So What Clothing Did I Break Down & Buy?

Last Wednesday marked the first time in over five years that I stepped into a store and actually tried clothing on. 

I chose to go into Marshalls. 

I’d always just walked right past the women’s clothing on my way to the back where the home decor is without a sideways glance.

But that day, I told myself it was time to dip my toes into the water and check back into the world of fashion. 

I was looking at hand bags, and suddenly an alarm went off. My heart raced. What on earth had I done?

A woman working there came along and said I might have pulled the purse out too much. Seems that now they have them hooked up to these rope-like things. 

Turns out it wasn’t that. It was a suitcase just down from me. 

But it was enough to make me panic and head home. That day was just not the day, I told myself.

I went back the next day to Ross, and actually did buy a hand bag. I didn’t realize they had great brands in hand bags.

I have so much to learn!

I proceeded down to Dress Barn. I’d never been in this store. But it was virtually empty, so I walked in and strolled down the aisles. 

A woman who turned out to be my age (thanks Dana!) helped me. I did break down and buy a couple of tops. You got a good deal if you bought two. 


The two sleeveless tops above are what I purchased. (No, I’m not that skinny!)

After the ankle break, I have put on twenty additional pounds, so I have inched up into a plus size. Hopefully I can turn that around. 

I told myself I shouldn’t let that stop me from trying to be fashionable again. 

I may be in fifties, nearing close to sixty, but that does not mean I can’t look in the mirror and occasionally smile back at myself.

We are all different, but that should not matter. Beauty, I think, comes in all shapes and sizes.

But you know what I REALLY needed? A new bra. Over five years is a bit long to wait to buy a new bra, huh? 

Dana told me that their sister store (which I didn’t know), is Lane Bryant. And it was just down the way a few stores. So I headed there next.

I wear a double D bra, so I can’t go in just any store and find what I need. But in the past, I’ve always found that Lane Bryant has good bras. So I ended up buying two. Got a great deal with those too. 

And surprisingly, I ended up buying a pair of black leggings and a black sleeveless top as well. 

I couldn’t find it online in black. So this is the white one. (Just envision it in black.)

Yea, leggings are back in! 

I have always loved leggings. I wore them years ago. Guess I got rid of them when they went out of style. 

I figure black leggings and a nice long-ish black top with black sandals will look great.

Now mind you, I haven’t worn any shoes besides sneakers, or sneakers and the boot, for over four years. But I figure I might be able to wear some of my old shoes for an hour maybe? To go out to lunch perhaps?

Crossing fingers…

I hate not getting to wear pretty shoes, and I have boxes of them in my closet.

So that is my current fashion update. I plan to make fashion a part of this blog. I’ve turned my back on it for far too long. 

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments please.

After moving here from Texas, it was just months before I had my ankle accident. 

A boot from my toes to my knee just does not scream “fashion.” 

So fashion took a long vacation in the back seat.

Turns out, I ended up back in the boot the next day. (Just for the day.) I had managed to walk too much. But I didn’t let it get me down. It is just a part of life and I have accepted that.

Accept what you cannot change…

Stay tuned. I know I need to work on dressing more than my apartment. 

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  1. I really like the tops you picked, and I am gratified to know I'm not the only one who HATES clothes shopping!!
    Keep going with your fashion journey ~ I can't wit to see where it leads you (and us!)

  2. Brenda, simply thrilled for you! I adore the new tops that you bought. I hate shopping. Hopefully, you will inspire me to buy something new for myself! Thinking of you…

  3. Glad you got out to give yourself a little treat and what you chose looks very stylish and pretty. Love those two tops and I too LOVE leggings. Have worn them off and on for at least 20 years and was so glad to see them come "back' last year. I bought myself a kind of wild colors pair that I haven't yet worn in public, but sure do love them. They make me feel young! I too can only wear flat shoes and it's hard to feel pretty and feminine in flat shoes (with good arch supports of course).. and a boot would be really hard! I hope you can work up to even not wearing the boot for short periods of time, just so you can feel feminine and pretty for awhile. I have one pair of (expensive) boots that are suede with fur trim that I wear in the winter with leggings and I feel very feminine in them, though they really don't have a heel. And some sandals with a good arch support can be quite feminine if they have lots of straps! I'm glad you enjoyed your foray into the stores.. and bras?? I HATE shopping and trying on bras, so needless to say, I'm like you and maybe get a new one every 5 years whether I need it or not! I like Target here in Oregon, as they have a size called XXL, which is between XL and 1X. The 1X sizes and up, seem to become like tents and aren't stylish anymore. The XXL's are much more missy and junior styles and I can still just barely fit in some XXLs!!! Love them!

  4. I'm so happy for you. It feels good to buy new things. I know you will be just adorable in your leggings and tops. I have leggins but haven't worn them in years, so now thanks to you I'm going to get them out! Yes, we need a picture!

  5. Happy you took the plunge to buy some new clothes. I liked your selections. I think adding fashion will be fun on your blog!

  6. Love your new clothing selections. Stylish and comfortable! I also enjoyed your quote selections. For several years, my advanced apparel students created a polyvore board incorporating the Rachel Zoe quote to illustrate their personal fashion style. They loved that assignment! Lots of stores are having great sales right now. Happy shopping!

