A Day At A Time


Charlie and I both are doing better. He seems to be responding to the medication. He seems more chipper and active.

I made an appointment for him with a vet acupuncturist for next Wednesday. That was the earliest I could get him in. You pay $100 for a consultation and then $68 per session for pets. I’m hoping that helps his back pain.

I cancelled the MRI for my neck which was to be this afternoon. I was going to have to pay nearly $800 in addition to my insurance. And I just can’t reconcile that right now. I still have to pay off the vet bill for Abi which is close to that.

I got new pillows for my bed a couple of weeks ago that seem to be helping my neck somewhat.

Maybe I’ll get acupuncture if it seems to help Charlie. A lady at the vet’s office has been to one here in town for her neck and said it really helped.


I have little cucumbers and peppers on my patio, which I’ll take photos of when the sun goes down later today.

I clipped a bag of chives for my next door neighbors. They are not gardeners and they aren’t well enough to do it anyway. I will be sharing the cucumbers and peppers with them.

I will sure miss them when they move. We try to look out for one another.

I picked up medication from Walgreens and then went to the Walmart Market this morning. I had not been there in a long time.

I like to get errands done early in the day. Plus if I do errands all at once I save on gas, which is really high right now. And then I don’t have to leave Charlie again for awhile. I usually wait until I have three errands to go out.


My patio garden looks like its on steroids. We had good rain yesterday and that always seems to rejuvenate the container plants.

You all have been so wonderful and caring during this difficult time. I hope you know how much it means to me. I cherish all of you.

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  1. Your flower pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Good to hear that Charlie seems better.

  2. Brenda, it’s good to hear you are feeling somewhat better. Abi will always be there with you. You were such a good mama to her, and I pray this gives you comfort. You did everything right – no regrets.
    It’s reassuring that Charlie is perking up, and good for you for thinking outside the box regarding acupuncture treatment!
    Yep, it’s that one day at a time thing, but it is true. Suddenly you will find yourself feeling joy and peace, and the next minute, well, you know. Know that you are surrounded by people who care.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad Charlie is feeling better and you as well. I hope the acupuncture helps him too. We had a little dog once when I was younger that jumped from my lap in our truck all the way down to the ground. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal except he was a little part Welsh Corgi with very short legs and when he landed he injured his back and he was paralyzed from the waist down (if dogs have waists!). My parents took him to massage and water exercise therapy. I do think it helped but it was very expensive. He never did walk on his own again with his back legs but he had a “wheelchair”, wasn’t in any pain and was the happiest little guy! My dad took the hard plastic wheels off the wheelchair cart and put on those big mudder tires that you see on remote control trucks! haha! He could really get around good with those soft little mudder tires, he would cruise over curbs and everything with no problems!


  4. Such great news about Charlie!!! Really glad to hear it! Now I’m gonna be praying for pain relief for the two of you–from both the physical pain and the deep-heart kind from missing Abi. ?

    And thank you for gifting us all with your gorgeous photos–again. ?

  5. I’m so glad you and Charlie are doing better. As you said, one day at a time. I hope you will get some good neighbors and I’m with you on consolidating errands for fewer trips, that’s just smart on your part. Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing your butterfly plant in full bloom. Carol and Molly

  6. Brenda I hope you know we cherish you. I save your post to read each night. It’s like my end of day treat. I love to read about your thoughts, your decorating, your recipes, your hints on how to live frugally and about your gardening. I love your photography and I have loved all the pictures of Abi and Charlie and the sundry wild life that visits your patio. Just know that you are loved and cared about by your loyal readers. Be well Brenda and take care .

  7. I hope the acupuncture works for Charlie, we had great results with one of our dogs, he was in so much neck pain, we tried it for him. With once a month acupuncture we had our fur baby with us a lot longer. Seeing the prices u mentioned I realise how good our vet was, $20 Aussie was all we paid. She was wonderful with all our fur kids, i think it takes a special person to be a vet. Take care you two. Hugs

  8. Awww, Brenda! You have certainly had more than your share of things raining down on you. Time for things to change and start looking up for you. I am so sorry that you and your baby are both in pain. I hope the acupuncture helps Charlie and that you might be able to try it, too.

    I am sorry you are losing your neighbors. I know they have been friends as well as neighbors over the years.

