The Living Room Painting

The painting arrived, and I simply hung it on the nails that were already there. Which was nice that I didn’t have to pound any more nails in the wall.  

It is very hard for me to get good photos in this narrow of a space, so I took various pics from different angles. 

It seems like every photo I take inside this apartment comes out looking crooked, no matter what I do or how many photos I take. 

I paid $12 for this huge painting. 

When I was talking to the Wayfair representative on the phone, we talked for some time. And she shared with me how to get great deals. Which I’ll share with you.

Go to Where you see the purple text Wayfair, on the same line down a ways you will see Sale.

Click Sale, and then underneath Sale, look to the right and you will see Open Box. It is after Close Out. Click Open Box.

This takes you to items that have been returned and then carefully inspected.

They assured me that they inspect these products very carefully upon their return to
make sure there is nothing wrong at all with them. 
Then they put them on sale in the Open Box category.

You can shop Open Box for all kinds of things. Scroll through the categories at the far left for most anything you might be looking for.

I found paintings under Decor.

As you can imagine, these sales are quite random and at any given time when you shop in Open Box, no telling what you might find. 

Therefore if you’re looking for something specific, you might have to wait awhile.

The first painting I ordered, the yellow rose painting, I got on a good buy, but not as good as what I found in Open Box. 

From now on, I shall be shopping the Open Box category of Sales at Wayfair, because it’s where you will get the very best deals. 

I was lucky when I was shopping for paintings to find a wide variety. It’s just the luck of the draw as to what you might find on any given day. Just depends on what has been returned.




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  1. It's amazing how the colors in this second painting compliment the colors in your quilt and pillows so well. I like the painting although it's a little too bright for me (I think). Maybe if I lived with it a while it wouldn't be. The colors sure are beautiful, as well as the price! I think you should hang it a little higher, tho' so there is some white space between it and the quilt.

    I'm going on over to Wayfair and look at the less expensive paintings. Thanks for the suggestion.

    P.S. How do the pupsters like the new paintings? Do they seem to notice them at all? Especially little Abi who even notices those pesky flies!

  2. Another WONDERFUL painting-and this one comes with a WONDERFUL PRICE, too!
    So happy for you, Brenda. Very glad your fence now will keep in the pups, (hooray for son-in-laws), and you had a nice visit with sweet Andrew! What a great weekend for you!! Pat yourself on the back, put up your feet and get in a nice rest….

  3. Wow, what a beautiful painting,Brenda!! It looks so pretty with your quilt! I love your yellow roses painting also and I don't care for yellow. Both paintings are really beautiful.

  4. your apartment is turning into a lovely little English cottage. and I love it.
    just try to imagine those lovely cool but sunny English summer days with just enough rain as well!
    seriously. the quilt and the picture just make the cheeriest and coziest feeling! as do the rest of the pictures and objects there. well done! xo

  5. The colors in your Postage Stamp Quilt go so well with the colors in your new painting! And what a price for that size of a painting! You hit it all the way around with that one! I guess both new paintings have found their "spot" in your apartment.

    Also, so glad you got the fence fixed so the dogs can't get out, I'm sure that was a relief as well.

  6. Oh. That is perfect right there. With your quilt. And your sofa. I love it! I would love to have you come spiffy up my house. You have a great eye for color.

  7. Brenda, the painting is beautiful and I love the quilt on the back of the sofa as it picks up all the colors. Well done, I know you will get a lot of pleasure out of just looking at this.

  8. Going for a more romantic, botanical look in the living room is a nice diversion from the hot weather and the hassles with the fence. The new artwork is delightful. The room looks like a pleasant, cool place to be. Hope it is!

  9. Thanks for the tip on Wayfair buys, Brenda! I like your painting hung over the couch. The vibrant colors balance nicely with your dark couch.

  10. Good Morning Brenda! Thanks for sharing what you found out on Wayfair. I really do like your picture. So lucky that it would hang on the same nails. Sure does make things easier for us. You have a marvelous Monday & take care. Kaylene

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