Frugal Meals Feedback & Sales Tax On Food

I really enjoyed all the frugal meals tips you all had to share yesterday. We will all be an informed bunch of women when it comes to being frugal with all these wonderful tips. We’ll save money.

I’ve been focusing more of my Pinterest Boards on being frugal and using the homemade instead of purchasing the ready made.

I would imagine there’s a lot of people in this world having to cut back and find ways to stretch a dollar.

Budget Decorating

Budget Meals

Frugal Gift Giving

Frugal Tips

Homemade Beauty Tips

Homemade Cleaning Recipes

Homemade Mixes & Seasonings

Someone commented that my Pinterest Boards are like Wikipedia. And I suppose they’re right. I have lots of boards. Over 200 in fact.

Sales Tax In Our State:

Here in Oklahoma we pay sales tax on food. Why not charge a high sales tax on big ticket items like TVs and other electronics and leave food out of the equation. People need food to survive, but they don’t need that big flat screen TV.

In Texas we didn’t pay sales tax on food. When I moved back here I felt the sting every time I went to buy groceries because I’d experienced that luxury.

A Brief Spat Of Snow:

Yesterday it began to snow just as my daughter and I were going to our respective cars after lunch. It started slow and then worked up to bigger flakes. But after about an hour, it stopped and the sun came out.

I was a little disappointed. As I had mused that it would be quite wonderful to hole up here all weekend with a Norman Rockwell like nature painting outside my window.

During lunch my daughter asked me if I had plans for the weekend. Well now she has to know I never have plans for the weekend unless it’s with her. But I know she finds this lack of sociability odd. She loves to be out and about. I don’t.

She asked me how I find things to write about if I don’t go out much. I nearly laughed. But then I guess that would be a common question about someone who blogs, but who tends to write about nothing particularly newsworthy.

I told her it seems I can always think of something to write about. Somehow I don’t feel that I have to go out to relay my day and subsequent thoughts.

We are so different. She loves numbers and I love words. If I had to work with numbers every day I’d probably end up in a strait jacket. Out of sheer boredom.

Ivy Lou:

Ivy is trying my patience this morning. First she ran from one end of this place to the other jumping from surface to surface (quite impressively I might add). She was going so fast she was but a blur.

I don’t claim to know what goes on inside a cat’s head. But this reminds me of someone who has totally taken leave of their senses. There is nothing to run from. Nothing to run toward.

And then every little bit she heads to the coffee table to munch on the faux leaves. (Not really eating them, just chewing on them.)

She pretty much left this arrangement alone for a week. But she’s making up for her lack of attention to it now.

And when I reprimand her she hides, thinking I don’t see her.

I’m reminded of those children’s magazines that were in the pediatricians office where I took my children years ago when I look at the photo above.

They always had a page where you had to look for an object that was fairly hidden and camouflaged.

Do you see her? She’s giving me the stink eye.

What my granny would say:

As my granny would say, “Listen, we’re about to go round and round.” That doesn’t mean what it implies. It means we’re about to have a war of wills and see who wins.

I tell her to get down. Then I tell her in a loud voice to get down. And then I get really irritated because she isn’t paying a bit of attention to me and yell, “Ivy Lou, get down from there!”

She is oblivious. All this does is send Charlie running into the bedroom because he thinks he’s in trouble.

If he had a tail it would be between his legs as he runs from the room.

Lunch with my daughter:

On my way to meet my daughter for lunch yesterday, I noticed my low tire light was on. I turned around and went to the Mobil station I always take my car to for oil changes and such. It’s just about a block or so from me and I hadn’t gotten far.

There was a male customer, I’d say in his twenties or thirties, inside the station. The man who owns the place came in to explain what the man needed for his car.

The young man’s cell phone rang. He answered it, “Yo, oh I’m getting my car looked at.” I could hear the woman on the other end. “So and so needs gas money so you need to come by here.” And on it continued for a bit.

Now he could have let that go to voice mail. He was taking up the man’s time who owns the station. And it was obvious he couldn’t care less about doing so.

