Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green Easter Styling

This is my first time I’m joining the Urban Jungle Bloggers community for their monthly posts. Various blogs join up and share their greenery in their homes.

This month’s subject matter is spring styling/Easter. So I’m showing the colors and vignettes inspired by spring in my city apartment.
My large patio has a privacy fence-enclosed area that makes my living space so much larger and more dear to me. 
I have many containers of herbs and flowers and plants in my large outdoor space, and spring is telling them to wake up. 
And slowly but surely, they are doing just that. Starting with tulips, which I planted in the fall on top of the summer perennials.
I can’t hardly take a photo without diva Abi managing to get in the pic. Here she is yawning after a nap.
My recently redesigned boho apartment awakens the senses, and I think that the bright colors compliment the plants. 
Before I went boho I had the cottage-inspired look.
Happy spring, everyone! Bring some greenery into your home and naturally purify the air that you breathe.
A touch of living greenery is always an asset to any room.

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  1. I hadn't realized, until I read this post, just how much surrounding color affects plants. I guess I always thought of the plant as being the center star. Now, I see that the vase is just as important. Interesting, Brenda, I love to find a new way to think about things. -Ginene

  2. Home is where you hang your hat ! You sure have made your house/home/apartment a joyous/colorful place in which to live. I loved all of your red but am enjoying all of your colors and the plants to go with them.. The "homes/pots", in which plants live both inside and outside are beautiful too.
    Little Miss Abi wants everyone to know that she loves living in your colorful surroundings too.

  3. Beautiful photos! I think you need to change your blog name to Cozy Little Home since you're living in an apartment now, and you've managed to make it just as lovely as the houses you've lived in in the past. You create a beautiful home for yourself and the pupsters wherever you live!

  4. Brenda – Your home is beautiful… Not only have you filled it with wonderful colors, but so much life with your healthy, vibrant plants. Just lovely ! It must be a joy to be at home…..Not forgetting the adorable, loving pooches !