Almost August

I got an email last night that my post yesterday had gone out via Mad Mimi. I was confused by that. I thought it went out early this morning. Or maybe it did.

I scheduled it to post in the morning like always, but there’s always the chance that I clicked p.m. instead of a.m.  

If you subscribe to get emailed posts from me, did you get it in the morning or the evening?
Lawsy, I’m getting old and confused at times, I do believe. 

Oh well.

I’m on #7 of the Joe Dillard books by Scott Pratt. 

Interesting character, Joe Dillard. The defense attorney, turned prosecutor, turned defense attorney again.

Scott Pratt introduces a premise, then injects Joe Dillard into the mix. And then Joe Dillard is threaded through the novelist’s needle.

I’m enjoying this series very much. 

The cow canvas found a new home in my bedroom. It reigns along with quilts on the wall and a few other paintings.

Abi went back to crying in the bedroom yesterday morning. There was no comforting her. 

Which meant I couldn’t get much done because I can’t think straight when she’s making all kinds of weird sounds in order to get my attention.

So we all ended up back in the bedroom. Then she settles down and the world is calm again.

Charlie goes along wherever the pack goes.

I don’t know. Maybe she sees a gnat that I don’t see. I keep the apartment semi dark to keep the place cool, so I guess that’s possible. 

She sure does know how to get her way, I have to give her that.

She’s also very picky about their canned food. 

I will put it on their plate, cut up into small chunks. She will whine until I get it cut up a certain way, to the consistency she desires. 

She lets me know when it is agreeable to her and then begins to eat it. But she won’t let up until it’s a certain way. I have yet to figure out exactly how she wants her food displayed on the plate.

I wonder if she knows what she wants, or if she’s just yanking my chain?  

Well, she is what she is, at any rate. The little diva.

And it could me, like me, that she’s just getting old. Maybe a little demented. I love her no matter what her habits might be.



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  1. I didn't know that you had that cow painting. I like it. I also found another artist who does a lot of cow paintings. Her name is Bonnie Mohr and you can see and buy her work at I want to buy one she painted of a mother cow and her calf in a snowy setting entitled "First Christmas".

    Your red and white and blue dishes are so pretty on their little shelves.

    You know maybe Abi is getting a little dementia. I guess animals can have that happen as they get older, not sure. But whatever is going on, you just go on doing what you can to help her feel loved and secure. She and Charlie are lucky you are their Momma.

    I think I may have to check out those Joe Dillard books. Some of the comments make them sound quite interesting. I've just finished reading one of Anita Shreve's books called Sea Glass. I have read several of hers. She's very good at making her characters seem real. Her books do tend to be somewhat heavy. But , to me, they are fascinating characterizations of indivuduals whose lives aren't always as they had planned and how things play out for them in various situations at various times in history.

    Hope you have a peaceful week.

  2. My old Pug at the age of 12 has a bit of dementia starting and he is very demanding these days like your Abi. I wonder though if Abi feels that your bedroom is a safe haven from the gnats and that's why she wants to be in there all of the time now. We sure do love our furry babies no matter what! 🙂

  3. I received yesterday's (Sunday, July 30) blog at 8:30 p.m. last night.

    I guess Abi is showing herself out!!! My Little Kitty has gotten awfully spoiled since I had to put my older cat to sleep a couple of months ago. They were great companions even though great difference in age. She already was a little spoiled but now it's worse, and of course I don't help it any!!

  4. Abi's behavior reminds me of my Milo's when we first adopted him. Now we know that it is mild dementia and with only a 1/4 tablet of amitriptyline for his 8 pound body he does fine. Just wondered if you'd ever discussed it with her vet?

    But getting him to eat is still a matter of playing games with him, coaxing him. While his twin wolfs his down.

  5. Oh Brenda, I'm so glad you are enjoying reading Scott Pratt. The books settings are just a few miles north of where I live and so true to life in this part of the country. So much of his fiction is based on his personal life and some of the crimes are related to true incidents that have happened here. He's releasing a new book soon, if he hasn't released it already. I'm looking forward to reading it. I love keeping up with him on Facebook. So happy you've become a fan!

  6. I'm so glad you have enjoyed the Scott Pratt Joe Dillard series that I suggested and that others are going to give them a try also. Mark Gimenez has a similar series with a character A. Scott Finney that I also loved. You have to skip over some sports talk with Gimenez, but it's worth it. His characters make great stories.

  7. It's funny how each dog has it's own quirks…some can drive you crazy, but you just love them anyway. Love your cow canvas!
    I was reading your last post, too…I buy much less as far as books and magazines, too. I have a pile to go through, which tells you how many were actually getting read!

  8. Per Abi, as you so lovingly said, it doesn't matter. You are a terrific mom to your sweet little pups! You are blessed to have them and they you.

    Your shelves are lovely. I like the way you display your dishes.

  9. I have the Joe Dillard series on my TBR list! Glad you are enjoying the books so much. As my Charlie got older he got so cranky and weird and I realized he had a bit of dementia. I know you love her and will just do what you can to make her happy. Hugs!

  10. Oh that little Abi, she cracks me up!! At least she eats….I have to force my Monkey to eat, she's the weirdest dog. I have t mix people food with her dog food or she won't eat at all. And even at that, it's hit or miss. What dog doesn't like bacon, I ask? She's so weird. I was thinking of you and your Abi yesterday when she kept standing at the top of the stairs and barking down at Shannon, instead of just walking downstairs and being with her! Such a weirdo!

  11. My kitties are certainly spoiled and have their little quirks. Sometimes they drive me nuts, but I can't imagine not having them. I do love the little stinkers. 🙂

  12. I began reading the Joe Dillard series as a result of your recommendation … and I am really enjoying these books. I'm on book #4 now and I'm so glad to hear that there are 7 in the series … more reading in my future. Great summer reads …Thanks for the heads up on this!!

  13. I began reading the Joe Dillard series as a result of your recommendation … and I have to say I really like this series! I'm on book #4 now. Thank you for guiding me to these … they have been the perfect summer reads for me! And I'm so glad to hear that there are 7 books … looking forward to more good reading!

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