He hangs up and it rings again. By that time I’m ready to throttle him. I stand and stare out the window while gritting my teeth.

The tomfoolery store owners must deal with:

The man who owns the station was very gracious about it.

Rude. Just downright rude. But then you know how I feel about this because I rant about it fairly often, don’t I?

The man who owns the station went back outside and I was left in the small room with the young man. His phone rings again and he goes into much ado about nothing much.

I tell you, it was all I could do not to turn around and ask him if he was raised in a barn. Instead I continued facing the window and resumed gritting my poor teeth.

Nothing but noise:

I realize people are carrying guns these days. We’ve entered the era of Gunsmoke. Remember that old show? Things were often handled with a gun at the ready.

I truly don’t want to get shot over something so stupid. But it might have been worth it to take my chances to see the expression on his face.

Really, it’s not as if they’re talking about an emergency. It’s just talk. Noise. Why do people have to constantly make noise?

Don’t they want to hear something more reflective than their own inane voice? How about listening to a bird singing?

How about just thinking? Maybe try to solve the consequences of climate change in their head or something equally ambitious?

Everywhere I go, conversations are going on around me. And now instead of dealing with one conversation between two people, you have to deal with everyone with a cell phone. So that’s twice the noise.

It would suit me just fine if every cell phone in this world just blew up. I hate them with a passion. It isn’t so much the phones I hate really. No, it’s the people using them.

It is an addiction, I tell you:

People are addicted to that silly screen. They’re either talking or checking on something or texting. Nothing vital. Just something to do. To fiddle with.

Because no one seems capable of just being. Being still, being observant. Having manners. Being nice.

You can’t go anywhere without this stupidity. Not a restaurant or a store or anywhere else.

How teachers manage classrooms I don’t know. They don’t make enough money to deal with this foolishness. How can they teach when these children all have cell phones?

One of these days I’m afraid I’m going to lose it and grab a phone and smash it beneath my foot. Oh, it would give me such satisfaction to hear the crunch of that thing while the innards are broken to smithereens.

I can’t think of much of anything that would give me more satisfaction actually.

No, I know I must refrain. But I can dream, can’t I?

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  1. I hate going to stores ! UNLESS it’s the ones on the square of the small town I live in – it’s just an awesome experience and all the shops have the third Thursday of the month when they stay open after hours ( free snacks and drinks ) , and the Saturday morning market. I don’t own a cell phone either – got rid of it . It’s like it’s an extension of their body , very irritating . I do love the square ! I think necessary items should not be taxed – food , clothes , medical, etc. I live outside of Charleston, S.C. and it’s ridiculously Expensive ! Y’all have a great weekend. People do love calling me Miss Daisy.

  2. Love seeing your photos! I too get tired of the “white noise”. I don’t know what is wrong with just sitting and enjoying some peace and quiet for a bit. When I’m working, I have the TV on in the background, but it is usually quite low (and I’m usually waiting for some crafting ideas to pop on screen)…I’m good with hearing the wind blow and the birds sing outside. I love have no sales tax on food…it does spoil you! Love and hugs!

  3. Love Frugal Friday’s. So much useful information. Hope you keep it up.
    I also have a cell phone I carry in case of emergency. I am an older person and do drive to Doctor appointments and you never know what will happen with a car. It does irate me with all these people who talk on their cell phones in the stores. I can not understand what they find to talk about all the time?
    Ivy Lou sure is testing you. But that is what young children do to see how far they can go. Love the picture of Charlie.

  4. I haven’t read yesterday’s frugal posts yet and now I’m too tired to do so, but I will later. We have sales tax on food here in IL, but then again, we have tax on literally everything. It’s Illinois – the state that taxes you to death but is in deep financial doo-doo.

    Tons of snow here – wish I could send you some. So sick of it already. A little more tonight then another huge snowstorm tomorrow night into Monday. My poor mother is 78 and lives alone in a townhouse so has to shovel her back deck and a path in her backyard for her dog to do its business, and then her front sidewalk and driveway. She said her back really hurts. She has a male neighbor in his 30’s that comes over a lot and shovels for her before or after work, but he can’t keep up with it all the time, and of course, he doesn’t go into her fenced back yard.

