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Do you leave your pet’s collar on all the time? I read that a vet said that collars were not meant to be worn 24/7.

Of course if your animal is outside and could get out of your yard, you would want them to have a collar with ID on. But when they’re at home or at night, it was suggested that you take the collar off.

I’ve never made my pets wear collars. They obviously didn’t want them on and struggled against them. I don’t like anything around my neck, so I decided that I wouldn’t make them have anything around theirs.

But then my pets don’t go out running around either.

Table vignette with beads

With this post I’m relaying some of the things I’ve recently learned and had bookmarked, just because I found it interesting.

I read that technology expert Chris Dancy, who calls himself the most connected man in the world, said in an interview called Rising that smartphones will be obsolete in the next decade.

He encouraged investors to look into technology without screens.

He said: “I think in 1o years it’s pretty safe to say people won’t have what we call a smartphone. They won’t be staring at a device.” And that apps will be a thing of the past.

Well glory hallelujah! I hate to listen to people talking on them. I hate people walking into me because they’re staring at a screen. I hate that people foolishly drive and text and cause car accidents.

I think I told you the only time I’ve seen Andrew have a complete meltdown was when we went into an El Chico restaurant. He had brought his little kids’ smart tablet.

Unfortunately there was no wifi in the restaurant. He wouldn’t eat. He pitched a fit. His mother could do nothing with him because he was beyond calming.

That’s when we started eating at my apartment instead of going out.

blue hutch with white dishes

When they called a few days ago to schedule a steroid injection for my neck, I told them I didn’t want to do it. I had read some things about it, and just don’t want to go there right now. Obviously I didn’t like what I read.

On Monday I will see my regular doctor to see if she has any other ideas or options.

Orange coneflower on my patio

Remember that Turkish rug I was being sent? Well, it came earlier this week, but I didn’t open it.

When I was asked if I would like to have a Turkish rug, Ivy was but a dream. I hadn’t even decided to adopt.

But now that she’s here, I’m not going to take the chance that a kitten will tear up such an expensive rug. I had FedEx come pick it up yesterday to send it back to Istanbul.

Maybe when Ivy is older I will get a rug.

Ivy with her scratching post

Ivy had lots of fun with her scratching post this morning. She jumps on top, twists around, jumps upside down and does all manner of acrobatics with it.

Usually in the morning when I’m waking up she is on the her table playing on the cat tree. She has lots of energy in the morning.

What am I saying? Ivy has lots of energy most of the time. But then after a couple of hours, she settles into a window or takes a nap before her next round.

Ivy with her scratching post

Tomorrow morning I meet with Kelly at Animal Rescue to formally adopt Ivy. I will pay them and get her papers, etc.

I have been doing as they asked, sending them photos and updates every day for 12 days. Today will be 13 days.

Ivy is already part of the family now.

Ivy on the floor

Right now she is laying in the front window. She likes to look outside at whatever is going on. Charlie is asleep beside me.

Charlie on the couch

My word, just look at that tongue. I just wonder how he crammed that tongue in his mouth before he lost his teeth.

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  1. Physical therapy occasionally when my neck/back gets bad is what has improved my pain tremendously. One of my little dogs does not wear a collar, because her skin is so delicate and her coat very fine. That being said, My other three always wear a collar and with an identification tag. We have a large fenced yard that they go out in many times a day, and I take them for walks as well. Having much experience with rescue dog adoptions and my own dog ownership, I always recommend having at least a very light collar with ID on pets so that GOD FORBID they should get out from your controlled environment, they can be identified and owner found. That’s my opinion on it, but every pet owner can of course assess their own situation and make the best judgement call.

  2. Hi Brenda , i love your blog and even more after Ivy 🙂 sending hugs from İstanbul 😉 ( the source of the rugs ) xoxo

  3. What you read about cell phones becoming obsolete is very interesting. I, too, wonder what will replace them. If I had a say I’d just as soon go back to land lines exclusively. The electromagnetic contamination that our bodies get with cell phones, as well as all our electronic gadgets, is not good for us at all, especially close to our heads like our phones are. I had a flip phone several years ago but for some reason I can’t remember I got rid of it. I have no desire to have a smart phone. I have my land line and it is quite enough for me!

    I have to say, Brenda, that you lucked out when you picked Ivy Lou to come home with you. She is definitely a “keeper”. A pretty little lady and full of spunk. I think you made the right decision by sending your rug back because those little claws can tear a rug up in no time especially if it’s weave is looped. I have some little throw rugs in several places in my house and I have to make sure to buy the ones that just have a short “pile” and not loops or they become torn up by those kitty claws. Ivy will be more sedate as she gets older then you can have a nice rug. It’s kind of like it is with kids–you don’t want to buy the best furniture ’til later because it’s gonna get hard wear from those little dears!

    I love seeing the photos of Charlie and Ivy. Charlie really does have a very long tongue! Like you, I wonder how he could ever fit it all in his mouth! Give some pats and blow kisses to your sweet room mates for me!

