What’s On The Dining Room Wall

The advent of spring always seems to get me motivated to do things. 

I had had the decor that was above this red cupboard in the kitchen in place pretty much since I got the cupboard itself. So it was time for a change.

This is what went on the wall in the dining space. Something I got at the antique mall some time ago, but couldn’t hang until I finished the bathroom and moved the paintings in there.

And yes, that’s Abi making sure she gets a photo op.

I love the simplicity of it. Just a poster of birds and their eggs glued to rustic wood. 

I have a collection of candles in the dough bowl. I wanted something there that had a purpose and was not merely decorative, but that was also useful. 

I like to light candles, and having a grouping of them in one spot makes that even easier. 

I also added another coat of paint to this particular dining room wall. When I went to hang the bird piece, I noticed the wall just did not look up to snuff.

So as spring has brought new leaves to the trees and dormant plants have started emerging, I have gotten busy too. 

I have to show you who isn’t busy though. This is Charlie lying beside me on the couch with his head resting on his dog bed.

As he gets sleepy, his pink tongue comes to rest outside his mouth.  

My sweet boy Charlie. I could not possibly love him more, warts (or tongue) and all.

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  1. What a nice poster! It is just right for that spot. It was fun to see a "wide shot" of your dining area with the table and hutch in the corner. I'm always trying to get a sense of the floor plan of people's homes that I see parts of on their blogs. I wonder how many square feet you have in your Cozy Cottage.

  2. Love that poster..here in PA we can buy nature poster from the state with all sorts of birds, wildlife, plants, etc. on them..they are beautiful posters..Maybe Oklahoma does this type of thing too…anyway everything looks great and it seams like you are ready for them to tour your apt…

  3. Bubba does that tongue thing too sometimes. It's so cute 🙂

    I like the way you've decorated the dining area. It's very serene. And your bathroom looks great! You really did an amazing job with it, my friend.


  4. Very simple and very pretty. I like the look. And I really like your blue cupboard with your red dishes. I wish spring would come here in northern Utah. I am so anxious to do some gardening. I am in a different climate zone than you are. When I see your little plants, it makes me want to get going with my planting. Very lovely post today. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love how the nature poster has the same colors as the table below with the bowl of candles. The dining area seems roomier now that there isn't as much on that long wall. It must be very pleasing to walk through that area and get a glimpse of the outdoors.

  6. sweet little charlie and photo bombing abi!
    they are the real secrets to your wonderful décor!
    i could look at their pictures all day. ♥

  7. That is a great looking piece on your wall, Brenda. I love the very simplicity of it and it doesn't get 'lost' surrounded by other things. The whole area looks clean, simple and serene!
    Hope you have a blessed day with your sweet pupsters! xo Diana

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