    Have a great upcoming weekend. xo Diana

  9. I’m glad that both you and Charlie are going to try acupuncture. I went for treatments on my back at one time and it really helped. I went another time when I had nerve pain in my wrist and it helped for that, too.

  10. I’m so glad Charlie will have the acupuncture! And hopefully you will too! I really don’t know why I waited so long (except I really hate needles) because you don’t feel it and afterwards you feel wonderful. I have it on my back from time to time when I overdo and just yesterday had my neck and shoulder done. My acupuncturist also uses essential oils and put Clove and Peppermint on my neck. Really nice! Just put a drop or two on your neck and rub it in. You can also use Essential Oils on Charlie. Let him smell your hands after you rub it on your neck and it will be like aromatherapy for him. There is a calming oil I use for my Lab before storms.

    1. I made an appointment for myself via a referral I know. It’s going to cost less for me than for Charlie at the dog acupuncture place.

  11. I’m so glad to hear Charlie is doing better. I’ll be curious to hear how the acupuncture goes for him. I have heard so many good things about acupuncture and how it can help a variety of problems – even sinus trouble.

    I think of you and Charlie every day Brenda.

  12. Hi Brenda,
    I am glad Charlie is responding to the medication that is great news. I hope the acupuncture will help his back. My flowers are starting to bounce back some. They took a beating with the terrible storms we had a few days ago. It was none stop rain and wind for days. They were water logged. So I am hoping with the yesterday and the next few days to be sunny and warmer they will begin to bounce back. I love that your garden is doing so well.

  13. Good news about Charlie (and you, too)!
    I hope the acupuncture will help his back. He is just like a little ol’ man, you know, although he looks like a puppy still. As for your neck and nerves…try doing your morning stretches laying across the bottom of your bed instead of on the hard floor. (That’s what I do.) Also, try finger and toe stretches, I worked up to 100 every day. And, the ‘hands together with up side to side stretches’ while lying down may work wonders for your neck and stress as it does for me. I am so very sorry you lost Abi and that Charlie is having problems, too. Please consider a new rescue dog…

  14. Brenda, I’m so happy that Charlie is doing better today. I’ve held my breath since yesterday. I haven’t been following you for long, so I’ve been playing catch-up reading your past posts. I just read May 27, “17. What simple, yet profound wisdom you offer us all, and even for yourself. What you said that day is this: “I’ve learned in life that when you lose one thing, it is important to find gratitude for what you still have.” It seems hard to remember that when the darkness is so overwhelming, but I know you will get there with time. That observation was in reference to losing a gazebo (a story I have not yet read), so it is very different from losing a living soul we love. Still, hold onto that gratitude for the time you had with Sweet Abi, your life with Charlie, Andrew, and your daughter, and your beautiful patio garden. Thank you for sharing your stories, observations, and reflections on life with all of us.

  15. We all cherish you and wish we could do more. Thinking of you daily and hoping the best for Charlie. Bless you both!

  16. Happy to hear Charlie is better. I’ve had very good results through Acupuncture. Just make sure the person is certified.
    Take care

  17. One day at a time is really all you can do…I’m glad the gardening helps. And you should try the acupuncture. I have so many friends who swear by it.

  18. Brenda,

    I was unable to check in until now, but I thought about you and Charlie all day and was anxious opening this post. I am so glad today is a better day. Still very hard I know. Re your neck pain, I used to wake up frequently with neck pain until I bought a pillow at my Chiropractor’s office and unless I sleep wrong, I never have neck pain anymore. Continue to take extra good care of yourself and Charlie. We continue to try and lift you up with our thoughts and prayers.

    1. It’s in my neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It’s nerve pain for the most part. Been like this since January.

  19. I am glad Charlie is making good progress. I am a big believer in chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. Both of my dogs and I go to the same acupuncturist–she is wonderful. That is also where I learned about D-Mannose for bladder infections. I go every other week and the pups when needed. Good luck to you with a natural approach–it will work.

  20. Glad to hear that Charlie perked up, and that you are able to get the consultation for acupuncture. I hope it does the trick! I look forward to your post and your photos every day! Thank you.

  21. My sister works at a vet office. She says acupuncture does wonders on all animals from cat, dogs to horses. I am sure it will help. Sending love and lots of hugs to both of you.