    I love my smartphone but I am not rude with it. I actually rarely use it to talk on in the first place because I simply hate talking on the phone. I might get a call once in a blue moon from a doctor’s office or the vet, but that’s it. If I were ever with someone in public and got a call (I can only think of maybe a handful of times that’s ever happened), I say excuse me and step away. I also keep my phone put away at restaurants. If I’m say, grocery shopping and I see something on a good sale that perhaps my mom or son would like me to pick up for them, I pull my cart over to the side or in an out of the way place, and then I text them.

    1. But Melanie, you have good sense. You use manners and deference. Thank goodness the young man often helps your mother with the snow. He must have been raised right!

  5. Don’t you think that some people with or without cell phones have forgotten or perhaps never been taught manners? Any time I am out and about, with my cell phone it is on vibrate, check if it’s an emergency and if so find a spot and take care of it. Also I love to smile and give compliments to a lot of people, it’s fun!! We call it the kitties ‘crazy hour’s! Life can be difficult so let’s be kind and have fun when it’s appropriate. Love your pet stories!!xx

    1. So true. It bothers me the lack of manners I see out in the world. I just was not raised that way. I will not do anything crazy out there in the loud world. I just like to think about doing it!

  6. I do not own a cell phone, my husband does not own a cell phone, (we have a land line) and I have no idea who I’d talk to every single minute of every single day, if I did have one. I am old, I am set in my ways, and I really like it (quiet) that way. And that being said, too many people, too many rude people, that just don’t give a “dam” because they can not live without one, I guess…

    1. That was the problem with me. Who was going to call me? Who do I want to call in the darned grocery store? I now have an old fashioned flip phone that costs me $13 a month with no minutes or data. If I have an emergency I can use it and pay for the minutes. It stays off. I have a battery charger in my car because most likely if I needed it it wouldn’t be charged, as I forget to do it. This was, I think, what cell phones were originally meant for. Then the whole world went crazy for them.

      1. You have a flip phone that costs you $13 a month? That’s $156 a year! Hmmm… since we are on the subject of frugality, I think you can find a better deal. My hubby has a flip phone that he owns. He buys minutes as he needs them in the form of a phone card at the grocery store or drug store. He probably doesn’t spend more than $50 a year. Maybe this is another topic for Frugal Friday: how to get cheap mobile service, especially if you don’t like mobile phones.

  7. Cats just seem to love running around for no reason…ours do it a lot after using the litter box. Miss Kitty our cat who passed away, would get the zoomies about 3 am..
    It was crazy to hear her running laps around the house so early in the am.

    1. Abi seems to get the zoomies early in the morning after I’m up. Right now she’s trying to figure out where the bird sounds are coming from out front because I have the shade down and the big door closed due to the cold. So she’s on the back of the chair staring at the window shade.

  8. My husband puts his cell phone on speaker. Then yells in to it. I hate those darn speakers on phones! And he is down in his basement man cave and I can still hear him. I told him to stop putting his phone on speaker. He has done that for years and will not stop. And I also don’t like it when you call someone and they put you on speaker. Grrrr. You can tell when they put you on speaker. People trying to multi task I think.

    1. Yeah, that would drive me crazy too. I don’t like speaker either. If they don’t have time to talk to me, tell me and call back when they’re done with what they need to do.

  9. I had a cat that would run across the room and straight up the drapes or anything that got in her way. I felt like she was a product of too much inbreeding, since the man I got her from let his cats reproduce without any regard to the in breeding he was causing.
    And on the subject of cell phones, I agree with you on people being rude with conversing on them in public. However, for those of us who do get out and do enjoy being in public, the cell phone is a great advantage. I look up things all the time, I send and receive texts about things that need to be resolved and I enjoy reading Facebook posts and emails when I am waiting to be served or in line. It makes the time go by quickly and I’m not annoyed at someone taking longer to resolve their issues or pay for purchases.
    In all ways you are using your computer at home to do the same thing, it’s just in your home and not in public. I don’t chat with people on the phone when I’m out, I put the phone away the minute that it’s my turn to be waited on and I don’t ignore the people around me. I fought getting a cell phone for years, but it is a great tool if used correctly.
    I totally understand your irritation with rude people and phone mis-use, but there is a flip side to every story.

