My Smaller Dining Table

Today I’m showing you my smaller dining table.

It’s the round drop down style. Which means it’s more versatile. You really want to think about versatile when you live in a small space home. That was my mistake with the other table.

I ordered it from Wayfair. Here is the link if you want to check it out. There are various colors to choose from. I chose pecan.

Out from the bedroom came my two red indoor/outdoor chairs I bought many years ago at Pier 1. I know they have to be about 12 years old.

But that’s the wonderful thing about indoor/outdoor furniture. The furniture still looks brand new. I’ve found that indoor/outdoor furniture is often cheaper too. Win-win.

If you’re looking to get new furniture for your home, consider indoor/outdoor furniture. First of all, you can use it either indoors or outdoors. Second, it stands up to abuse and weather.

In the past when I’ve bought area rugs, I have purchased indoor/outdoor rugs as well. Because hey, you can take a rug outside and just hose it down when it looks dusty or dirty. Can’t beat that.

Same goes for the chairs. They’re not delicate pieces of furniture. But made to withstand weather.

Here’s another way I like the table. With one drop leaf down. This way I can see better out my French doors to my patio. Which I will surely want to do in about a month or so when flowers are blooming and my focus goes to the patio.

I really don’t miss the bigger table and chairs. Ivy had scratched the chair seats just by jumping up and down on them. I fixed the scratches as best I could before it went to the consignment shop.

I thought I’d be using the bigger table more for family dinners. But that has happened one time. I typically meet my daughter at least once per month for lunch because she’s so busy. So it’s not like the table got a lot of action.

They just don’t have time to come over here because they entertain quite a bit and Andrew is in all kinds of activities.

If the table and four chairs sell, that’s great. If they don’t, they go to Nathan, who supplies a lot of meals for me. He needs a table and chairs since he split up with his girlfriend and walked away with just his clothing.

I also told him he could use my pots and pans I had been storing in my dishwasher for five years. Couldn’t have both a washer and a stove when I moved here, and I chose having a washer. So I didn’t use them.

I’d rather see him using them since he loves to cook.

Remember when I took my square coffee table over to the consignment shop and left it? It didn’t sell after several months and I had to go pick it up.

I eventually gave it to a maintenance man who was here a year or so ago because I thought it would sell and I was already using another one.

Unbeknownst to me, although he told me he wanted it, he left it behind when he moved and it was stored in a storage shed until about a month ago. I had no idea it was there.

Nathan told me he saw it recently in the building where they keep pool supplies and grabbed it. He painted it white and put it in his apartment.

He said growing up whenever he and his mother would clean their home, they would often rearrange their furniture while they were at it. Something I’ve often done as well.

He also loves to do crafts. He can crochet and sew too. The boy is multi-faceted.

He did not have an easy time growing up and was often away from his mother because she had problems and couldn’t always take care of him. So somewhere along the way he learned to do a lot of things to entertain himself.

What on earth did I do without this giant 6 foot 6 boy who is not worried about engaging in what is often considered gender specific hobbies?

This isn’t the only change to the dining room you’re going to be seeing. I’m not going to tell you what it is. But I think many of you will like the color. That’s my only hint for now.

This smaller table and chairs fits the space nicely. And if I happen to open the French door and it slams back too far, it will only hit the chairs that are basically indestructible.

I mean, look at them. They look brand new and they’re over a decade old. I bought them back in Texas.

I have to show you photos of the babies of course.

I’ve noticed that Ivy is sleeping more in the afternoon after lunch. Maybe she’s slowing down a bit from her kitten energy. She’s nine months old now.

Here’s Charlie on the couch in his usual spot. And Ivy is perched over on her stack of quilts in the living room.

She’s been in our little family for five months now. It seems longer to me. I just can’t imagine life without Ivy spicing it up.

That girl keeps this mama laughing and brother Charlie entertained.

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  1. I love your little round table. I have been wanting to get one for a long time. My eating area is small and I have a farm style type table. Love the chairs also, Your little apartment is so cute..
    Love the pictures of Charlie and Ivy Lou, they look so sweet.
    The internet has been down for a few days, so happy it is back as I have missed reading your blog.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    I have been following you for 3 or 4 weeks now and I find that I like Brenda very much. I applaud you for sharing your daily life, the good and the bad. Hugs to a brave and strong woman.

  3. That’s a perfect sized table, and I love the base of it, it’s very refined. You’d be able to seat 4 at the table for dinner or cards. The red chairs are the perfect accent and just the right scale for the table and the space. It sounds like you and Nathan have adopted each other. Is he going to be painting an accent wall for you – that’s my guess about your hint of “color.” We’ll have to wait and see!