  7. You made some beautiful choices Brenda and I'm happy that you decided to take care of yourself by treating yourself. I am 60 and I feel like it is important to look our best even if we can't look young. That doesn't mean spending a lot either because there are so many great places to find bargains. I too only wear the prettier shoes for special occasions & short intervals, ever since having foot surgery. You did GOOD friend!

  8. Hi Brenda! Good for you getting out and shopping! I like your tops you've picked. Buying a bra is so hard for me. I really don't think they make them like they used to. I think they make them for everyone who has had a breast lift! Anyway, sorry about your having to put your boot back on. After breaking my knee cap, I can walk but not for very far or my knee just kills me. If it's a large store, mainly grocery stores and Walmart, I get in one of those 'pitiful carts' as I call them. Sure saves me! Hope all else is going well with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. You sound like me. I don't often stop in the clothing section at stores. But when I do, I make up for lost time! Ha! I have bought several purses from Ross before. They have fantastic prices and good brands! they have the best selection of dresses too if you're going to a special event. glad that you found something you like.

  10. You did well with your purchases! I'd happily wear the same items any day. I think it would be easy to dress up the black top and legging to make a smart outfit for a special occasion.

    And your boot? I think we may be boot fiends for life. Unfortunately, there are some days that the boot still is not enough to relieve the pain or allow me to walk freely. But…no more complaining right now since I can still get from Point A to Point B most days. A lot of people can't do that. And I hear you about the 20 lb weight gain. ?

  11. I'm glad you bought some new things for yourself, Brenda. It can really lift your spirits when you feel like you like nice. Now we just need a selfie of you in one of your pretty new outfits!

  12. I pretty much live in jeans, but I enjoy wearing stylish tops with them. Long sweaters in the winter and tunic tops with denim capris and sandals in the warmer weather. Right now I want to be naked because it's so HOT outside! Ha!
    I also enjoy coordinating jewelry with my everyday clothing, and I like my nail and toe polish to match my outfits as well too. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the details, just like I am in decorating my home. I like everything to flow well!
    I'm almost 60 years old and retired, but I still want to present my best self whenever I leave my home even though my style is totally casual these days. I still enjoy hearing my husband say that I look pretty. I look forward to seeing what else you add to your wardrobe in the future, Brenda, and I think you're off to a great start with what you shown us today. 🙂

  13. Nice choices. Next time you need to add a little more color in your tops. I know you like color, so why not wear it? I live in leggins and tunic length tops in the cooler weather, they are so comfortable. You will love them this time around too. I do wear my leggins now as capris, just ull the hem up to where you want them to stop and adjust the leg to fold down over so you don't know it is tucked up.

  14. That's funny, I've been doing the same as you lately – I needed a 'wardrobe infusion' desperately, which I realized when I tried to figure out what I was bringing away for my mini vacation. Sometimes just a few new pieces can make us feel a whole lot better, am I right? I pretty much live in leggings, boots, and long tops in the fall and winter – in the spring/summer the boots become cute sandals and sometimes the leggings become capris. As my body gets older and is changing I find I can't stand anything tight on my waist at all, I just feel like I'm strangling. I did order a few tunics from Metrostyle recently….they just arrived and I'm going to try them on today! I'm hoping I love them and won't need to send them back! Fingers crossed….:)

  15. Well done you! Now I have a small farm and live in jeans. I have farm jeans, house jeans and going in to town jeans. I'd like to buy some pretty tops to perk things up a bit.

  16. Love your new clothes! I love leggings, I wear them a lot especially during the fall and winter. They can look cute with tennis shoes like converse or keds (or a cheaper version of either) if your feet need more support than sandals. I'm enjoying hearing about your new shopping adventures!

  17. Even though fashion doesn't interest me, I do bargain shop for some nice clothes to wear for the times I go out. Good for you for buying yourself some new clothes! A good bra is very important. I can't imagine wearing the same bras for 5 years! That's one thing I do keep up on. Even though I wear a size 12, I have big-busted and I wear a DD, too. I buy my bras at Kohls. Good prices when you have a 30% coupon.

  18. Very cute clothes! Long, loose tops and leggings are the BEST! When I was in my "slump" a few years ago, my daughter talked me into buying some cute, up to date clothes – straight leg jeans and tunic tops and wearing them even just to the grocery store. I felt so much better about myself and was amazed at how my attitude perked up! I look forward to more fashion posts!

  19. Brenda, I am so happy for you. I think taking care of ourselves is as important as taking care of our home and our loved ones! I love Ross and Marshall's and they usually have good prices on tops and yes purses!! I have bought a few new tops this summer and it has boosted my image of myself! Keep at it. Love all that you bought.

  20. I love leggings too, if they are well made with good seams, AND if worn with a long top that covers the belly and crotch, and crack of the butt. I have witnessed many women who wear leggings poorly and give them a bad name. Also love yoga pants if well made. Part of owning them is laundering them properly… I wash in the washing machine but I always hang them to dry and they hold their shape, and elasticity longer and the elastic waistband does not get twisted. Best brand I have found is from Macy's. INC International Concepts Pull on or Ponte pants. You pay more, but cared for properly and they last a long time. I love that you are now including a bit of fashion on your blog. xo

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