The Lady With The Red Lipstick


Do you see something different? 

I went to the grocery store yesterday. I’ve found that they have carry more unique items that I never see anywhere else, and they have really good prices.

I think it’s about to storm, so it’s really dark in here to take a photo, so this was thhe best I could do. Don’t you think the lady with the red lipstick is adorable?

They also had the guy with a mustache, but maybe I’ll get that another day. The lady jar was $8. They had one much bigger for $16. 

The faux sedum prices there are the best I’ve seen. I see these going for $12. And I get them for $5-$6 and they are wrapped in vintage-style paper.

As soon as I go in the Reasors on Peoria, there are display tables filled with all kinds of little pretties. It’s so much fun just to stroll around and gaze at the pretties.

I had the wire container on the dresser in the kitchen. I moved it in here to hold some of my books.

Someone asked if the sheep in the back of the red truck are on their way to get made into food. No, they are on a joy ride. I would never “kill” my fake sheep!

I just can’t seem to stop taking photos of my vintage bottles. I cherish them even more since I broke a couple. Oops, looks like I should have dusted before I took this pic. But it’s real, folks.

Speaking of which, I am in awe of the bloggers, mostly younger bloggers who I suppose have abundant energy, that live in those humongous homes with the perfect Pottery Barn-style furniture.

I say in “awe”, but I suppose I mean also surprised. When I was their age and had young children, I would never have had that kind of money. So I guess the husbands must have very prestigious jobs and make a lot of money.

Sometimes it  makes me think: How does my little apartment possibly compare? I only have a few rooms to show. I only have a small amount of money to spend on decor.

And when I see these grand homes with lots of rooms filled with fine decor, I realize I don’t have much in comparison to show you. 

But then, I guess this blog appeals to folks with smaller homes and budgets.

I have never been drawn to these huge expensive homes. And I’m at a point in my life, with my budget, that I couldn’t afford it even if I was drawn to them. 

On top of that, I could never clean something big like that or afford to have someone to come in to clean it. 

This just goes to show you that we are at different places at different times in our lives. The big sprawling homes are like looking at a magazine. And that is always fun to do. 

And that’s okay even if we wouldn’t choose to live there.


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  1. I've always preferred living in smaller cozy homes, and cottage style decorating is my favorite. I don't care for the over the top blogs at all. I have a few favorite blogs and yours is on my list to read everyday. I enjoy seeing what you do with your decor in a small space. I really can't imagine anyone in their 60s and up wanting to take care of a large place. I certainly don't want to and recently downsized to a small patio home with my husband and two dogs. Will be enjoying seeing what you do with your patio garden, as I have a small patio only now to garden on. It really is such a relief to not have a large yard to take care of anymore.

  2. I'm sure many of us would love to come visit you and sit on the patio in your cozy garden sipping ice tea and telling stories. I too have given up most of the blogs. I can't relate to beige and gray, and having everything in its place. I used to feel bad that I had a rather quirky house, full of antiques and pieces I've collected over the years, where nothing matched. Now I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Can't wait to see the many ways you use the lipstick lady!

  3. I always enjoy seeing how you switch things up and experiment by mixing your different collections…Pretty much what I do. I've always felt those 'Pottery Barn' homes were as tho they bought the show rooms…Decorated with all the right 'things and accessories ' but to me there's No warmth of personal touches or style. I like to see a place filled with the character of the people who live there…but then I guess,
    Different Strokes for Different Folks!

  4. I'm very happy with the size of my little apartment, although I could do with a bit more storage for my Etsy shop items. I just have to be more creative. Whenever anyone visits me they ooh and ahh over my decor, so I guess I am doing something right. The one thing I miss is having a patio, but I guess we can't have everything. xo Laura

  5. I absolutely LOVE your lady with red lipstick. Where did you get her? I'm almost sure it's a store we don't have in New England. If I ever do see her, she's mine! 🙂 Love red!

  6. Good decorating is not about a big budget; it's about good taste. Why would you go to Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen and pick "display #3" for your home? And, sometimes, the people have spent so much on their big home, they work all the time and are seldom there to enjoy it. Like some of the big kitchens (ooo-granite; ooo-stainless steel). Then they are so tired from their jobs, they eat take-out. I like your home.

  7. Refreshing and real come to mind when thinking of your blog – thank you! I am much more drawn to cottage living than mc-mansions. Others are too based on the comments above and the popularity of the Tiny House shows out there. Thank you!

  8. I'm wishing we had grocery stores here that carried such cute things! I've always loved seeing how you decorate your homes, no matter what size it has been. Making a home feel and look cozy, comfortable and appealing is an art, I think.

  9. As you can see by all the comments, we love your blog. You are real and open and have been an inspiration. I so look forward to seeing what you have to show or tell us each day.

