Active Critters Inside & Out

It’s one of those mornings when all the critters, inside and out, are quite active. The birds outside have Ivy rushing from the front window to the patio door.

nature outside my window

Looks like she’s located a bug in the window. Charlie gets all excited when he sees Ivy stand in the window. He’s her biggest cheerleader when there’s a flying bug to be dealt with.

Of course he’s deathly afraid of them. But he knows from experience that Ivy isn’t afraid of much of anything.

I guess he lives through her vicariously when it comes to killing flying insects.

Ivy will sit on the top of this chair and watch the sparrows in the bushes just outside the window.

Then she’ll hear birds in the back and go racing to the patio door. There she sits still as a statue, her head tilted, watching them.

Charlie gets tired and heads for the couch. He can watch Ivy from there to see if there’s any more excitement about a fly or gnat in the window.

Hills dog food Recall:

We had quite a day yesterday. First I got an email from Chewys that Charlie’s canned food was recalled. Hills Science Diet.

Chewys told me to do away with the 12 canned box I had and said they didn’t know when they’d have any new food in.

So I called the vet and they hadn’t even heard about the recall and all they sell is Hills. The person there who orders the pet food called her contact at Hills and found that she only had to do away with 6 cases of recalled food.

She called me and said she had canned food, so I grabbed Charlie and off we went.

He was none too pleased that Ivy got fed her canned food and he didn’t.

At a loss as to what to do, since he’s on a pretty strict diet, I’d started cooking him an egg. Of course he has his dry food, but he wanted the canned food he normally gets at that time of day.

Normally he doesn’t get his egg till late afternoon. That’s the routine.

Charlie & I head to the vet’s office:

I didn’t really want to take him with me because I knew I’d be carrying a case of canned dog food. But he got so upset I couldn’t stand to leave him.

I had tossed the box the dog food came in and lined the food up on the kitchen cart, so I didn’t have the box to return the cans in. The vet’s office said to bring it to them and they’d deal with Hills, even though I didn’t buy it there.

So I had to dump out Ivy’s toys and put the canned food in that to transport it.

Abi used to bark and keen and make all kinds of racket when I’d prepare to leave. Sometimes she’d even try biting my foot at the door.

Charlie doesn’t make a sound. But he is on full alert, body quivering, and his eyes are big as saucers pleading with me.

Who could walk away from that? So he went with me.

Another recall:

Then in the afternoon I got a letter from Walgreens saying my blood pressure medication had been recalled. So I had to call them and get that figured out.

That’s a lot of excitement for us because our days are usually pretty mundane.

Ivy quickly claimed her red toy box when we got home from the vet.

There’s a tiny little bird flying about so quickly in the tree branches that I can’t figure out what kind of bird it is. A wren or chickadee? The mockingbird is chasing it, whatever it is.

I went out with Charlie and saw two hawks flying overhead. And then when I came inside I heard the ducks squawking as they flew overhead.

Ivy has decided it’s lunchtime. She’s next to me making noise and rubbing my arm with her head. She’s a good hour early. She’ll have to amuse herself with the birds outside a little while longer.

Finished my latest read:

I finished one book last night and began another. The one I finished wasn’t that satisfying at the end. I hate it when you wonder what happened and get to the end and darned if they don’t just leave you hanging.

What are you supposed to do with that? It was like someone just arbitrarily decided to put a period at the end of a random sentence and write The End.

Oh well, I’ll never figure out what happened to those twins who left for America and were never heard from again.

My hands are giving me fits this morning. My shoulder too. So I will leave you with that today. I’ve got to give it a rest so I can function the rest of the day.

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  1. I messed up with my comment earlier. I was thinking of how Ivy has not made a run for the door. I hope she doesn’t, but always be aware that could happen. We have three cats and it did take a few months for that urge with one of them. We did get him back, but I know he would like to try again.

  2. Hope things stay calmed down around your place for a while now! The photo of Ivy in her “box” is pretty telling. I can imagine her saying, “Nope, you can’t take it again!”

    Things are pretty boring around here the last couple of days. My daughter and her family came and got their dog that I’ve been keeping for the last couple of weeks. They had to go to a hotel while their house was being treated for lead. All the windows got replaced as the painted sashes were the source of the lead. It’s an old house so there was some type of gov’t program that they qualified for so their hotel room was paid for and all the new windows. Then in the Spring the lead paint on the outside of the house will get remediated. I don’t know exactly how they do it but at the end it will be repainted. So, it’s been quite a process for them as all the furniture had to be moved to the middle of the rooms or out of the house as well as household items stored. I don’t know how they managed to do it as my daughter is quite the pack rat. Bentley, their dog, was overjoyed to see them and gave me not a tho’t as they left! I will miss him, though. He’s a boxer and quite the lover.

    Tomorrow will be lively again as the grandsons come back from their dad’s to start school on Monday. They had no school last week because of the snow and extreme cold. It is a bit warmer here now–up in the low 30’s, if you can call that warm.

