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It got cold again. So I will have to wait until it warms up again before I can take my new-to-me black towel bar outside to spray paint. I want to give it a coat of glossy black.

All of you kept saying I needed some black in the bathroom.

Now I’m trying to decide if I want to do something about the bathroom floor. Some of the tiles got broken and it was already butt ugly tile after being in there all these years. 

I was thinking about getting those plank peel and stick flooring. Have any of you done that kind of flooring? If so, how does it do over tile?

The pupsters are cold and cuddled up together.

Before I know it, it will be spring and I will be out on the patio tending to things out there. I always look forward to that. 

To getting things straightened up and cleaned. To planting and tending the perennials that come back up again. 

I’m getting tired of sitting inside and staring out the patio doors to the mess that’s out there. But I can’t open the gate to sweep and blow all the leaves out until the gate gets fixed. 

I can open it, but not shut it. Something is wrong with the hardware I guess.

Kristy sent me her third novel, “Slightly South Of Simple” to read. She writes about southern women with such insight and clarity.

I finished “The Space Between Sisters”and “Almost Sisters” about a week ago. They were okay, but nothing really special in my opinion.

I prefer psychological thrillers to women’s fiction. Unless it’s one of my favorite authors.

Have you read any good books lately? Or ordered any seeds to plant yet?

I’ve got to get on the ball and order some seeds soon.

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  1. I have painted bathroom floors in two of my bathrooms in my old house. I washed the floor thoroughly and than primed the floor. Than painted the floor white and tape off an area and painted a rug on the floor too. Than sealed it with poly. In a very tiny half bath, I mod podge some of my favorite cards I had kept over the years on the floor. It was cute and very unique.

  2. I have done the peel and stick tiles but you have to have an even, solid base floor to work on or they won't look good. Also, with them you can make a template and take them up to and work around the toilet without actually removing it. Most of them can be cut with heavy duty shears. Good luck. It is a job.
    I put peel and stick tiles under my kitchen sink and under my bathroom sink(inside the cabinets). It makes it easy to keep clean and works great. xo Diana

  3. Yesterday I received "Johnny's selected seeds" catalog in the mail. My first catalog of this season. Have not had a chance to look at it in detail , but the pictures of all the beautiful flowers and vegies are looking Sooooo good, It was -17 this morning here in WI, so I'm not getting too excited yet about the growing season, BUT..I can't wait.I want so badly this year to grow basil, oregano,rosemary, and most of all lavender..I did plant one little plant last year, and can't wait to see if it survived this winter. It is one of my favorites. DH plants tomatoes and peppers, in a small raised garden we put in behind our garden shed, where we have lots of sunlight. We don't have a large area for growing,living in a mobile home, in a mobile home park, but I have a big enough area for the plants I want and use pots (planters) like you do. Wish I could tell you about the peel and stick tiles. Sounds like a good idea for a small area. The lady above who suggested the paper bag floor, would be a option I would be interested enough to look into. I bet it would look unique and pretty nice. Hope you have a good time checking everything out..Something fun to do on these cold and frosty days, and whatever you decide to do, will be great, for sure…Hugs, bonnie in WI

  4. A great thriller I just read was the Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware. You may have been the one to recommend it! It sure was good and I could NOT put it down! Her other one is Dark Dark Wood which I HAVE to get! No idea on the floor or tiles, but In can expect, getting down on it to work with a bad ankle or knee or hernia would not be easy! I think I'd leave it for now.

  5. It has been a mucky wet mess here in Northern California. Goodness we Californians are not used to all this wet weather. My backyard is a mess. I am getting spring fever. I did purchase some zinnia seeds as they always do so well in our extreme hot climate.

  6. Beautiful pics of the bluejay and pupsters. I am also ready for the weather to warm up so that I can get out and work in the yard. I am reading Dana Perino's book about her dog, "Let Me Tell you About Jasper". Just started, but it's a fun read so far.

  7. I have good luck with the peel and stick tiles. However, if you are doing it in the bathroom, you will want to take the commode up before you lay the tiles. Don't try to cut around the commode, it looks awful if you do. And also, make sure you check the arrows on the backside of the tile and that they all point in the same direction.

  8. I once used some cheap stick-on tiles from the dollar store. They actually worked better than expected but were in a half-bath that got little traffic. I also once dig a "paper bag floor" in two bathrooms — you can do a search for that phrase on pinterest to see how it's done. I loved it. It is inexpensive, and I thought it was attractive and it felt really comfortable to walk on. But it is labor intensive. You have to sit right down on the floor to get it done. But you don't have to take out the toilet which you have to do with some other flooring installations. I am thinking of doing a paper bag floor on our current bathroom, to cover some old vinyl.

  9. I put down Allure Plank Flooring in our kitchen when we remodeled, it went down easy, it cut easy and they have one that is water resistant as well. When we sold the house the real estate agent was convinced it was actual plank flooring,it looked so real that she had to touch it and was shocked to find out it was vinyl.

  10. I haven't placed my seed order yet, but I must get on it. I still have seeds from last year, and if I can use those I will, but I'm not sure if they are still viable. I think I'll have a backup order ready just in case they don't sprout.

  11. I have not used those peel and stick tiles before but I think my sister has. It is cold here today too. This weather has been so crazy. One day it's warm enough for shorts and the next day it's back to coats.

  12. I am going to order some basic seeds from Bakers Creek. I have heard from Patera's you tube video that those seeds are very good. I live in the city so I don't plant very much but I want to try those seeds especially.

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