I’ve Begun Fall Decorating

This miserable, muggy heat has kept me from going out much. So what have I been doing instead? I’ve begun fall decorating.

This is my kitchen table. Well, my only table if you want to be exact.

There’s a Dollar Store right around the corner, so I went in and got a few things. I bought two little fall candles in jars, as well as the acorns you see. I have to be careful because once fall is over, I have to find storage for these things.

I’m hosting a fall blog tour in a few weeks with lots of great bloggers. You can see who in my sidebar.

Just for fun, I thought I’d add some dishes you haven’t seen in some time. Remember the polka dotted bowls?

I wish I could get a straight shot, but the room isn’t big enough to back up.

Have you started your fall decorating? Or are you still enjoying summer too much? When it gets to the dreadful heat and humidity of August, I’m ready for fall to come waltzing in!


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  1. You have such a gift for decorating! Love your quilt and table decor! Your red polka-dot bowls have always been a favorite of mine, after seeing yours (years ago) I tried to find a set and never could…I have dish envy! lol! Haven't started any fall decorating, yet. Maybe this weekend! I have WAY too much stuff and it seems to take forever to get it all out. I need to pare down and only keep what I truly love, that might make the job easier and the hubby happier! Poor guy hauls down 8-10 big tubs for me, every year.Fall is by far my favorite season, I love the smells, colors and sounds! Hope your fall decorating makes it feel a little cooler for you!

  2. Fall is my absolute favorite season! I try to hold off decorating til Sept 1st. However reading your blog has inspired me to move it along. I love your blog and the polka dot bowls 🙂

  3. Brenda, love this combination of colors and objects you have here. Those acorns are adorable. I've started some fall decorating too, even though we just came from a trip to the beach. I'd been thinking about it awhile, and set a tablescape right before we left for our trip (shared on my blog this date). I'm looking forward to your blog tour coming up. Have a great day.

  4. Hello Brenda, I haven't started my fall decorating. Not until the first of September. It is my favorite time to decorate. I think I like decorating more for fall than Christmas. I love the fall colors. I can hardly wait. I am excited for your Fall tour, it will be fun to see all the cute decorations. You little table vignette looks great. I love the little tiered "thingie". I think I will try to make one. Thanks for posting all the wonderful things on your blog. Hugs, Karie

  5. Hello Brenda, I haven't started my fall decorating. Not until the first of September. It is my favorite time to decorate. I think I like decorating more for fall than Christmas. I love the fall colors. I can hardly wait. I am excited for your Fall tour, it will be fun to see all the cute decorations. You little table vignette looks great. I love the little tiered "thingie". I think I will try to make one. Thanks for posting all the wonderful things on your blog. Hugs, Karie

  6. Darling, darling polka dot dishes, Brenda! I've always loved them and the way you've incorporated them now into fall decorating sure makes me hanker to do something to get into gear soon.

  7. Your quilts are amazing, such treasures. I like your stand and the way you decorated it. Fall is my favorite season. Until moving to Wyoming, I was always so anxious for the cool temperatures and golden leaves. Now I want summer to stay as long as possible.

  8. I got excited as soon as I saw the Fall decor. Yes, I'm ready, too. Love your center-piece and the yellow quilt. Did you make that, Brenda? It's very pretty. It's really cooled off here in Ontario and the nights are wonderful for sleeping. I've noticed a few changes in the trees that surround our lot and I'm seeing some new birds in the area. I'm looking forward to doing some decorating for Fall around our old pump. Enjoy your little table. It's very cute. Deb

  9. Your home looks delightful. We're roasting there so we'll wait for fall decorating till the at least the nights start to cool. I'm a bit old fashioned, I'm afraid, Fall goes up after Labour day, I add Halloween items on 10/1, Thanksgiving on 11/1 and Christmas the day after Turkey Day. I'd start earlier if my creativity wasn't so challenged and my poor old body could tolerate the heat better.

  10. I love the display you did w/the stand and all. That was a great find! I have four seasonal signs I painted years ago that go on my front porch, soon it will be time to put up my fall one, yeah! It is so danged HOT here again. All I can think of is staying cool! I can feel the season changing, leaves are turning a lot and it's even getting darker. Of course out here with no water lots of leaves are turning. Quilts look great as always!

  11. I really enjoyed seeing your table with the darling polka dot bowls! They are just charming! And your three-tiered server is a perfect display place–it could be used year round. Going to have to keep my eyes open next time I'm in a HobLob–I have a case of server envy! Like a few others, I'll wait to pull out our Fall decor boxes until after Labor Day. Thanks for sharing your table with us!

    1. If you find a three-tiered server like this one, stand back and make sure the spindles are straight. I've about driven myself batty trying to make sure they look okay!

  12. I love those acorns! Can't believe you found them at the dollar store – they're lovely. My favorite décor colors are Autumn/Fall tones and right now I'm trying to find ways to bring nature inside. Your tablescape is so cute! 🙂

  13. Brenda, I love what you did – perfect and not too over the top, just the right amount of fall for this time of year!! I bought mums yesterday….I think that counts as kicking off fall….

    I usually start around Sept 1, that always feels like the right time to kick off fall decorating for me.

    I'm lucky I have tons of storage in my new house so I'm excited to pick up a few items that I can reuse from year to year.

  14. Your place always looks so inviting and charming, Brenda! I love those red bowls. How fun it would be to pull up a chair face to face and share some tea and chat in person! Of course, I may have ulterior motives…I would have to cuddle your pups, too! 😉 I have been pinning fall stuff like a crazy person, but I haven't thought about my house yet. It's still hazy, hot and humid here and last winter was so dreadfully cold and snowy, I am hanging on to summer for just a bit longer!