  22. We love you Brenda,,,,,,,this post gave me such comfort today! Yea for Charlie and you too, even if you changed your appointment, taking care of yourself and Charlie are at the front of your mind.

    1. I actually today feel like life will indeed go on. I’ve alternated between being okay and despair.

  23. oh such heartening news. i don’t know why but it just brought tears to my eyes.
    i felt like finally you’re getting a little break. stress does terrible things to us and it can’t be any easier for little ones like Charlie. your beautiful garden must bring you some peace. and just the routine of taking care of it. xo

    1. I’m so glad Charlie appears to feel better! He’s lying next to me right now. We’re comforting each other.

  24. Wow! The patio looks great. The colors of the flowers are so intense. It is amazing what Mother Nature can provide with some rain and sunlight (and you with your caring hands and heart).

    So glad that both you and Charlie are doing better. It will be interesting to see how Charlie responds to the acupuncture next week. What a sweetie and a cutie he is. And how lucky you are to have each other.

    Your readers all cherish you (and Charlie) and this post. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  25. So glad to hear that Charlie is feeling more chipper. Your garden sounds wonderful. This is the first really nice spring day in Canada, at least where we are. We are in our ‘new’ house and I am exploring all the shrubs and flowers..

    Sorry you had to abandon the MRI but $800 is a lot of money.

    Sending love and hugs and thinking about you and Charlie every day.

    1. It was just too much money right now. I know it’s fun to be in a new home and decorate inside and out.

  26. Good luck to you and Charlie. Do you think the problems are physical manifestations of your mourning–both you and Charlie? Stress can lead to infections, too. I hope you both are better soon.

    1. Charlie has has trouble with his back for years. But only recently has his front legs started trembling. He’s had treatments at the vet with this machine, but I want to try the acupuncture for hopefully longer lasting relief.

  27. Brenda, I think exploring acupuncture for Charlie is such a wise decision. I know it’s costly but may be very beneficial. I recently lost my dachshund, Tess, after having her for 18 years. She had some disc issues when she was 11 and I was told it was time to say goodbye as she was in a lot of pain but would not be able to handle surgery or too long on steroids. So I found a holistic vet and acupuncture gave her 7 more pain free, active years. I had to tighten my budget to include this expense but cannot even measure it’s worth. I also feel the grief that you are going through missing Abi. They may be little but they sure do leave a big hole in our hearts when they’re gone. She was a very lucky little girl to have such a loving and caring mom, as is Charlie. Take care, Rosanne

  28. That is great news. So glad to hear Charlie is feeling better. Hope the treatment helps and hope you find relief for your neck. Your flowers look beautiful.

  29. So glad you are getting acupuncture for Charlie. My Vet does that also. I’ve not needed it for any of my pets yet. I hope your neck is better. Lots of tension in your life right now so that can’t be helping. I’ve been having Panic Attacks and it’s thrown me way off my game. I hope you know how much we all care for you and Charlie. Hugs.

  30. I have been following your and your sweet doggies and so sad over Albi. I have been through it and so hard, But you have Charley and I am sure that helps. You sure have a green thumb, your
    garden always looks beautiful.

  31. I think about you each day, Brenda. I know firsthand the pain you feel. My Chihuahua Nina is 13 now, and I dread the day she will leave me. My sweet husband died in his sleep six months ago. I still cry for him. My little Nina has helped me so much and she senses my sadness. What a comfort she has been. Love you and Charlie.

  32. I’m so glad Charlie is responding to the medication, Brenda – what a relief that must be! I had acupuncture done years ago in Ireland and it helped me so much I can’t even tell you. It may be helpful to you in many ways. You may also want to consider getting a Teeter Hang Up or other invesrion table – my sweetie has one of those and it helps his back and neck so much he hasn’t been to a chiropractor since he got it, and that’s been years.

    Your flower photos are phenomenal!!


    1. Brenda,do some research on -cats claw bark-I have arthritis real BAD.I buy it in bulk form from our local health food store.cheap too.about 2 for a month.I put about a tsp in a stainless steel loose tea holder and let it seep in hot water for about 5 to 10 minutes,I also add a little raw wildflower honey,It helped me the first time I used it.I do it once every am/even skipped a day once by mistake but still did not have severe pain.To be honest it looks like bark you put in your yard around plants,it comes from the Amazon rain forest.I hope it will help you also.I am even off of the r-x my dr had me on for arthritis