Tomorrow’s Frugal Tips Topic

Tomorrow’s frugal tips topic is Affordable Outdoor Living. This will be week #11 for Frugal Tips Friday where we exchange ideas with one another in the comment section.

I’m always looking for new topic ideas, so if you have any, I’d appreciate knowing about them. I will then put them on my running list of possible topics.

The longer we have topics, the more we can learn from one another and share our ideas for frugal ways to live.

I consider outdoor living to also include gardening. Because I never do one without the other. So this will mean ideas for decorating your space or anything to do with gardening in your outdoor space.

Next month I will be able to start planting. So now is the time I’m typically thinking how I might arrange or change the patio space up a bit.

Ideas will be brewing in my head between now and mid-April. And I will probably choose a plant or two that I haven’t tried yet in containers.

I’m now in the planning phase I go through every year just before it’s warm enough to actually plant in my containers. There’s not much I enjoy more than digging in the dirt and being on my patio.

I need to get some work done before I start spiffing things up and planting seeds and plants. For instance I have maintenance to take care of in terms of pruning existing plants.

I also like to rearrange my pots and kind of choose a theme for what I’m planning to do out on the patio for every spring and summer season.

This year I have new French doors so that’s a big change from last year.

So I just wanted to pop in here to tell you tomorrow’s topic.

See ya then! Bring your ideas with you!

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  1. Here’s something I tho’t of, Brenda, that might be a Frugal Friday topic. It’s frugal body-care ideas, like face and body cremes, hair-care products, cosmetics, etc. It could include dental care products, too. I don’t use much in the way of cosmetics but I do try to find ones without bad chemicals in them and I use some essential oils for certain healing purposes. The topic might include “home remedy” types of things, like baking soda for insect stings, etc. What do you think? Could that be worked into a viable topic without looking like prescribing “cures” for anything? If you decide it could revise or rework the idea however you want.

    I will be waiting to see all the ideas for the frugal Outdoor Living post tomorrow!

  2. Is there such a thing as affordable outdoor living? Every piece of furniture I’ve seen costs a fortune! Can’t wait to read! Love and hugs!

    1. Well yes, I believe so. It doesn’t have to be furniture that comes from big box stores. It can be something from inside that you choose to take outside. It just takes a bit of creativity because our choices today are boundless.

  3. Brenda,
    Perhaps you would consider ” Frugal Day Trips, Or Partial Day Excursions” as a topic for Frugal Fridays.

    For those who do not drive, this could be an outing by walking to a local event, or taking a bus. For instance, I can walk a few blocks, and visit our excellent local small town museum. They have interesting presentations, and displays that are either free, or only cost about $3.00. I took my Grandaughters to hear a barbershop quartet sing, and those senior guys could really do ” ragtime ” , let me tell you ! My young teen Grandaughters had never heard it before , and we all enjoyed it ! Another evening, they had a concert pianist playing an antique Grand Piano. They have also had displays of old costumes, tools etc. Most of my entertainment is free, or very low cost, and I have lots of fun ! I imagine that most people here would have some really good stories, and suggestions.

    1. No screen doors. I signed an agreement with the rescue place where I got Ivy that I would not let her go outside, so no, I won’t do that.

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