Another Wasted Doctor’s Appointment

I just got back from another wasted doctor’s appointment. Months ago I made another appointment with the neurologist my internist wanted me to see.

I’ve met his nurse practitioner. I’ve had the injection that didn’t help. But I’ve never met him due to scheduling problems. Today was another colossal waste of my time and his.

He moved his office over the new year. I received a letter asking if I wanted my files and images sent over to his new office. Did that. Called to make sure it got done.

No MRI scan:

It didn’t get done.

He said they were being difficult about sending MRI images over. So I drove over there in the cold misty weather basically for nothing.

So he said he’d call me when he got to see the scan.

Helping Nathan:

Nathan moved out of his apartment and moved over here. By himself. Seems this has been a long time coming. He said he’d have his kids on weekends. He had to leave all the furniture there so everyone’s trying to help him out.

I gave him the TV I had in the living room. Because I’ve decided that if I end up wanting to watch TV again I’ll use the small TV I brought with me from Texas.

Men seem to really like the bigger TVs. Although mine wasn’t all that big. TV size doesn’t matter to me.

I also gave him the Keurig and the K-cups I had. When I want hot coffee I go back to the Cuisinart where I can water it down so it doesn’t bother my stomach. Often I just want iced coffee that I make with my little smoothie blender.

I also gave him some other things to get started and sent him home yesterday afternoon with taco soup for supper.

If I’m not using something, I have no problem with gifting it to someone else. What was it we said as kids? Share and share alike?

Charlie’s meds:

So I’ve just given Charlie his morning meds. We’ll be getting up and going out for a few hours after he takes the diuretic.

Have I told you that Ivy is fascinated with the plastic shower liner? She tends to follow me around and when I’m in the bathroom she jumps in the tub.

If she doesn’t have a toy in her mouth she plays with the shower liner. Seems she likes the crunchy sort of sound it makes when she paws at it.

Ivy antics:

Well, she’s letting me know it’s her lunchtime. She comes up to me and meows and rubs up against my arm. I swear that cat has a clock in her head.

Finished “The Stillwater Girls” last night and began reading another book. It was a great book!

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  1. I so hate the doctor visits have been so disappointing and non-productive for you. It seems that visiting the doctor to get help is more trouble than staying home and diagnosing ourselves. I think it was very sweet of you to help Nathan, I know he appreciates it greatly! Love and hugs!

  2. Just wanted to recommend a new book titled” Maid”. It’s third on the nonfiction NewYork Times book listing. I read it in one day. This author writes about having a baby out of wed lock and all the difficulties she faced trying to work as a house cleaner and care for her baby. It really will open peoples eyes to what the working poor endure. This young lady has real ability as a writer and how she faced the dire needs she faced to be frugal. She had no family support and she worked like a banshee to earn money and eventually a degree in English and creative writing. Request it at your library and be frugal too. On my checkout slip, like at some stores, the library tells me I saved over $ 1000 dollars this year checking out books. Brenda, your generosity to all is amazing and admirable. It’s what we as Americans need to do more to heal our country and stop the hate and division.

  3. So glad you are trying to help Nathan with things he may need. It is not all about money, I have given many things away I could have sold but someone needed the things more then I did. I am on a very low income and sometimes wonder how I am going to make it. So far I always come out ok. Brenda you have a very good heart.

    Love the picture you posted of Charlie today. He is so adorable.
    Hope the birds will keep Ivy Lou entertained for a long time.

    Your book sounds really interesting. I am going to look it up.

  4. Well, for heaven’s sake–what a pain–literally, that the doctors’ offices can’t get their you-know-what together and send information like they are supposed to. I had this same situation when I went to see my family doctor last week. I had been told that the blood test information in my files with my rheumatologist had been sent to her but found that she hadn’t received them. The information from them was one of the things I went to see her about. Fortunately, she was somehow able to have them faxed or emailed to her while I was there so we could go over them together. But, honestly, you have to check and double check everything it seems. Sometimes I think it is the office staff that is so unreliable, but the doctors should be keeping tabs on them. Too many patients and too little time I suppose. Anyway, I understand your frustration, especially when you are suffering pain that can’t get resolved until you see this doctor. Aargh!

    I’m sad for Nathan and his wife and children, too. The break-up of a home is never without pain for all concerned, especially when there are children. It is wonderful that folks in your complex are helping him and very kind of you to give him the things you weren’t using. I think that every kind thing you do for someone else comes back to you in some way and just because we don’t have much money doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share what we do have. Good will and compassion are worth more than money sometimes. I have several charities that I contribute to from time to time. Not big amounts at all. Sometimes as little as $3.00 or as much as $20. but I don’t worry about not having “enough.” Somehow bills get paid and food gets bought. Or someone gives me something that I didn’t expect. If nothing else we can feel good that we had something to share. That’s just my philosophy. The more kindness you put out the more you get back.

