Getting Bedroom Ideas…

Now that I’ve been changing up my living space, I want to do the same in my bedroom. I’ve begun what I call the thinking phase, but I’m looking for a bit of inspiration before I proceed. 

So off I go to Pinterest to see what I can find. Red and blue and country or cottage is what I’m looking for.

I love all the colors I’ve been painting around here the last few seasons. But I’m missing my reds and blues. I’m getting a little weary of the turquoise blue. I think I will have to try some other shades of blue. 

Well, like they say, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

Now, I ask you…is this not gorgeous Pinspiration?
I do believe if I owned that tall bed, I might fall out of it in the middle of the night and break my neck.
Love, love, love this bed with the striped sheets.
I don’t think the paisley pillows are “me,” but I’m not gonna argue with Sarah Richardson!
Well, well, well…
When what should I run across on Pinterest but this bedroom. Anyone remember this? It was back in Texas. I already have that very quilt hanging above my bed right now. But there is no link, because as you know I lost 1500 posts, and this was one of them.
Does that sideboard look familiar? Yes, I still have it.
I adore this color palette. But I don’t know… I tend to go for a deeper darker blue.
We all know I can’t go out and buy all new stuff to completely change everything. I’ve got to shop the closets. So we’ll see what I can come up with.
Got any favorites from this post?

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  1. My friend and I were just wondering if this is for inspiration only we both liked a couple of quilts in there and would like to make them ourselves or are these only for sale thank you

  2. Brenda, looking at your old bedroom and how many pretty things makes me sad, you have had to give up some many things in your life! r

  3. Right before you lost your posts, I had been ill and spent a few days rereading your blog from the very beginning and enjoying your photos. I was in total shock when that happened. I was glad I had had one last look, but wish I had saved your pics to my computer. I may have saved some, I need to go back and check.

  4. I have been wanting to see pictures of your home; and I am glad you are painting. I like the last set because they seem to have more statement than the other. I think I would tire of the first because the patterns do not go all over the piece.

  5. I love # 8! But then when fall came I'd probably want it a little cozier. However, can you imagine # 8 with sun shining on snow outside the window? Lovely!

  6. Number 8 it is! I posted that same photo a few years ago as the inspiration photo for our guest room. The room didn't turn out like the photo, but I still am drawn to that look. I need red in my house, too, and that's why I had to paint over the orange kitchen walls. Have fun dreaming up a new look!

  7. I really like the very last color pallet that you posted today. I remember your bedroom from Texas too. I have followed you for along time. I am a true lover of the reds. When you started to paint all the other colors in your apartment, I wondered how long it would be before you brought some more red back in. Don't get me wrong, the other colors are pretty (I am a lover of colors) but I can't let go of my reds either. Please keep us posted, I really enjoy watching the changes in your home. We live in a small bungalow and it is painted a brighter yellow, with the trim on the house some of it red, some of it orange & I have dark blue shutters on each window. Sounds weird, but I get a lot of compliments on it. We should each enjoy & love where we live. Keep up the good work!

  8. I love your inspiration pictures! It's going to be so fun to do a make over! I have to say that the first photo (of the quilt) is my quilt in the magazine. I made the sample for It's Sew Emma. I am so glad it made it into your group of photos!

  9. I'm going to miss your orange. Your rooms looked not only well designed but so very happy as well. I'm sorry to say I'm not a red lover. Red only comes out at Christmas and. tire of it easily.

  10. That's funny that you ran across your own photos when looking for inspiration. I have always thought that you are so good with using color, composition and layering.

    1. It will remain. I worked too hard on that to change it. It will blend right in. I will have many colors. There's no "color police" telling me how many I can choose to use!

  11. Brenda I so loved those old posts and the garden pics. in Texas. I'm so ready for the wood floor in my bedroom to be stained so I can finally put my bed skirt and pretty bedding on and hang up my pictures.

    Hugs from South Central OK,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  12. I think the one with the blue and white pillows, white and blue pillows, and the red pattern bedding is my favorite.

    When I first saw the one with your old room, my first thought was that it looks just like something Brenda would do, and low and behold, I scroll and read that it was your room!

  13. Hi Brenda! Oh, I love red and you do too so go for it! I love that quilt and I remember your Texas home. Sorry those posts were lost. How's little Charlie's head today?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  14. Brenda, I think if you have that red love in you, it will always come through! I have never seen that photo, you should put your name on it and then repin it so we can bring it back out! You are very talented! I am always chasing red/blue/green and can't say which I love the most.

  15. Brenda, I just ordered a red and white ohio star quilt from and it is gorgeous! Reasonable too, $135.00 for a queen size! I'm making a red ticking stripe dust ruffle and shams to go with it and I already have white quilted shams. I think its gonna look good!

  16. I forgot to mention Charlie in my last comment too… I really do hope that thing doesn't come back. Poor baby 🙁

    I like all the pictures, but I think the second one and the eighth one are my favorites 🙂


  17. I'm so glad you're going back to your reds……….I love navy too.. Changed my summer quilt to a lighter shade of blue but still have my quilt with vivid red, navy, gold and white.. Found it at Walmart many years ago.

    Failed to mention that I hope Charlie will be okay and that the "bump" doesn't come back. We don't ever want our fur babies to be sick or have anything wrong with them.

    I have been moving furniture in my living room several times. Each time I say it's going to stay that way until Christmas………..but it doesn't. I'm sure there will be changes again after Halloween.

    Will be waiting to see and get ideas from what you will be doing to change colors in your home.