to do my own research and see perhaps what herbal supplements may help with that. I also have very dry eyes and already take Omega-3's and Evening Primrose Oil but it doesn't seem to do a lot of good for me.

  34. Happy belated birthday, Brenda. I'm so sorry that the pupsters are sick, but glad that you were able to get them taken care of. I feel so bad for that man. Those of us who have been through it know how terrible it is. xo Laura

  35. Oh I hope the pups will be back to normal very soon. We don't like to see them not well. Feel terrible for the man you met. I know that pain very well. Its never easy. I agree with you there should be a group. I know it would have helped me tremendously when I was grieving. We have another pup now who just turned 2, so my love for puppies continues.
    I'm glad you got out for your Birthday – Happy Birthday
    Take care

  36. Brenda, In my heart I am sending that man a hug…so sad. I hope your doggies get better soon. Take care of yourself Brenda. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  37. Such an emotional day, Brenda. Too bad there isn't a way to reach out to the man from the vet's office. I hope the pupsters are starting to feel better and Happy Birthday to you!

  38. Happy Birthday to you. Yesterday, all day I kept thinking, it is someone's birthday, I just know it, but who is it. It was so odd to feel that way all day long. And I really had no clue it was your birthday. It was just a feeling that I had all day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I am sorry that the pupsters are sick, but more sorry that you had to go out in those conditions. I am with you, I hate going out at night by myself. I too cannot see very well at night, and it makes me panicky. Hopefully the pups will feel better by the end of the weekend. I am trimming some trees this weekend and doing a little shopping.

  39. Brenda, I'm so sorry the pupsters are sick but glad you were able to get them to the Vet and then home again. I hate driving at night but I still do on occasion. I was in the Vet once with my Mom's cat and someone was putting down their dog…so sad, they came out crying. I just know this is so hard!! Hope all are feeling better soon. Oh and happy birthday!

  40. I'm glad you made the trip to your vet safely. I don't like to drive in the dark either.. Maybe in someway, just your being there helped the man who was losing his pet.. It is a heart breaking time in the life of pet owners. I hope Charlie and Abi are feeling better today.. Poor Charlie not only having a sore throat but having to have a tooth pulled too.
    It's great that you had help getting back to your car..
    Sending my best wishes to you for a belated Happy Birthday and a wonderful, healthy, bohemian kind of year ahead..
    Take care and stay warm..

    1. Thank you for the card. And I asked them to help me out. I knew if I fell out there in the dark parking lot with most everyone gone, I might not get help for awhile.

  41. I'm sorry your pups are under the weather, Brenda! Such cute faces, I just want to give them a squeeze. I lost my sweet Scarlett a few weeks ago. She was my 18 year old kitty. I had her before kids. I knew it was coming but still shocking and super sad. I hope your babies are feeling better soon! And thanks again for all your help last week…it's taken a bit, but I am back! 😉

  42. Hi Brenda and your poor little fuzzy faces. I'm sorry they are sick but glad you got into the vet's office. Oh, my heart is broken for the man who's little dog was put to sleep. My heart is still tenderly sore and probably always will be as i lost my own little Chloe Dawn just about a month ago. They fill such a space in your heart when they leave such a big void when they leave us.

  43. Hugs to the poor pups. I, too, know what the gentleman was going through. Your pets become your children. It is so hard to watch them age. Stay warm, my friend, and love on those pups.

  44. Wishing you a happy birthday, Brenda! I knew it was right after mine, but I couldn't remember the exact date. I feel so sorry for the man who lost his pet. I know from experience how painful their loss is. And you and your poor babies! What an ordeal for all of you to live through. So relieved you are all safe and sound. I hope they both feel better soon. Thinking of you…

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