Store Wandering & Lunch Plans

Yesterday was cooler. So I got out and ran some errands. I knew the antique mall in Jenks wouldn’t be as hot as usual, so I walked around there for awhile.

Needed the exercise. Didn’t buy a thing. 

Then I went to Hobby Lobby. I hadn’t been there in many months. I got a few faux flowers and vanilla candles half off.

I could have gotten the highly touted cotton stems I’m seeing all over Blogland that they now carry. But I’m really not drawn to them for some reason.

I’d forgotten that Hobby Lobby puts out their Christmas decor in July. I tried to avoid that area altogether. 

I just hate the stores rushing us this far ahead of time when the sweat is still rolling and Christmas is but a dream.

Abi wasn’t as whiny yesterday. I got her next to me on the couch and covered and kind of wrapped her in my night gown. This seemed to settle her down. I will remember that trick!

Charlie has taken to sometimes barking randomly when I’ve turned off the light and am trying to go to sleep. I don’t hear anything. Maybe he does. 

I have to remember than in human years they are 77 years old. So that could be a factor in their behavior.

My daughter will be starting a new job next week. Her last day at her job now is today. 

We’re going to have lunch Wednesday (tomorrow) and go to the new World Market store that opened in July. 

So I’m looking forward to that. I always enjoy spending quality time with her.

August is here! Summer is almost over. 




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  1. I'll bite,what's a cotton stem?
    Hobby Lobby iritates me with that Christmas stuff so early,they're supposed to be a Christian company,yet they jump on the commercial part of Christmas without a problem..
    Sorry,rant over and in the interest of full disclosure,I did a box of ornaments from there for a friend's September wedding gift:)
    Enjoy your lunch with your girl.

  2. How did it get to be August already?! I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to these last few weeks! Life is just crazy sometimes, isn't it?

    I do think Hobby Lobby puts the stuff out early mostly for people that do Christmas craft shows and sell Christmas crafts online. They have to get a head start to have the projects completed by early Fall.

    Sorry about the pupsters and their antics…but yes–age could be a factor in some of their behaviors.

    Hope you have a great week, Brenda. Enjoy World Market. xo Diana

  3. I am definitely not ready for Christmas merchandise at the beginning of August, but it sounds like you had a nice day out.

    The last time, several years ago, that my little Fuzzy Pom was doing strange random barking, he was hearing something I didn't. He would stand and just bark like a goofball at the threshold of our sun room. I couldn't hear anything, see anything, or even smell anything that he should have been barking at. A few weeks later three squirrels and their huge leafy nest dropped right out of the ceiling and onto the sun room floor. They had, unbeknownst to me, but not Fuzzy, chewed into an inconspicuous place on the outside fascia board and had gotten into the space above the suspended ceiling tile. Finally with the weight of all three of the squirrels and their nest, the ceiling tile broke free and fell down. It seemed like there were squirrels everywhere. My son and husband opened the front and back door and herded them out with brooms. One of the squirrels broke a bunch of my glassware when he tried to escape through the window not realizing that the window pane wasn't a way out.

    I always take notice of Fuzzy's seemingly random barks now.

  4. Yes, August is here and I have done only a small portion of the yard work I've wanted to get done. But I can't work outside when it's in the 80's. Just can't.

    I am working on some little projects I've been wanting to do. A little wooden box I have painted gray and distressed a bit which will end up as a planter I think. Another wooden box with compartments inside that had felt glued to the bottom which I took out and am going to replace with some nice paper, I think, or possibly some fabric. I have a lot of other projects I want to start but I won't let myself until those two are finished. I have a habit of not finishing things I start. I get distracted easily or bored or something.

    You're right, in human years you have two "senior" doggies! I suppose they might suffer from some of the things that we senior humans do. Glad Abi has not been so upset lately.

    Also glad that you have been able to get out a bit and will enjoy time with your daughter tomorrow. That's what drives me crazy about not having a car right now. I feel cooped up and frustrated at having to arrange with somebody to take me to do things I need to do. Also, even though I enjoy being alone in my house, I do get to feeling like a shut-in when there are several days in a row where I have no alternative but to stay here. Arrgh!

  5. I don't like those cotton stems either! Glad you were able to get out. It's been brutally hot here in Missouri too, but has cooled down significantly this week which has been so nice. I am very much looking forward to fall's cooler temperatures and beautiful colors. So glad Abi did better for you.

  6. Cotton stems? I don't think I know what those are. You mean the faux branches with the cotton balls on them? If so, I don't care for them either. Hobby Lobby had their fall stuff out last time I was there, which was in May, I believe. And they were readying an aisle for Christmas stuff. Insane. Animals are very quirky, especially when they're older. Zippo, who's 18 loves to constantly lick our hands. And is constantly underfoot. He also does a weird yowling sound at random times. Hope you enjoy World Market. We have one here though I rarely shop there. Fun place to look around, at least.

  7. I think Hobby Lobby puts Christmas stuff out so early because some crafters are making things to sell al the Christmas bazaars. I'm just looking forward to Fall and the leaves turning and it being cooler.

  8. glad you had a chance to get out and have some fun without suffocating. Walking the aisles of an antique mall is always therapeutic for me. It's cooled down a bit here too. gosh, I'm ready for Fall and some cooler weather.

  9. I love to just look at Hobby Lobby but like you hate that Christmas is out so early. I went there last week to get some watercolor supplies and had to avoid the Christmas stuff. Just not ready for that at all. Cooler temps here so trying to get out a bit more. Enjoy your day.

  10. I recently noticed a new chart in my vet's office that calculated dog years to human years. I had always thought like you, that you multiplied your dog's age times 7. However this chart said if you have a small dog you multiplied it by 5. So of course I had to come home and Google this. There is a dog calculator at that is very interesting. You might want to check it out.

    I wish that I had a World Market in my area. They have some different and unusual items. The only store we have is Home Goods and it has gotten extremely junky and not fun to visit anymore. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your daughter and going to World Market.

  11. I think we have your weather here in Canada Brenda. It was 93 degrees here yesterday and today isn't any better! I am glad Abi has settled down. I am exploring the new city I have moved to. I find it a bit scary on the roads as there is more traffic than where I came from, anyway I am sure I will get used to it. I visited Hobby Lobby just over the border from Niagara Falls some time ago, was amazed at how big the store was.

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