    1. I know there is a flip side. Not everyone is rude. It’s just the bad apples that irritate me. I’m not saying they’re not wonderful tools. I had one for a few months. Just didn’t care for it.

  10. No, not everyone who owns a cellphone is rude. I don’t think that was the point being made here. But there should be some sense of etiquette displayed when using your cell in public. I find it annoying to have to listen to someone’s business when I’m out and about and worse, when I’m speaking with someone and they feel the need to take a call.

  11. Not everyone who owns a cell phone is rude. The only way I can read your blog is with one. I hate to say this but I think you are spending too much time alone.

    1. I know that. And I respect people who aren’t rude with their phones. It’s the bad eggs that make me mad. Maybe I am spending too much time alone. But I have no urge to change that. I like my own company.

  12. For the very story you conveyed about the rude young man oblivious to whom he was inconveniencing with his insistence on taking silly cell phone calls and blabbing away in public for all to hear (really – dude, do you think we’re all supposed to go fricking deaf for you?), I have refused, absolutely refused to buy a cell phone, let alone one of those smart gadget thingies. LOL – you can see how non-techy I am. I like my laptop because I use it for about everything: communication, viewing, researching, writing on my blogs, entertainment, my family tree research, and luxury hours since I’m retired spent reading news daily. for Miss Ivy who pretends she is deaf when you give her a command, I recommend getting a squirt gun and using it on occasion to reinforce your command. Soon enough she’ll start listening, unless she likes to get squirted in the face, LOL!

  13. I feel the same about cell phones as you .The biggest problem I have in going anywhere anymore is the lack of respect in our society .
    I have had an awful week trying to get a referral to see a specialist about my upcoming
    Spinal surgery it has been a nightmare dealing with my insurance company and the office staff at drs. Offices .I cannot believe the rudeness of these people I am dealing with .
    The world we are living in is a circus !!I do not even want to go out anymore !!
    Perhaps I need to get me a punching bag and start punching it I think I would really enjoy that . It should help me get rid of all my anger and frustration I am dealing with .If I carried a hammer I would truly Be dangerous .
    Sometimes we just have to vent !!!
    Thank you Brenda for givIng us a blog to vent on !!!!
    As for Miss Ivy she is filled with energy and happiness and just has to let it out !!
    (You go girl) !!!
    Have a happy weekend !

      1. Being at home is my favorite place. It’s warm and cozy and just the way I like things. My home is my happy place!❤

    1. Well, you probably aren’t reading out loud where people can hear you. I have no problem if I don’t have to listen to inane conversations.

  14. I agree with you 100% on cell phones! Waste of other people’s time is so disrespectful.

    My head is still spinning from all the great ideas from Frugal Friday yesterday; that was awesome!

    1. Aren’t animals the cutest things ever..about the cell phones. .it’s just like the bad screaming’s not their’s the owners fault..people are extremely rude these days..As they feel t hey are extremely important and we want to share their personal lives…yuk. .I can only lyrics go out for a couple hours at a you are not alone..

  15. Hi Brenda,
    Maybe Ivy is bored. She is young with lots of energy that she can’t discharge indoors. She has the instinct to hunt, stalk, kill and eat. Being inside is hard on cats if they don’t have distractions. Do you have any interactive toys for her? She might be more settled if she had a routine of playing to use up her energy. I had a car that went absolutely stir crazy when I would be fine all day to work. Just a thought.

  16. When any of our beasties (cats and dogs) go running around like that, we call it “The Zoomies”. No earthly reason for it; just high spirits!
    I am SO with you on the cel phone thing ~ I’d love to start carrying a hammer!