Upcycled Treasures

One person’s junk is truly another person’s treasure. These repurposed finds all came from my Upcycled & Repurposed Pinterest board.
Do you have old tires in the garage or shed? Look what you can do with them. Paint them a perky color and turn them into a base for an outdoor table.
And speaking of tires
These colorful tires are repurposed into plant containers. Someone with a whimsical nature drew all the artwork for this project, it’s quite obvious.
Old drawers can serve a myriad of duties they weren’t meant for. I’ve hung them on the wall and displayed art in them. Keep those old drawers and get creative!
It’s almost spring. Do you need a potting bench? Look at a tag sale for a reasonably priced dresser and a door to attach to the back. Then you have an instant potting bench.
Old cutting boards and wooden bowls can serve a new purpose. Wooden bowls cut in half were attached to the cutting boards to create decorative storage.
I’d need serious help with this old bucket turned mason jar light. I have no idea how they did this. But it sure is innovative and cute.
Some of you don’t even recall these old TVs we older folk used to have. Most are in the landfill. But if you want an unusual aquarium, this is an interesting idea.
You know all those little things in the drawer that get lost in the mix and tangled up? You can organize them with this idea.
And last but certainly not least, there’s a repurposed door. I love old doors. I wish I’d kept a few that I had in my home at one time. I’m always on the look out for more and old windows as well. 
Add shelves and a light and you’ve got a nifty piece of furniture. Don’t you just love junk turned into upcycled treasures? 

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  1. I love the watering can of course being a gardener I would right?

    But the idea is so cute…I could see it outside for a outdoor shower no problem. And I have a old door I've been wanting to put a window box on…one day.


  2. Love all this stuff. Someday, I will have an entry and make a hall tree from my Grandmother's front door. When I had the store and turned junk furniture into cowboy furniture, I always looked for stuff that was on its way to the dump. It was so much fun.

  3. I would love to have the watering can and bicycle in my bathroom.. It would take some doing though.. The tires are pretty after being painted and filled with flowers..
    Lots of good ideas you've shared !

  4. I love this great selection of upcycled treasures! What fun! The bicycle in the bathroom, the painted tires, the water can for a shower. SO clever they are! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, Brenda! I love this! These very cleaver upcycled ideas really are treasures. So surprizing and creative. I will definately be looking at junk differently after seeing all of these photos! Off to check out your upcycled pinterest board…