  15. Not yet, but probably by Sept. 1st, I will at least have my Fall wreath on the front door! I don't decorate like I once did but there are always a few things, here and there. Love the tablescape wih the red dishes.

    Grace & Peace

  16. I'm so glad to see your polka dotted bowls out again.. Your table looks very much like Fall is around the corner.. Love your three tired arrangement.. That will be nice to fix up for Christmas too. Good buy !
    I'm chafing at the bit to start getting my Fall decorations out.. Have put all of my summer things away and my house looks so bare.. It has been hot and humid here too………..I think I'll wait a week or two before I start making it look like Fall has arrived in my house..
    Your quilt is beautiful.
    I'll have to visit our Dollar Store before all of the acorns are gone.. Love them.
    Have fun with your decorating.

  17. Your fall decor looks so nice! I love fall, it's my favorite time of year. But my husband's favorite is summer and he doesn't care to see any fall decorating in our home until the end of September. I have a hard time waiting that long to decorate for my favorite season….

    1. The seasonal changes of fall and spring excite me the most. Leaves turning and falling, and in spring, green things sprouting from the earth.

  18. I started my fall decorating yesterday. I'm sick and tired of this hot and humid August. so I'm officially (at least in my mind!) ending it a week early! Now if only the weather would cooperate…

  19. Very cute, Brenda – love your 3 tiered stand with all of your fall goodies and I've always loved polka dots too. I haven't done any fall decorating yet, hopefully I will get to it before fall is over! : )

    1. Well, you have other things that demand your time. Whereas the pupsters let me do a little bit for myself every so often, though Abi cries for attention.

  20. It is fall weather here all the sudden. We went from humid 80's & 90's to 50 degrees over night last night. I am sticking with summer until the end of August. I love fall – autumn is my favorite season. I don't start Christmas decorating until December 1, so I don't want to get tired of my Autumn. No rush for me.

    1. I tried to wait. But then I found that three tiered stand at Hobby Lobby for $17 (half price). It sat for two weeks before I finally decided to keep it and cut off the price tag. But once I sat it on the table, I couldn't help myself. I had to start filling it up!

  21. Hi Brenda! Oh, how cute! I love your tiered thingy with all of the fall things on it and your table looks so cute too. That's a gorgeous quilt on the wall and just adore the yellow! No, I haven't started yet but I can't wait for the tours.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  22. You found some cute things at the dollar store to use in your Fall vignette. I love that tiered stand you used. I have not begun my Fall decorating since it's still technically summer, but I will in due time. It has been nice to wake up to chilly mornings lately though! Maybe that means Fall is near!

    1. I found that tiered stand at Hobby Lobby half price, so was $17. I kept debating about taking it back before I finally took the price tag off. What I really want is one of those galvanized ones at Pottery Barn. But we KNOW what they cost!

  23. I usually wait until October when the leaves change but our summer has been very changeable. I am usually LONGING for fall at the time of year, tired of hot muggy weather, but we keep getting cool fronts come through. Right now I am in a long sleeved shirt and have been sneezing all morning…It's not even 70 degrees yet and feels like October! I do not ever recall a break like this in any August ….crazy ! 🙂

  24. I am not going to decorate for fall this year. I am going straight into Christmas this year. Wild huh? My mom bought all these vintage bulbs for me. She found them at a thrift store and they were all in their boxes! (A $1.00 per box) I am talking about bulbs from the 1940's and 50's. I am excited. I will wait until November 1st to do the decorating.

  25. I've loved your polka dot and floral dishes ever since the first time I read your blog years ago. And I was pleased to see you had the same polka dot chicken I have except yours is red IIRC and mine is blue.

    1. There is a chip in one side of the two red and white polka dotted bowls. Two was all I could find at the time in Tyler years ago. But then, I guess "chippy" in in vogue!

  26. Labor Day weekend is when I start putting out my Fall decor. I'm so over summer here in Phoenix. I love the tray with bird on top, perfect for this time of the year and the red bowls are cheerful looking. Happy you brought out your quilts Brenda, brings out the coziness in a home. Kathleen in Az

    1. I'm with Kathleen on that; I usually start on Fall decor after Labor Day. In my family we alwasy counted Labor Day weekend as 'the last weekend of the summer' before we kids would have to go back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day! And that has always been my mantra. I don't do Halloween decor until 10/1, and don't do Thanksgiving until 11/1 and don't do Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving! I am very set in my ways. Love your little kitchen /dining area – I love your little home (I used to live in tiny cottages that remind me of your little place) and your decor. Happy soon-to-be Fall!!

    2. Hi GADawn57, had to reply, because your comment reminds me how it was growing up in my family home. School after Labor Day and always looking forward to the monthly Holiday decor, homemade by my mom. I have a few and I treasure them so very much from my childhood. Dang, wish I lived where there is a Autumn. But not the Winter, to old;) Happy Autumn! Kathleen in Az

  27. I haven't started my Fall decorating yet but I sure would like too. It's still in the 100's here and will be for at least another 4-6 weeks I'm sure. Fall is my favorite season and I miss it so very much living here. I'll try to contain myself and not pull our my decor at least a few more weeks. Try being the key word!

    1. Well Belinda, don't make yourself wait. Do what makes you happy. Life is short. Says the person who did not take good care of herself and now is paying the price.