The Leaves Are Falling

Not much change in the weather, but when I walk out on the patio, I see lots of leaves falling from the two trees and floating to the ground.

I’ve been bringing a little more fall into the living space of my apartment. I don’t do as much seasonal decorating as I once did.

I’ve still got my right leg in the boot and trying to keep it elevated, which is why it’s so nice that I bought a couch with a chaise at the end!

But I’m going to try to sit at the table and do a few fall crafts.

Happy falling leaves! Looking forward to cooler weather.


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  1. No falling leaves here unless they are dead ones…the grass is turning brown as we desperately need rain…Also it is so hot again..Have fun making your Fall crafts…I think I will make a new Fall wreath for the door…

  2. Nothing here, Brenda. Funny how different it is region to region. I've been eliminating summer pieces from my décor: seashells and starfish, beach things. I haven't added anything but maybe toward the 3rd week of September I'll start to throw some things in. My problem is that I will get bored with the fall décor after a few weeks and we generally have it up until Thanksgiving. Secondly, the really vivid red and orange just don't mesh well with my home. I know that sounds pretty lame but I have problems at Christmas, too, with all the red ! lol!

    Did you re-injure your foot?

    Jane x

  3. Brenda love all your fall decor coming out. I got the box down with mine but with it being in the high 90's this week I am going to wait just a little longer to put things out. Summer is holding on here in Illinois. I love fall and cannot wait for it to cool down some.

  4. Leaves are beginning to fall here too and you can feel a bit of a change in the air but we are predicted a very warm few days ahead. Still I was in the mood to decorate for fall and went to town getting it done inside.
    Love your touches and the yellow lamp is gorgeous! Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. Love the pops of yellow. I never decorate with yellow or wear yellow, but when I see it in someone else's house or on somebody else, I love the way it looks. Interesting that I can find this color so adorable for others but don't bring it home. Wonder why?

  6. Hi..we have a few trees around our town that have the leaves changing and some are also falling due to some really cold mornings here..we are in hot daytime temps now tho…I am trying to be patient while hoping that Fall arrives soon and stays for a while!! it is my favorite time of the year!! Hope you are doing well Brenda xoxo Carol

  7. The only reason why our leaves are falling is because trees and limbs are falling due to no water. It is a very sad sight to see so many dead trees here in California. My co-worker served in Iraq and she said our landscape reminds her of Iraq….everything brown, dry and dead.

  8. I'm glad to hear that Fall weather is starting to head your way. I know how hot it has been for you this year. Same here too. Hope your ankle is starting to feel better.

  9. No falling leaves here. It's actually kind of a summer renewal right now. It has cooled a little bit and the grass and plants are perking up some.

  10. The leaves are just now starting to fall here too. It's cooler in the morning as well. I finally don't have to live in a hole with the drapes drawn LOL

    I love all your touches of Fall and can't wait for the tour 🙂


  11. I moved furniture around a little bit and dusted this morning.. Doing a little bit every day trying to put off getting the major part of my pumpkins, gourds,etc. out. Everything looks neat and straight the way I have it now.. I know when cooler Fall weather does get here, I will enjoy seeing the leaves falling.. They haven't started here as yet.
    I have to finish the Fall cross stitching that I've done. I like to stitch but the finishing part is not as much fun. I'll get it done………..maybe next week. LOL
    I love your little red truck with the sheep in it.. Your white pumpkins are cute too.
    Take care.

  12. The leaves are falling in Mississippi, too. And the shadows have changed with the shift toward fall; my melancholy time is fast approaching. I lost one of my dearest childhood friends, Hudson, in the fall I turned 16, then lost my Daddy in the fall I turned 17, so I have to guard against depression in the fall of every year. It is a beautiful season here though. The farmers will soon be gathering the beans, corn, and cotton from the fields. People will begin the annual football frenzy and the hay meadows will have bales of hay in them. I will look for the beauty and remember happy times!

  13. How I wish the leaves were falling here. I think I almost cried when I looked at the 10 day weather forecast this morning. We have 3 days of 100 and 101 coming with the lowest temperature at 98. I've decorated for Fall inside my home. At least College Football starts this weekend. Such a thrill for us.

    Guess I'll make a cup of pumpkin coffee, sit down with my little guy and dream of Fall. Maybe by Halloween it will be cooler….staying positive in hope for that.

    Enjoy your falling leaves! Have a wonderful day!