Pouring Rain & Gray Skies

I sit back here on my bed, Abi and Charlie next to me, listening to the constant chirping of birds. It is a somewhat frantic chirping, perhaps because it has been pouring raining for days. The skies are gray and foreboding.

I go to get another cup of coffee and stand at the patio door, where I see a cluster of birds, dark against the gray sky, huddled on the bare branches. Then, without preamble, they all suddenly fly away into the clouds.

Then a mourning dove flies in and settles on the top of the fence.

It is as though the past days are stuck in one time frame: perpetual dusk. Not a ray of sunshine to break it up. And it’s been this way for a stretch of days, beginning just before Christmas.

I stayed back here all day yesterday because somehow I just can’t see me trying to clean up paint drips and putting things in place when it is so dark in there.

I need light shining in to make decisions. And with an apartment with only four windows, that is not always possible. 

My ankle thanks me though. But it should thank the weather. Because if it was sunny and light outside, I know I’d be in there doing this and that. I am just hard-wired that way. 

I have always been in perpetual motion between pauses. A whirling dervish. Some people have a hard time getting going. I have a hard time stopping. 

The gray days don’t bother me. They have never depressed me in any way.

Instead I sometimes see them as a possible backdrop for a novel or movie plot where the weather is indicative of the subject matter, and the music cues something sinister about to happen. A film noir in the making. 

Some people need sunlight like oxygen. I could probably live where it rains daily and I doubt it would affect me. 

And so today I suppose the pupsters and I shall be back here in the bedroom, me propped up by pillows, watching the birds flap about the fence, seemingly hesitant to land. 

I’ll have another cup of coffee and ponder just what I want to do in the living room space.

I am thankful for these gray days, because it makes me give pause and reflect. To slow down and notice the smallest of things. 

The waving of the tall plumes of ornamental grasses that have turned brown, but still sway in the wind outside the bedroom window. 

The sound of the rain as it pummels the roof.

Silence interrupted only by the gathering momentum and alternately the slowing down of the rain as it follows a weather pattern.

Days like this are gifts really. Well, every day of course is a gift. But days that make you slow down and reflect are special days, even though the skies are dark. 

Because we are more aware of our thoughts, of what is just outside the window. 

The simplest of things. The everyday moments, that, cumulatively, make up a lifetime.

So enjoy whatever day you have been given.

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  1. My Mother used to tell me this same thing growing up. Enjoy the small things….and that many people didn't understand this in the slightest. I suspect that's still true; more so, maybe in this day and age. Hope your day was a good one.

  2. I feel so much like you—the gray days, and there are weeks of those in the Midwest from November to April, make me sit back, read, write and just enjoy the peace. And yet I also save ideas for days when it gets to be just a little too much gloom…very different and fun!

    Jane x

  3. I too love gray days. I have a friend that moved to Florida but could only handle it for 5 years before she moved back home. The everyday sunny day drove her nuts. There were no days to sit down and reflect. Not too many people understand that thinking. Thanks again Brenda for the beautiful words.

  4. I joyfully each day as it is given, rain or shine. However, the rain we've experienced since the wee small hours of Saturday has turned deadly. We are accustomed to floods. We and our children have personally experienced floods and the aftermath. Being accustomed to floods doesn't make any less worrisome. We are hoping for the rain to end this evening. Our children have found new routes to work, others have sandbagged their homes and J has postponed much needed blood work until tomorrow. We adapt.

  5. I love a gloomy day, because whatever I want to do inside seems like a good time to finish getting done. But then too, maybe just fiddle around and do nothing, sometimes I get so much done, that I didn't plan to get done. I very much love the rainy days, it brings me peace of mind. Also,these are the days, I love to settle in my big cozy chair, with a blanket wrapped around me, and my book that I have not finished reading,while I drink "several" cups of coffee, and eat those last couple of cookies on the plate…(gotta get my share)I love it all, everyday day GOD grants me…

  6. H,Brenda! I've read your blog for nearly a year,but have never commented 'till now.Love this latest post…very thoughtful and poetic.I wish you a very happy New Year and many relaxing moments with your furry companions.

  7. To be honest, Brenda, I'm ready for cooler, sunny weather. This hot, muggy, grey rainy weather for days at a stretch makes me feel miserable. I'd also like it to cool off, being that it's now winter. Not 0 degree weather, mind you, but a little sweater weather would suffice. Having to run the A/C and wearing shorts during Christmas week is a bit much.


  8. I actually love a good rainy day!! It's a great excuse to be indoors taking care of indoor tasks and puttering around the house. The house feels even more cozy on a stormy day. Can't wait to see what you do in the new white space!

  9. Brenda, We have had gray days too. Raining on and off for three days , threat of flash flooding…h makes me so nervous. I had flooding. Take care we surely will get some sunshine soon. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Brenda, wee must be related! It has been raining for days in Illinois, and I am the only one not complaining! I am sitting by the fire and reading Olive Kitteridge (great book), and it is fine and cozy. I find rainy days soothing and comforting, although it is difficult with two dogs who love to run outdoors. I agree — a great time to reflect and simply pause……