  4. The new table looks like a great solution to the issue of opening the new patio doors. I like the touch of woodgrain finish as a change from your painted furniture. It’s nice to have a mix of finishes, I think. Bit it sounds like you could be painting it. Oh well. Nathan sounds like a very interesting young man and it’s wonderful that the two of you can help each other.

  5. I like your table…..could you put it more in the middle of the floor instead? under your dining room light? with a round area rug…that would be nice too…

  6. TY for sharing your new set-up! …. I often meant to ask you: without a stove, how do you boil water? – or don’t you cook alot of pasta …?

  7. Brenda, I love the new table! Those chairs fit perfectly with it and I love the color of them! Your doors look very pretty also, I know you are glad to have those and be rid of the other door. Everything in your apartment looks so great! I think it is wonderful that you are helping Nathan, I know he appreciates it greatly! Love and hugs!

  8. I love your new little round table, Brenda. I think it is the perfect scale for your dining room. I even went over to Wayfair’s website to look at it. I have a nice round oak pedestal table in my dining area but it isn’t a drop-leaf table. It is such a small room that it would be nice to have a drop-leaf for times when I am here alone. That’s often right now with my daughter and her boys with me most of the time during the school year, during the summer they will be at their dad’s so then I could fold one leaf down and make the space a little roomier. Anyway, I looked at all the finishes available and I think you picked the nicest one.

    I tell you that Nathan is a wonder boy! How fortunate that you met him. He sounds like a sweet soul. A really special sort of man. Makes me wonder why his relationship with his wife/girlfriend broke up. I hope he can stay in his kids’ lives so they know what a good person their daddy is.

    I’ve been thinking ahead to planting lately and was wondering what plants you have on your patio that winter over. I don’t know if I could use the same ones here in Michigan with our cold winters, but I’m wanting to do more container gardening this year and looking for ideas for what to plant that might be perennial.

    Sweet pictures of the fur babies. Ivy Lou is looking quite adult in today’s photo. Charlie looks like his charming, dapper self in his photo. He seems to take Ivy’s antics in stride more these days, doesn’t he?

    Gotta get to bed. I seem to not have time to read my blogs most days until evening, then I stay up too late. Love and hugs to you and pats for the four-leggeds.

  9. Brenda, I love your new table! Also the extra room you have now. What a great choice! When I remodeled my kitchen I extended the bar out by a foot to make it a sit down bar which took room from my dining area. I’ve got an old drop leaf table that I’ve had for years and it’s pretty banged up and not really my style, but I now find I need a small table for that area, and since it’s so flexible, seats 2 with the leaves down or 10 with both extended, I’ve decided it’s just the right style. They’re just so practical! Didn’t we have a wonderful day today? My horses are shedding now, so I know spring is going to really happen. Hallelujah!!!

  10. Your dining room is really beautiful – love the table and chairs; especially love that you could re-purpose the chairs. And I love the red color in there.

    I’m looking at my great room – combo foyer, living room and dining room. I loved how it looked last year but this year, it looks “blah.” I need some color or something – I’m not sure what. New curtains? More color? Just rearrange the furniture? I dunno, but your decorating ideas are inspirational, so keep them coming!

  11. We had a drop-leaf table about the size of yours in our former, tiny, kitchen. Worked really well against the wall and with one leaf folded down all the time like yours so we could walk around it!

  12. The new table is beautiful, and such a smart choice for that area!

    Thank you for the indoor/outdoor idea; with two special needs children, I’m going to keep that in mind. 🙂

  13. I missed out on who Nathan is! I’ve heard you mention him bringing food, etc. but is he the new maintenance man? Does he have his own apartment and how old is he? He seems like such a nice caring guy. Did he have no furniture or dishes? no family? Tell us more!!!
    And by the way, the table is darling and fits so well in that space. Love the chairs too.

  14. What a great table — pretty and functional. Just sent my daughter the link for the table. She and her husband just purchased a home and she is looking for a round table to fit a small breakfast nook. This looks perfect AND I also told her to visit a Pier 1 to look at outdoor chairs to go with the table. I was just in Pier 1 this morning and had forgotten how nice and durable those outdoor chairs are. We purchased several of their simple outdoor dining chairs several years ago and they still look great. Love your red ones! Such fun going into the Pier 1 store today — that store makes me smile.

    Love the photos of Charlie and Ivy.

    Take care and enjoy your evening.

  15. Pretty little table! I also really like the french doors. Your space looks so much roomier. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do. Always love seeing Ivy and Charlie!

