Movers & Breakers

Boy, is it cold out there! It is overcast and there isn’t a ray of sun in sight. 

I’m staying in today. I want to clean and rearrange the living room furniture. One task often follows the the other.

So I am making some changes in the living room.

With my chair in front of the living room window, I get too much glare on my laptop.

So I’m trying out this catty-corner arrangement.

The Casualties Of Moving Things Around:

But I need to tell you about the “casualties” when I moved the couch and chair. There are often things that get broken.

First, there is the cows in the field painting that was above the couch. No, I didn’t break the glass, but the frame fell apart. What do they make these things of nowadays?

I managed to get the glass and picture to the bedroom closet in one piece. 

I imagine it will cost a small fortune to frame that huge thing and add glass. And the glass that is with it is the thinnest glass I’ve ever seen. So that will be a project for another day.

I also managed to knock over one of my little vintage clear bottles and break that too. 

Switching Lamps:

Did you notice the lamp is different? 

Well, my red shade on my floor lamp has been falling apart for some time. As in the spikes not fitting into the shade anymore. 

I looked at new shades at Lowes. But the ones that would have looked best were around $29.99.

So then I remembered I had reward points at Kirklands, in the same shopping center. I got this lamp, after using my rewards points, for $9.

Yeah, a lot cheaper to get the lamp AND shade than just to get a shade. Love when that happens!

Cleaning Things Up:

So after I get things organized and the mess cleaned up, I’ll show more. 

I know. Most people are scurrying around trying to get ready for the holidays. But I’ll cook myself a nice meal and call it good.

If you’re a blogger and haven’t linked up to our Home For Christmas party link-up that Debra and I are hosting again this year, click here. The link went up yesterday and will continue through Christmas. 

Next month, January, I’m kicking off a series for purging and decluttering. I
figure if we commit to this, we can hold one another accountable. 

So if you want to get your home in order, join me. I’ll have more information about this after Christmas. 

Brr! I’m making soup for lunch!


  1. I love to change furniture around but this place doesn't lend itself to many options for my furniture. I break things all the time and say oh well. I'm going to think about joining you in Jan for a good clean and purge of my home!

  2. Your new arrangement looks great. Am looking forward to your purging series…something I've started and put aside and need to get back to. I find it hard to part with some things, but if I don't love it or need it why to I keep it?

  3. The new arrangement looks so much more comfy Brenda…I agree the cow looks fine without the frame…It is frigged here too…I thought it was a good day for soup so a made a nice pot of chicken corn soup…

  4. i get most of my large frames and glass at Goodwill. On dollar day, bought the worlds most hideous picture but it had a really excellent frame and an great piece of non-reflective glass. Had the wire done perfectly too. Took out the awful picture, put mine in and it was ready to go. Easy and cheap.

  5. I love that cow picture~perfect as is. Is that a new planked wall? The leather chairs…are they part of a sectional? I remember you had a leather sofa. Fun to move around sectionals.

    I'm looking forward to your January posts…I plan to purge a ton of stuff!


  6. Sorry about the things that got broken during the rearranging! I do that all the time- start moving things without thinking what's in the way. But your chairs are looking pretty cozy angled in the corner like they are!

  7. It looks great, Brenda, and I am like you. When I move stuff around I usually have at least one causality….that one sounds like it is not going to be a cheap fix, Brenda. p'But- if you are talking about the cow picture you have hanging up I actually like it frameless and glassless-unless the print will 'warp' if it isn't under glass. LOVE your lamp–what a great price. Hope you have a great rest of the week- xo Diana

  8. I tend to break the glass on large pictures! Makes me so mad! I just hang them without the glass, and pretend they have glass. I'm always changing pictures out anyway.

    Love the catty cornered arrangement. I'm through Christmas shopping, everything wrapped and under the tree. To be quite honest, I'll be glad when it's over and I can store all the extra stuff away again. Sound like Scrooge, don't I?

    I plan to start purging and cleaning one room at the time after the first of the year. I told my husband today, that I plan to do that. I just need to get rid of a lot of crap. Everywhere you look, junk and more junk!

    I hope you enjoy the holidays!

  9. Ooooo, I love rearranging furniture. I love your new look. I'm a person who, when I clean, I find myself moving furniture…..that way, I feel like I accomplished something. I need some help though decluttering.

  10. I love the cow on your table. I used to have a larger one, just like it. My mom bought it for me at a farmstead one fall. I withstood handsy toddlers and a move, but during a rearranging jaunt my plate rack fell and killed the cow. I have been looking for one for years with no luck. ps- LOVE the ottoman!!

  11. Love the new lamp and the comfy chairs at an angle! Even the doggie steps fit in well. Glad to hear you are doing a purge in January; that is my plan as well but it is so easy to get sidetracked. Maybe seeing you going through it will keep my efforts strong.

  12. I agree with Melanie. The cows look great as is.

    I love the new arrangement. I'm not sure if you use that area to read, but if you do, consider a floor lamp that is adjustable. I have one behind my fav recliner and don't know what I would do without it.

  13. Brenda, I know this is not your topic today but I just read a very, very, very good book and thought of you. It's Long and Far Away Gone by Lou Berney. With it's Oklahoma setting and mention of the state fair, I was wondering if you have read it. If not, it's a$1.99 today on Kindle!

  14. I like your new seating arrangement. As far as the cow picture, I like it as is! I wouldn't bother with the expense of new glass and a frame – it's very expensive, even at places such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels – with a coupon! (I know from personal experience.)

  15. Your home always looks amazing, Brenda!! I wish I had your energy for changing things up all the time – I guess if I was at home looking at things every day I would get the urge….as it is, the days I have off I have so much to do just to maintain my home, there's no urge to move things around!

    1. Yes, if you were home all day, you'd probably be moving things around. But if I had your mountain view, I think that would go a long way toward satisfying me!

  16. Well clearly I haven't seen your decor in a while, it has changed up some and I LOVE it! Did you do that wall?? or is that what the house was made of? Love the leather furniture and the red ottoman is the perfect accent.

  17. love the new catty corner arrangement. that's always cozier to me.
    thank heaven the glass didn't shatter everywhere when it broke.
    and those sweet little abi charlie stairs are perfect there too!
    after all… they're truly the most important part of the décor! 😀

  18. Everytime I rearrange things, which is frequent, I always break something. It never fails! Even though I am decorated for Christmas I brought my dining table from the kitchen into the living room for Christmas which required lifting one heavy glass top off and putting another smaller, but just as heavy one on. Why do we do these things to ourselves, lol! I think it is because we always think we can make our space just a little bit better. In spite of your mishaps, your new arrangement looks very nice, enjoy it!

  19. I love the new living room furniture arrangement! The placement is a wonderful idea! The new lamp is perfect and what a bargain.

    I'm so looking forward to your series on purging and decluttering. I need lots of help in that area!

  20. Hi Brenda, sorry to hear about the cow. What if you measured the frame and went to Hobby Lobby and just bought a new one? Would be cheaper than having it mounted and they have some nice ones. I didn't get to tell you the other day I love that red ottoman. It's perfect for your place. I might have to get one! I can't wait for January, boy, do I need to declutter some more. I'll be starting a small remodel and it will be more than necessary to get into stuff and get rid of it. Why do we hang on to stuff so?

  21. I'm glad you and the little ones weren't hurt when the big picture fell. But the new arrangement looks great. I love your steps for the pups, do you mind telling me where you found them? Would be perfect for my dachshunds. Thank you!

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