    We are supposed to have a big ice storm early tomorrow morning. Yuck! And then rain for the rest of the week. Dreary, dreary, dreary. I have a new full spectrum for my sun lamp, though, so I guess I’ll be spending some time letting it shine on me.

    I hope you don’t get any of this awful weather. Pats and hugs to you and the fur babies.

  5. Brenda ,Find you another neurologist this is a red flag you do not want someone that can’t even have an MRI report before your appointment this is not someone you want to take care of your spine .All he had to do was call and get the report and have the disc sent out by courier . This is bad business in any office !
    Do not continue with him and make sure he doesn’t bill your insurance company for this visit .
    Love your kind heart and sorry about Nathan ,he is lucky to have you there for him .
    Love the fur baby photos !
    My kitty is pulling his fur out I think it is his nerves since Mallory is gone called vet he said try very small dose of benadryl if no help bring him in ,poor baby !
    We are better about our loss but will miss her forever !
    Hugs to you and fur babies !

  6. I am very sorry to hear about your doctor’s appointment. And you still have to wait and still struggle with the pain. I am sorry for that.

    Your description of Ivy and the shower curtain reminded me of my cat Rudy; I had her in the 80’s and early 90’s. I had a shower liner that went in the tub to prevent everything getting wet and a decorative shower curtain that hung on the outside of the tub. Rudy would sit on the edge of the tub as I showered. When I peeked in on her, her expression see to say “You humans are nuts for getting in there!” When I finished and stepped out, she would jump down and play with the last of the water draining from the tub. Silly ol’ cat!

  7. I don’t understand why this doctor’s office didnt call you to postpone the appointment since he didn’t have the records he actually needed in order to evaluate you properly! Did he indicate he’s going to waive his fees in this case since you made the trip for nothing? I know you don’t like to make a fuss, but I would kick up a dust storm if I were you if I get notified from my insurance provider (Medicare for me, now, and/or my supplemental insurance (gap insurance) carrier) of a charge for this useless visit! I hope you will look into this and ask them not to charge you. How on earth would YOU know if he had all the records he needed or not, since you were never notified of this!

    Egad, is there something in the water or the air that is spreading divorce like the measles in the northwest where ill-informed people who should know better aren’t vaccinating their children anymore? I received an email from one of my sisters today asking for advice for my nephew (her son), whose wife decided to leave him. She left all right, taking almost everything out of the house when he was at work, leaving him with next to nothing. Now he’s afraid she’ll clean out their bank accounts. She wanted to know what to tell him to do. Geez. Poor Nathan is going to now remain poor – literally – with future child support to pay plus rent and/or other costs associated with maintaining his own separate residence. Too bad he’s not near where I live. I have a lot of things I could pass along to him to help him set up a new place for himself. He may be able to pick up items as people move out, as they may pass along items to him they don’t want to move if they know his situation. As I told my sister, perhaps you will pass this advice along to Nathan. Get a competent divorce lawyer ASAP. Local bar associations or state bar associations usually have attorney referral services that you can call free of charge (an 800 number may be available and located by searching online) or locate a list of attorneys who belong to the referral service in your geographic area. Sometimes these attorneys are willing to take on clients with lower incomes at reduced fees. Some will give a free 30-minute initial consultation. It’s worth checking out and at least getting 30 minutes worth of free advice, if nothing else.

  8. Brenda, I am sorry that this was a waste of your time. I hope that things work out with this doctor soon.

    As for Nathan, I hope that things work out for him. It is hard when you have kids. How very kind of you and your neighbors to help him out. I am sure that he appreciates it.

    Have a good day!

  9. I have been both ways. I have sold items and I have given them. In my opinon it is much better to give away there is much work in selling things, some want to talk you down etc. I must know when I buy something that if I don’t want it I can give it away. I feel good and they feel good. I like the kindness you share by giving.

  10. I think of you as a very generous person. Instead of giving money you are helping a friend as much as you can. I always find money comes when you need it. I’m sure Nathan appreciates any help you gave him. Money isn’t everything when you are in need.

  11. You’ve a heart of gold Brenda and Nathan is lucky to know you.

    Adorable pictures of the babies.

    Carol and Molly

  12. I hate to see you giving away things that you could resell and make extra money from. When you are hurting for money like you are, that’s not the time to give away expensive items you could be reselling. You seem to be an “easy come, easy go” kind of person; that’s not good when considering your personal finances. Stop and think – you are giving away MONEY when you do this.
    Don’t want to upset you, Brenda, just hoping you will consider thinking about what I have written here.

  13. I would call that doctor’s office once a week until he agrees to see you!

    Sorry to hear about Nathan; it was kind of you to help him out.

    I do think our pets have some kind of internal clock. Mine get a little “fussy” if I don’t get to bed at our regular time. I suppose Ivy has a lunchtime clock!

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