My Love Of Kitchens

I suppose I just have a real love for kitchens. Not that I like to do a lot of cooking now that I’m an emptynester and living alone. But when my girls were young I cooked most every night.
Kitchens remind me of my childhood, when there might be chicken frying in a cast iron skillet or a pot of beans simmering on the stove.
A blackberry cobbler, made from the blackberries we picked from our garden, might be setting on the counter cooling.
The array of colors in this kitchen just makes me smile. All the pretty bubble gum colors spread around the room are so pleasing to the eye.

I have always been fond of eat-in kitchens. Having a banquette set up takes up less room and gives you a lot of seating. The vintage table, the kind I grew up with, adds a retro vibe.


This kitchen dazzles with bold minty green paint and a funky retro window treatment that adds a bit of whimsy.


This kitchen is fun with its blackboard wall with pots drawn on it with chalk. I love the open cabinetry/shelves. You can see everything you have and not have to dig around in cabinets looking for what you need.


This kitchen reminds me of an old-fashioned diner. Or a coffee shop. The sunshine yellow chairs are cute paired up with the more rustic counter. The white brick wall adds texture.

How about this cottage-y kitchen all in white? Reminds me of a gingerbread house with the scalloped wood trim over the window.

This eat-in kitchen seems to be well organized and everything right at hand. It is a bit rustic with its mismatched chairs and open shelves.

Which is your favorite? Which one would you love to wake up to and make coffee or tea in and sit down with a crossword puzzle?

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  1. Oh we get to vote…I love the second one down IF it has all the countertop space of the last. There's certainly something to admire in them all. (I spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen folder at Pinterest.)

  2. I'm kinda loving the turq and red combo more and more these days. And your kitchen is a favorite of mine, too! I would love to replace the countertops in my kitchen and try those tiles like you did. But I will never paint the oak cabinets – waaaay too much work!

  3. I had the most gorgeous blue and white farm kitchen in my home when I was married. it even had a breakfast nook with a built I in table and view of orchards and mountains. Sadly my ex's new wife is enjoying it now, after he cheated I did not miss him, just the kitchen. I always love the country white sinks, turquoise or blue cabinets and beautiful china to match with the perfect kitchen valence. Its a long life long wish of mine again. These are all dreamy. My one dream as someone who loves to cook is having a decent kitchen but you never get that in a rental so it will never happen. Such lovely choices!

  4. I love them too…I'm very partial to white kitchens and someday I want to remodel mine until then I am pinning away all the pretty white ones. Thanks for posting …I love all you shared.

  5. Such beautiful kitchens and love all the colors. My favorite is the 3rd from bottom? All of a sudden I'm into pink,don't know what that's all about, but I can't get enough of it. Not a color I ever used before, I still love color but I see a trend in me "softening" the color up. Maybe it's old age?

  6. I love kitchens too and I'd bet I have more pics on my kitchen boards than any others too! I really like the second to last one but I love many of them. Lots of lovely color there!

  7. I love many of them! I think my favorite would be the one with the white brick walls and yellow stools but I also love the one above it and the last one! :0) I'm going to be doing some low-budget making over of our kitchen soon and can't wait! Green formica countertops are over(under?)-rated and gotta go… 😉

  8. The last one looks so inviting…like breakfast is almost ready! Most of them that you have here are full of color…something that reminds me of all your new colors 😉 Have a great weekend Brenda.

  9. Hi Brenda! Oh, I'm drooling here and especially over the 3rd kitchen! These are all so cute. I seem to cook more now than I did in Texas. Thanks for sharing these and I did my share of pinning too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