Abi’s Musical Chairs

I spent yesterday morning with Abi at the vet’s office. She had all but stopped eating. And when Abi turns down her evening tablespoon of cottage cheese, that’s really remarkable. 

Because she usually starts begging for it a good hour early.
 My longtime vet, Dr. Wendy, did a urine test and blood work. 

She called me later in the day and said that the urine test was fine.
But that her white blood cells were somewhat elevated.

She had told me in the office that Abi’s gums were sore, and she cleaned her teeth a bit. She gave her an antibiotic shot.

I have noticed that her breath is bad, but then she hasn’t been chewing her dog bones.


Abi only liked to chew her plastic doggy keys, and has since birth. But a year or so ago she choked on a piece of one, and Wendy said: “No more keys for Abi.”

I have tried every type of bone to entice her. Once in awhile she will chew one for a minute or so. Then she drops it and looks at me as if to say: “I want my keys back.” 

She has been acting so strange. Sitting outside in pots. Lying under the bed and crying and whining during the day.

But then Abi has never been your “normal” canine. She has a distinct personality and is demanding.

Normally, every evening when I turn the lights off for sleep, she puts me through her routine. Charlie is already in his spot at the end of the bed. But Charlie is pretty normal.

Here’s how this works: She will start making strange noises, like she’s talking. I will respond with one of a few sentences she wants to hear. 

“Abi, come up here with mama.”

Whine, cry, talk.

“Where’s my girl?” And I can’t just say it. I have to say it like this or she isn’t happy. “W-he-r-e-‘s my g-i-r-l?”

In other words, I have to drag the words out and my voice at the end of girl has to go up high. 

“W-h-e-r-e-‘s A-b-i-g-a-i-l?”

We will go back and forth for about five minutes. When she decides I’ve done this enough, she will start running up the doggy steps. 

Then I will say, as though I’m quite surprised. “There she is!”

And she will then settle down. 

She’s like a child that wants just one more story or one more glass of water before bed.

Abi has always been odd this way, unlike any other dog I’ve ever known. 

But she’s my baby, even though she will be 11 years old in August, and Charlie in September. 

When Dr. Wendy called me with the results of the tests, she asked where Abi was. 

I told her that Abi was in the bath tub, furiously scratching the surface, because there was a fly inside and I couldn’t kill it. 
Some things never change.

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  1. Abby is so cute! I have a little beagle. I bet they could be pals. She is pretty easy going with other dogs. Never really ever liked any toys but her stuffed bambi.

  2. ahhh poor Abi. Did they ever say what it might be? My dogs and cats love to lay right in my plants and bushes and as much as I want to shoo them out…I can't, cause they are all comfy and i love them! hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I am sorry little Abi is not feeling well. But I had to laugh at her bed time routine and being in the tub, and sitting in the Garden pots. She is a character for sure. It reminded me of my 2 little Yorkie's babies. My little Cash is very mellow and obedient, but Teddy is like you Abi. He is a character. What a joy they bring us.

  4. Ahh she looks sad. Like she is embarrassed. We found a groomer who will clean their teeth with an ultra sonic thingie. It really helps.
    My Yorkie had bad teeth. She also had a lot of ear infections.
    I hope she feels better.

  5. Hope Abi feels better soon…. sounds like she may have/had a tooth problem this last year or so? did the vet check her teeth? I'm sure she must have.. but not chewing her bones and whining like she's hurting… maybe is a bad tooth… hope the antibiotic helps… it's so hard when we have a feeling they are hurting or in pain and we don't know why. They can surely understand us I think or at least our tone of voice! Hope she feels better.

  6. I'm with Ann-the pot sitting is new. I'd mention that to the vet in case Miss Abi is getting into something.
    My folks had a Bichon that held a toad in her mouth (poisonous here in the desert) and foamed at the mouth. That can kill a dog so they kept a closer watch when she went outdoors.

  7. I had a puppy who was allergic to beef but also loved her bones! I tried giving her a carrot one day and amazingly she loved them! Hope An I is feeling better soon!

  8. I have a demanding little female doxie. We have a bedtime routine too! It has to be done the same way each night or our Daisy will not lay down for bed. Our pups are our babies as well; Daisy is 13 this year and her brother 11. This is the first time Ive come across your blog and have enjoyed your posts. Hope Abi feels better with the antibiotic!

  9. I have a demanding little female doxie. We have a bedtime routine too! It has to be done the same way each night or our Daisy will not lay down for bed. Our pups are our babies as well; Daisy is 13 this year and her brother 11. This is the first time Ive come across your blog and have enjoyed your posts. Hope Abi feels better with the antibiotic!

  10. oh such a beloved little fur person with such character!
    there is nothing worse than a tooth or your mouth hurting. whether human or animal. it's terrible.
    i hope she'll be herself in no time now that the antibiotic will be helping. it's so hard when they're in pain and don't understand.
    little 'abi of the potts' … so adorable! xo

  11. What a sweetie she is, I hope nothing is wrong and her appetite picks back up. She is so tiny. She reminds me of my tiny one, Milo. His twin brother (and 4 pounds heavier) Otis is my "normal" one. And he patiently understands that his brother needs my attention more sometimes. What he doesn't understand is why his brother is so picky and takes 10 minutes longer to nibble at his food when he wolfs his down before it hardly touches the plate!

  12. I am so sorry to hear Abi is not feeling well. I wonder why she has taken to sitting in flower pots. I know that there is a reason in her little head and somehow she feels better when she does. I will include her in my prayers and I hope she gets better with the antibiotic shot.

  13. I hope Abi gets back to her normal (?) self soon. Could there be something in the plants that has affected her? The reason I say that is that getting in the plants is a new "habit."

    Hope you are not having bad weather up there.

  14. Sorry Abi is not feeling well. It is such a worry when our pets are ill as we can't ask them what is wrong. I do hope she will be on the mend real soon. Abi sounds like my cat Dexter, although he must be about 12 years old (not sure of age as he was a rescue) he is so like a baby, I feel he was probably taken away from his Mother too soon. He is so loved and cherished as I know Abi and Charlie are too. Its quite amazing how pets come into your home and soon take over the whole place. Dexter has a bed on the bottom shelf of the linen cupboard so that door must be left open. Two more beds downstairs, one under my bed where he escapes to when visitors arrive and one on my husband's bed where he sleeps most nights when he is not in bed with me.

  15. Sweet Abi! I think it's the quirky things about our furry loves that make them special and even thought hey drive us crazy sometimes, I know you nor I would ever change a thing about them. Hugs!

  16. Abi has such a wonderful personality. What a cute share about her today. Hope the antibiotics help whatever is hurting and making her sick. Have a wonderful Mom's weekend.

  17. Brenda, thank you for sharing your stories about Abigal with us. She sounds like a real personality. Your plants are very pretty and it's a kick how Abi likes to sit in them. Hope she does better and gets her energy up soon. Thanks again for sharing her with us when we visit.

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