  16. I had a small table like that and gave it away but sometimes wish I had it back. My table is a drop leaf and old with mix match chairs but since I only have family over a couple of times a year not sure how long I’ll keep it. I love the french doors. Cute pics of the fur babies. I’m so glad you have made a friend who will cook and help you and you in return help him. I always look forward to the changes you make around your home!

  17. Hello, Brenda. Your new table is pretty and practical. I especially like the pecan color. You are adept at choosing the best colors and pieces that are in scale with your room size. Smaller does not mean less. I hope you have begun feeling better. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

  18. I love the round table and your red chairs from Pier One. I have one of those chairs and still have mine. The table looks great with your new garden door. I also like the red truck print. Love those red trucks. Hope your table set sells at the consignment shop.

  19. I really like the looks of your new table in that space. I’ve always liked drop leaf tables for their versatility, too. You’re so right about outdoor furniture being very practical and functional for indoor use, as well. We currently have some cushioned, quite comfortable, outdoor chairs in front of our woodstove. They also swivel. This serves as a nice conversation area every morning when my husband and I have our coffee and tea.

  20. The table looks great, and makes the room seem so very open and spacious, bringing your beautiful patio garden almost indoors. Even more, though, I just love your red chairs. Wow! You describe them as very robust, but I think that they are really elegant, with lovely clean lines and that marvellous, marvellous colour. You have the most wonderful sense of colour, Brenda. I just love and admire all your tastes.

  21. Nice table. It’s perfect for that spot. It looks like Ivy is checking out the new table too!
    Love your new French doors!

  22. I like your new table! Sounds like you’re going to paint it? 🙂 I have a similar kitchen table – a solid wood one where both ends drop down – but it’s antique. I got it at a nearby shop a few years ago for only $100 (including delivery). I’m sure it would look even more beautiful painted, but I’m not good with painting furniture and a bit lazy with that kind of thing, too.

  23. I live in Amish Country Ohio . About 20 years ago I had a hand make oak table and chairs made, I have a similar looking pedestal except my table is larger. I also got a round table because it is in our breakfast nook because as you know a round table takes up less space. Your table looks good and now you can open your door .

  24. That table is so sweet and versatile. I’ve alway said that newlyweds should buy outdoor furniture, especially if they are renting. Great stuff and it can always be moved outside when needed. I like your idea about the rugs. It makes for easy cleaning.

    Babies look great, as usual. I bet your new surprise includes the color red!!! Just guessing.

  25. We have an even smaller space for a table…so we too got a round table with 2 drop sides. Works fine for us. I do like your idea about using inside/outside furniture…we will have to remember that if we get a bit larger place at some point. Our chairs do not match even…I have a little wooden one I got at a thrift for $5 or so, that I love…and hubby sits in his padded folding metal chair. We never hardly have anyone over. So what says I? If people judge you for what you do or do not have, it is not worth worrying over. Life often works out differently than we think it will…which makes planning hard to do. We really need a different place to live…but things are hugely overpriced here so likely we will not buy but hunt a “better for us” rental at some point. I DO like the flexibility renting gives…one can change location easier. The first 4 years of our marriage and the last 18 years we have just rented. Inbetween we bought houses. One rental was the most stupendous place we ever lived.
    I am sorry your see your daughter and her family so infrequently…but at last it is some…and I know you see things that way too…but I am so glad you have now Nathan to be with, even moreso…and he is right there closeby…he may well be grateful for you too!! Should be!!

  26. I love the table; it looks similar to mine in my little breakfast room. Ivy slowing down? Funny. She’s just resting up for another adventure. Nathan does sound like a Godsend and so glad you two are able to work together with meals, furniture giveaways, etc.

    Carol and Molly

  27. I really like your table. I have a drop leaf table but when open will seat 6. I also love the red pickup picture!

  28. I really like your new table; it is pretty and has interesting details on the pedestal. The chairs are cute too! You are making lots of changes. We will need a new tour of your place once you get your new sofa and recliner (and new color….hmmmm?)!
    Charlie looks sweet and Ivy looks a bit sleepy. Ivy would have enjoyed the view out my picture window over the weekend. I had about 50 robins in and around my ornamental pear tree eating the little berries, as well as some gorgeous cedar waxwings and the usual suspects: sparrows, chickadees, a nuthatch, and snow buntings.
    Have a great day!

  29. That’s a perfect little table for your dining room, Brenda! I have nearly the same one in my lower level – I bought it for an eat in kitchen in my previous rental – it served us well there, and I liked that I could tuck it in with the flaps down or open it up for 4 ppl. Is anything popping up in your containers yet? I’m sure you will be seeing something soon!

  30. Love your new table! The chairs look fabulous! Can’t wait to see what’s happening next! 🙂
    Love the pics of the furbabies!

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