  10. Brenda, I have seen so many "lavish" homes on blogs that it just makes my head spin. Just about all of those blogs, I have unsubscribed to. There are beautiful houses filled with rich people, eating fancy dinners, and hosting even fancier parties. They are not the "home" that most of the population can afford to live in. Your blog, is truly my favorite, when it comes to home decor. I so love what you do with a small space, all of your wonderful cozy and warm ideas, and then, WOW, your garden space. It is always a joy, to see how everything is growing, and again, how you have decorated your patio, making it a wonderful place to grow flowers, and to sit and relax with a cold drink, in the summer. Pure LOVE!! And stories about your two pupsters is always fun to read too. Never compare what you have to the Big, huge homes most of us will never ever live in. Your home is real and most of all filled with everything that is you, and everything we all can relate to. Home sweet Home!!!! xoxo Bonnie in WI

  11. You are my favorite Blogger. You show how to make a home and that is what endears you to us. You have a wonderful sense of style with FUN added in. Your ability to "rescue" or repurpose items is admirable. Even the dust (lol) shows you are keeping it real.

  12. I loved each of your homes. And I am constantly in awe of what you do in your little apartment. You have a real knack for decor.

    I grew up in a one bedroom house with my mother and sister. At one time we even had a lodger! So I've never lived in anything but small homes.

    A big home is lovely to look at, but it's not for me. Even if I were a billionaire, my dream house would be small.

  13. Brenda, what sets you apart from most blogs is that many of us can relate to you in so many ways. Your blog is my all time favorite because you like color, and are so creative. I love how you move things around and make new vignettes.

    I have actually um-subscribed from some blogs because after a while, seeing so many homes in bland shades of gray and white becomes boring. They all start looking alike to me. I tried that style myself, and found that in theory I like the idea, but in practice I need lots of color.

    My new apartment features many colors, mostly all the fall colors, and it just makes it feel cozy and warm to me. It may be my age, but I find myself gravitating back to the old fashioned cottage style of decorating.

  14. Hi Brenda…I collect women headvases from the 50's and 60's I have almost 100 of them…your lady with the red lipstick reminds me of them…mine have necklaces and earrings on them~I love yourl home and the way you decorate and I love picking up ideas from you! Have a great weekend! Carol

  15. I would never be comfortable visiting the people in those large fancy "perfect" homes in person. However, I would love to visit you in your cozy apartment. That is why I am here every day! 🙂

  16. Been there, done that…..what a waste. If I had only known then what I know now. I guess we can all say that about something. Brenda, Love your space and your style. A sense of calm and a cozy life. Thank you!

    1. Somewhat like Barbra above..I recently sold my 3 bed, 3 bath home and bought a 560' vintage farmhouse sight unseen, online in the Appalachian mountains. That was 2 and a half yrs ago and I have not regretted it, not one day. I still have too much stuff but am in the process of downsizing my belongings, and creating a simple life for me and my farm critters and dogs.

  17. Hi Brenda. I like the lady with the red lips. I think you will have fun finding places for her in your décor. I am glad that you have kept on blogging about your modest life in a small dwelling place. I can relate to your lifestyle because it seems most similar to mine in terms of budget and size of the home. Now I do want to say that I love the features you do on small apartments, even though some of them are filled with very expensive furnishings. Even if the apartment dwellers have a big budget, they've had to be really creative while figuring out how to use the limited space. I do get a lot of inspiration from looking at those apartments. It's the huge homes that just aren't too interesting to me. I always find myself thinking, if you need that much space, why don't you just walk outside and look up at the sky? Who needs that much space under a roof? But that's just me.

  18. Love your lipstick lady! I agree with the others… those pottery barn homes are boring!! You can find those a dime a dozen on blogs these days. They all look the same! I look for unique and 'real', which is what you are!!

  19. y0ur splashes of red, your flowers and words of wisdom carry me in my daily activities ! I feel like I am coming home when I l read you blog. warm and cozy I feel with you. thank you! no matter what size of house you make it your own and enjoy!

  20. I love your little home…but then I have a little home, too. I think that they are both grand in their own ways, full of unique charm and cozy styling. Perfect. Also, you have made me want to go shopping now! 😉

  21. Love your lipstick lady! Though I must say when I first saw your headline, I thought maybe you picked up red lipstick at the grocery store and were going to show us a photo of yourself wearing it. I bet it would look great on you! 🙂 I agree with you about the big homes. No desire to have one, maintain one, and clean one. It might not even mean that some of these people make a lot of money. It could also mean that they're in a lot of debt. I know that from experience, seeing some of my friends falling into that trap when we were young. They ended up losing their homes and/or divorced. I'm not saying that's what happens to everyone – just my experience.

  22. I think for all those fancy homes filled with pottery barn furniture both the husband and the wife work full time at professional jobs with good incomes but their credit cards are also maxed out & they have a huge mortgage and well be in debt for years. They have barely anything going to savings and retirement, when they have children they will go to child care and that cost a fortune as well. They will never get out of debt because they want too many "things"

  23. Many of the large, meticulously styled homes are devoid of personality, whereas your photos overflow with charm. That's why people come here.
    I like to look around for different ideas, to see things in a new way (why not upholster a bench with an oriental carpet?), but I get tired of the selling, selling, selling. Maybe because I'm overseas and can't buy most of that stuff, so I don't care where they got it. Even so, I wouldn't want to do the exact same thing. It's like wearing the same clothes. Not unique.

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