Hot, Hot & Hotter

Yesterday I went outside at well before noon. The thermometer on the fence said 120 degrees. By noon, I’d watered the plants at least twice. By noon, three times.

At this rate, I don’t know if the plants will make it till August. Which is typically when they’re fairly dried up and have given up the ghost. Despite how much I water.

I must say I’m impressed with the gold lantana. Someone asked if the flowers you see below are lantana, and they are. I don’t know that I had lantana last year. But it seems to hold up well to the heat.

The manager knocked on my door yesterday and wanted to see the fence problem. I think this is probably the sixth manager I’ve shown it to over the three and a half years I’ve been here. 

She says we’re getting a new maintenance man, and she will ask him what he can do. Which is good. But then I’ve heard this before. 

I did not tell her about my son-in-law. No use giving them an out when whatever he manages to do isn’t going to be a permanent fix. 

She had not seen my apartment, and asked me if she could use it for photos to enlist potential residents to come look at the property. I told her yes. But someone last year already did that, and I told her that as well. 

I was a little embarrassed because I haven’t mopped the floors in probably a week. And I sure haven’t dusted in that time frame. 

A couple of weeks ago I was outside with the pupsters in the middle of the night, and somehow I tripped and fell in the semi-darkness. Naturally I fell on my bad ankle. 

I could barely walk for a few days. But then it seemed to be getting better until yesterday, when the pain flared up again. Is there anything more I can do to this poor ankle that has had so many injuries?

I curse myself every time I fall. But hey, people fall. 

I can’t let the dogs out by themselves because Charlie is a barker. If someone is walking down the alley, he’s going to bark. I then make him come in.
Luckily we haven’t had any trouble from the guy living behind me in probably over a year, but I don’t want to tempt fate. And I wouldn’t want dogs waking me up either. So it’s just being courteous.

I laid awake half the night worrying that the painting I ordered was perhaps too big. I’d measured and measured, and yesterday I’d come to the conclusion that it would probably not be too big for the space. 

But then in the middle of the night sometimes you decide different.

Plus, it’s hard to imagine how something will look until you have it and actually hang it. 

So I attempted to cancel the order, and then order the next size down. But I don’t know yet if I caught the order before it shipped. I don’t think I did.

It’s nice to pick out something in person. But it’s SO hot I hate to go out. 

My favorite place to go look is the antique mall in Jenks, but they have very scant air conditioning. I don’t think I could take it when it’s this hot. And I don’t think my ankle is up to it. 

So we shall see.

Someone also mentioned to me that I could check into apartments for those 62 and older in a couple of years. I knew about that. 

I’ve already checked around here. But right now the few places they have are places you wouldn’t want to live because of the safety factor of where they are located.  

Why they don’t build more places for seniors around here I don’t know. Because we certainly have the need. 

But every time they build a new apartment complex that targets seniors, it is tailored for seniors with high incomes. I’m hoping that might change at some point.



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  1. Oh, my word! Those temperatures you are enduring would do me right in! I'd have to spend half the day in the bath tub with ice water! We've been having temps in the eighties here and I think that's bad but I just can't imagine having such heat as you have. I swear, I would NEVER go out of my house!

    Glad to hear that the management is coming around to see the problem. I hope it will be taken care of promptly as much as it can be.

    Your flowers are beautiful, Brenda! I wish I could send you a little of the rain we've been having almost daily for two weeks. Things are a little soggy in the yard and flower beds!

    And, girl, don't you have a flashlight?? Don't go wandering in the dark and falling again! I'm so sorry about your ankle, though. But next time, use a flashlight!! Or do you have an outside porch light? I know it's easy to forget, but your ankle doesn't need any more trauma.

    With that bossy paragraph I will sign off and hope you have a good tomorrow.

  2. extreme heat and salt are the two triggers that bring on Afib for me. so I will be hibernating from the heat here until the end of November.
    we have no more autumns now.
    and it was always my favorite season.
    our temp goes from high summer to winter.
    at least the doggies won't be able to get out after your son in law comes this weekend.
    that is one less stress hopefully! here's to a little rain and a heavenly cool breeze. at least now and then. if you get any please send them our way!

  3. The apartments for seniors is way too expensive here as well. Obviously, the planners don't think of their own parents when designing and constructing them! It's getting hot here in Georgia now but for a little while we had rain every other day and the weather was cooler but I think that's about to change. Hope your maintenance man will do something worthwhile with the fence. Love your patio with all the flowers!!

  4. Branda, so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope it is feeling better. I am happy to hear that the manager came to visit, maybe the third time is the charm?

    Stay out of the heat, it reached 100 here yesterday it I thought that was hot! Be safe and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Your patio with all the flowers is lovely. Lantana grows well in the Phoenix heat; so do zinnias and, of course, bougainvilla. Looking forward to seeing your new painting–I've gotten some very pretty ones from antique stores. Hope your ankle is feeling better soon.

  6. Your patio is so inviting, even though I know it's hideously hot. Mine is unbearable from 10 am until nearly dark. I am sorry a out your foot, you will need to rest & keep it up for a few days. Most annoying I'm sure. I hope they find a solution for your fence problem soon. Have a lovely, cool day.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    I would tell that manager she can use your home pics only if she gets the fence fixed for you. Hold your pretty house pics until they do something for you. Sorry about your ankle. Hope you start to feel better with all of that going on. Keep Cool.

  8. I know what you mean about ordering something then second guessing yourself! I did that when I ordered a painting for over my sofa. When it arrived I loved it (still do) and the size was perfect. Whew. Can't wait to see what you ordered. It is too hot to go out much. I took Mom grocery shopping yesterday and I was so tired when we returned, just the heat getting to me. I'm still resting and trying to take care of myself after my little hospital adventure. I sure do hope the new maintenance man can do something. Meanwhile try to stay cool.

  9. The same here with apartments; bad neighborhood, priced too high for seniors with a normal income, etc. I think I will probably stay where I am. I at least have a little patio. Couldn't live in an apartment that didn't have a balcony or patio. Hope you get the fence fixed soon.

  10. Oh, Brenda – I wish there were an option for you to have your own little place – that you have full control over. Have you given any more thought to the tiny house idea? Is it a possibility? It seems you live so cautiously because of the dog/neighbor/landlord issue and wouldn't it be wonderful to be more comfortable in your surroundings.

  11. I've been having the hardest time keep my flowers alive this summer! Your picture of the lantana is beautiful. Every time I see lantanas I think of my mother — they are some of her favorites. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Wonder if you will get the same run-around from this manager/maintenance man. I am sure the maintenance guy's hands are basically tied as to what he is allowed to do anyway.
    That is HOT HOT HOT there. Don't think I could take that heat. ugh.
    Hope your picture works out!! I haven't been visiting much lately-life has been too busy. xo Diana

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