  4. On the subject of pet collars: A family friend had an indoor/outdoor cat that one day didn’t come back. When the leaves came off the trees in the fall, a neighbor found the cat (body) hanging in a tree hooked on a branch by its collar.
    Our cat Michael came home from the shelter wearing a collar. A couple days later as my husband backed out of the driveway, he happened to look at the long window by the door and saw Michael caught by his collar and struggling on a blind bracket. That ended wearing the collar!

    When I’ve cared for a sweet pug named Fifi, once a day I would take her collar off to scratch her neck and then leave it off for a while.

  5. Brenda, I’m a cat person, and have had many cats. I learned early on to buy carpet or rugs WITHOUT loops. That way the cats can’t unravel the threads. Another thing I learned from my vet, was to give cats filtered water ( like a Brita water pitcher ). It helps to keep them from getting crystals in their urine, which can be a real problem and a costly vet bill.
    Anyway, I love reading your blog. ☺

  6. Ivy is a really exquisite cat. I could spend hours looking at those amazing markings on her back. And doesn’t she have the most expressive face! What a treasure.

  7. Fuzzy wears his harness in the house all of the time. It has his tag on it. In the past he has had a few naughty moments where he will run out the front door as we are coming or going, so he needs his tag on at all times. Luckily, he seems to love his harness. When I take it off of him to wash it, I towel dry it as much as possible afterwards and then hang it on a doorknob to finish drying. It is a good thing that it is nylon and dries pretty quick, because he frets about it not being on him and hanging on the doorknob the whole time it is there.
    He keeps coming to me and getting my attention so he can run over to the door and remind me that his leash is still there and he’s ready to have it back on. When it finally dries he is beside himself with happiness to have it put back on him.
    I like Charlie’s new haircut, I noticed it a few posts ago, but forgot to mention it.

  8. I didn’t realize Ivy wasn’t officially adopted. She sure is a beautiful kitty. My cats have never worn collars as they’re all inside cats. Zippo used to sneak outside a lot (he was an amazing escape artist), so we tried a collar with him, and he totally freaked out. The vet told us it was probably for the best anyway, as cats can hang themselves by their collars, especially if they climb a tree and get caught.

    I’m with you on the steroids. I was offered them for my back years ago, then for my shoulder when I had the rotator cuff tear, then for my knee when I had a meniscus tear. After all I researched and read about steroids (in any form, including the injections), I declined. They only work temporarily anyway. It doesn’t actually fix or heal anything. So not worth the health risks, in my eyes. I hope you can find another solution.

    And you also know I feel the same way about smartphones as you do, though I do have one. I never use it while driving and I don’t talk in stores on it either. I was at TJ Maxx today and looking at boots. A lady in the same aisle talking LOUDLY on her phone kept getting closer to me and it was so incredibly annoying, that I actually had to leave the shoe section. I’ve also had people talking on their phones in stores, not paying attention to where they’re going and practically running into me. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been freaked out that someone is going to hit me while driving because they’re on their phone. Last month when I was on the expressway, the guy behind me was playing with his phone with one hand and driving with the other. Insane.

    Oh, so what did this guy think was going to be next after smartphones? There’s gotta be some kind of new technology, right? I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing.

  9. I meant to also tell you that I use a harness on Molly and she doesn’t wear it in the house. I think because the harness wraps around her stomach, it gives her a little more security.

    Carol and Molly

  10. It’s going to be several, several years before Ivy slows down, but isn’t she wonderful entertainment for you and Charlie. I don’t blame you about returning that rug; you would be asking for trouble with Ivy. Charlie is cute as a button with that tongue hanging out. I’m so glad you are finalizing the adoption as I think it is a match made in heaven for the three of you. I hope your doctor has an alternative to the steroid shot. Enjoy your Thursday afternoon!
    Carol and Molly

    1. Well, I’m sure some think I’m crazy for not keeping the rug. But I couldn’t see worrying constantly about her tearing it up. I just didn’t want to have that to worry about.

  11. Ivy has already been with you 13 days! On the one hand it seems as if she were always there and on the other it is like you just got her. She is a character.

    I am sorry you sent the rug back. I did not know that cats would damage them.

    I hope they can do something for your neck. I would not want the shots either. I am always leery or medication, especially once you read all of the side effects.

    Have a great day!

  12. You are a beautiful person, so kind and thoughtful. I have just discovered a product called DMSO/ aloe Vera gel from Amazon and it has helped my back and neck issues better than medicine or physical therapy. I hope you will try it before you do any medical procedures. I love your gardening and decorating. Take care.

  13. I have to add that your welcome of Ivy is a blessing and a joy for the rescue staff as well. Those wonderful people everywhere do I job I don’t think I’d have the courage to do myself. Every day they face heartbreaking situations, just doing what they can for whom they can, knowing more little souls will continue to limp through the door. Your story is, undoubtedly, a bright spot in the past month of rescuing!

    1. I don’t think I could do it either. Once I volunteered at an animal shelter for about a month and brought home a senior dog. I knew I couldn’t continue because it just broke my heart. I have all the praise in the world for these people at the rescues.

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