    I hope all the recall excitement has simmered down for you. Did you learn whether your blood pressure meds are the ones they recalled? Hope not.

    Hugs and pats to all of you ’til tomorrow.

  3. You’re so caring & compassionate towards your babies. I’m sure Charlie was relieved not to be left at home.
    That pic of Ivy reclaiming her red bin is priceless. Her expression says it all! LOL And she knew you used ‘her’ bin to transport Charlie’s food!

  4. We are finally out of the deep freeze. Today it felt like Florida outside – only by way of comparison to the past three horrid days of 50 below zero windchills and not being able to breathe outside – even young people with good hearts were having problems! The snow is now melting! We’re in a thaw for the next 3 days, hooray! I was finally able to shovel out my plowed in walk from the sidewalk to the curbside. I started that before 9 this morning. Then I widened the path from the sidewalk up my driveway to my side porch and the entry into the kitchen, which is the one I use to enter and exit the house. (I finished that all in about an hour). I don’t drive and don’t own a car, so with 18 plus inches of snow sitting in the driveway it did not get shoveled except for a pathway. My next store neighbor was kind enough to snow blow a pathway out for me during 2 consecutive storms, for which he was promptly rewarded with warm homemade brownies. After lunch, I went out and tackled widening the path up the driveway. I still want to shovel out a second pathway to the road down my driveway approach, which was totally plowed in to the height of over 4 feet of frozen snow boulders! Now they’ve shrunk down already and since tomorrow and Monday promise to be as “warm” as today (above freezing, in the 30s and maybe we’ll even reach 40 degrees F), I’m taking a wait and see approach — I may not have much to shovel out if I wait until later on Monday! About your mystery bird: if it’s a chickadee you will be able to identify it by its black top , white cap on black head and face and very white underbelly; they also have a distinctive “chick-a-de-de-de” call that they repeat rapidly. They have spend the entire year here – they hang out in my pine trees and my arborvitaes. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about wrens.

  5. My blood pressure medicine was recalled, maybe we take the same one. But when it got down to the lot number, mine was ok. Pictures are so pretty, that is one hefty squirrel! My daughter gave me all sorts of potted bulbs for my birthday so they’re inside and just starting to bloom. Do you know if I should just transplant them outside after they bloom, now or later? Iris, tulip, hyacinth, and daffodils!

  6. Bad news about the dog food recall. What a hassle, and recalls like that make me lose faith in just exactly how tight the standards are on our pets’ food. For many years after the recall about melamin being in the various dog foods, I home cooked all of Fuzzy’s foods. I had to give that up when my knees got real bad and I simply was unable to do that much more added cooking and cleaning up after. He’s back to eating purchased dog food again. I always smell it and check it to make sure it seems the same each batch. He eats small breed kibble which I soak in water in a sandwich bag for a little while to soften it to allow him to be able to eat it it since he has so few teeth, and chokes easily on food pieces that are too big.

    The other recall with the blood pressure medicine is really starting to worry me. I have already had one blood pressure medicine recalled a few months ago, and for a while did fine without any blood pressure medicine at all–until all of a sudden I didn’t–after many weeks my blood pressure suddenly went high and my legs swelled badly (apparently my legs missed the diuretic that had been included in the recalled blood pressure medicine). Now here we go again with the blood pressure medicine that I was put on after the first recalled, one is being recalled. But only certain lots of it so far. The recalled medicine has been found to have a carcinogen that was created when a mistake was made in the processing of one of the ingredients that come from China. Even though the medicine may be manufactured in another country other than China, the Chinese toxic ingredient is used to manufacture the medicine even if it was made in India or possibly somewhere else.

    Your sweet Ivy seems to be a little cat angel sent to bring fun and entertainment for your Charlie, and you, too. She is like a furry little ray of sunshine.

  7. Brenda, I’m not sure what prescription diet Charlie is on, but there are other veterinary prescription diets. Royal Canin is excellent, and your vet can always sign an Rx for you. It’s good to have a back up. It’s not the first time Hills has had a recall, and it won’t be the last. Of course you can say that about just about any commercial pet food 🙁

  8. I was wondering if you had brought Jade in for the winter? Or would Ivy had knocked that tree over? I was reading a blog called Gingham Gardens where they had written about ideas for gardening indoors in the winter.

  9. I love how Ivy reclaimed her red box. That is such a cute picture. How strange that your meds and Charlie’s special food were both recalled at nearly the same time. But a good thing you are so on top of things! Hope this afternoon is nice and quiet for you all.

  10. Good morning Brenda,

    Sounds like a busy but pain in the butt kind of day. Hopefully Charlies’ dog food is fine now and your blood pressure medication is figured out!

    I could not agree more about books that end like that, I really get irritated because I wonder if they do it because there will be a sequel or if they just wanted to leave us hanging.

    Have a great day!

  11. The recalls lately have been so frustrating. I have to be very careful on cat food because our last kitty died due to the food we were feeding her. Baby, one half of our rescue siblings has allergies to fish, so I have to read every label. The only food we can buy for her is Authority from Petsmart.