A Miracle In Motion

I love this progression. From bud to opening, albeit one petal at a time.

As though holding onto a secret. Giving just a glimpse of what that little fist of a flower holds inside.

Every time I see this occur, this gradual unfolding, I am filled with awe. And I’m just as excited to witness this evolution as I was the time before.

I may not have the means to buy a house. To renovate and knock down walls and all that. I don’t have that much decorating drama going on in my life.

Been there, done that. Another time, another life.

It wasn’t all that fulfilling, to tell you the truth. The anticipation of it was more exciting than the actual event. But then that’s the case with many expectations and things we yearn for, isn’t it?

All this to say, I find that the every day simple acts of nature are much more satisfying in the big scheme of things. 

I’m so grateful for these small gifts that give me immeasurable joy.

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  1. So true that the most meaningful and amazing things are found in the small, yet profound happenings in nature. Your awe at watching the daisy bloom reminds me of the way I feel when my daffodils along my driveway bloom. that strip of bright yellow blossoms swaying in the breeze and smelling so delicious when I pick a few is one of the highlights of my life each Spring. Simple pleasures are the best.

  2. I am right there with you, Brenda. Watching something so simple and pure brings joy! We just have to slow down long enough to see.

  3. I couldn't agree more with you Brenda, but it seems like we have to experience trying to find happiness and joy with THINGS in our younger years before we realize that THINGS don't bring it. Too bad we waste so many years before we realize this. Such is life I guess.

  4. My father was so like this, Brenda, and taught me to be the same way. To appreciate the transition from seed to seedling to bloom. It is an amazing testimony to something beyond our understanding in many ways.

    This was a sweet, lovely post, Brenda- xo Diana

  5. I think we appreciate the smaller – and often, more important – things in life as we age. Wisdom and grace. Beautifully said.

  6. Absolutely true. I'm a bird, flower garden and nature lover, and I, too, get a tremendous amount more satisfaction out of immersing myself into these pastimes than doing any other thing that life has to offer. In addition to the awe of the miracles of nature, I find that I simply crave the peace and contentment that wells up within me whenever I spend time engrossed in these things that I love!

  7. So true. It really is a blessing to see a flower go from bud to full bloom, and then watch a bee buzz around it, or a bird sit nearby and sing. We once had a plant called evening primrose (part of the oenathera genus) that had wonderful lemon-yellow flowers that we could watch open up. Seems like it was in July or August. It took about 15 minutes to a half hour, maybe, for a flower to open, and several would open each evening. It was amazing to be able to watch them slowly open and then at certain point there would be a sort of silent pop as the petals broke free of each other. The flowers also had a wonderful lemony scent. They were biennials and they got pretty big, about three feet tall and about as wide, and might be too big for your patio. But, there are many different primroses of all sizes, and maybe some of smaller ones also open up in that way. A look online showed several places where you can order primrose seeds. I need look for this plant for our yard too. Yes, our homes might be humble, but a few beautiful plants to enjoy can seem as valuable as a jewelry box full of diamonds and pearls.

  8. Simple pleasures. I love to check my garden daily just to see what is popping up out of the ground. I am especially enjoying watching the Robins right now. Yesterday a Robin and a Starling got into a tussle out on the grass. My husband is putting in a new pipe for the irrigation and so has dirt flung up out of the trench. The Robins literally follow him around looking for freshly turned up worms or grubs.

  9. I could not agree with you more. The little things in life often bring the most joy, especially the natural ones. This year for the first time we pruned our crepe myrtles, and by that I mean lopping off about feet. It had brought me so much pleasure to wake up every day and to see the little tiny shoots at first about 1/4 inch poking from the tree and now they are about 12inches, by the end of summer they will be flowering.

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

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