Necessary Decisions On Furniture Placement

The living room looks a bit different today. The manager here is now using my coffee table. I’m tired of running into it, Ivy shedding on it and subsequently cleaning her fur off the glass surface every day.

I’ve had a real bout of clumsiness lately. A week ago I banged my head walking into the edge of the wall shelf in the kitchen. I was walking fast when I ran into it so it was a good pop to the head.

Boy did that hurt.

Also this past week I’ve stumbled over the coffee table which has always been kind of wedged between the doggie steps and my recliner.

So I told the manager who just moved in here that she could use the coffee table. Life as it is right now is just not conducive to having furniture out in the middle of the floor.

I’ve tried various ways to solve this problem. But it comes down to what is absolutely necessary. I must have the doggie steps for Charlie. And I have to have my recliner positioned close to the couch so Charlie can walk up the doggie steps to get to me in my recliner.

A few weeks ago I fell backwards out of the bath tub. I was turning around to rinse my hair and lost my balance and out I went. Thankfully I have a hard head.

I think I’m just very tired trying to keep up with things and of course Charlie is my main priority.

When a member of your family is sick, you just do what you must do. Sometimes that means being tired when you go to bed and tired when you wake up. So you just keep on keeping on.

Did anyone ever actually use the coffee table? No, it was just there for looks. And I’d rather not be stepping around the doggie steps and tripping over the legs of it walking to my chair.

Last night I watched more of “Gypsy.” I can see why it only made it one season. If I had to use one word to describe this series, I would have to say vapid.

The therapist in the story played by Naomi Watts is selfish and does not put the needs of her patients first. I take particular umbrage to that. At the very least what she does is unethical. And we sure don’t need to encourage therapists to go beyond their boundaries.

At this point I don’t know how many episodes I have left to watch, but I’ve decided to see it through just to see how on earth they will end this ridiculous story line that isn’t much of a story at all.

Here is Ivy playing with her tail. That girl sure manages to have fun and entertain herself.

She’s been on the very edge of trouble all morning doing things she knows not to do. I keep having to refresh their water bowl because she took it into her head this morning that she was going to keep putting her paws in the water.

Thus she dirties it up and Charlie drinks a lot in the morning because he takes a diuretic. So Ivy has been sprayed with water a number of times today already.

Then she has this fascination with the hoses from my washer that dangle down when not in use. I keep the end of them in a small crock. She delights in pulling the hoses out.

I keep trying to break her of that, but she’s a stubborn kitty. I don’t need bits of water on the floor to slip on on top of everything else.

Charlie has had a round of coughing fits this morning. He always does this when it’s raining. And it’s been raining off and on all morning.

I just looked behind my chair and Ivy is now fast asleep on a pet bed I keep back there. I imagine she’s worn herself out trying to figure out what mischief to get into next.

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    I really like your decor choices. And the photos of Ivy and Charlie are especially adorable! I hope you take some time to treat yourself well so you can take care of your fur babies.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    That fall out of the tub sounds terrifying. You could be badly hurt and then your independence is gone! You can also get a grab bar that fits over the tub and doesn’t need permanent installation. Might work for you. Take care of yourself.

  3. If you ever want to get a coffee table again, you could look for a small, round wooden one or use a soft, round ottoman. Glass tops are terrible when you have either kids or pets! We have a long, rectangular coffee table in the living room and I frequently bang my legs on it (or trip over the cat scratching post by the coffee table and couch) but we do use this table. I have my books and laptop on it, plus it serves as an ottoman for our feet when we’re sitting on the couch or side chair. But the main reason I love it is because it was my grandma’s.

    Might be a good idea to put a rubber bath mat in your tub and then see if Nathan can install grab bars in the tub/shower area, too. Also, when you’re doing your yoga stretches, practice some balance exercises. We do those in yoga class a lot.

    There’s several reasons why cats dip their paws into their water bowls. Here’s a good article on this behavior:

    Have a good Sunday! It’s a quiet, rainy day here.

  4. Your apartment looks great with or without. I do not use one in living area due to space limit..but have 2 I have not been able to part with and keep in bedrooms (lol).. I think as we age, everything becomes cautionary when we move around. I recently feel I broke my toe (4 months ago), and is just now really getting better(still wrapping for protection). One day last week I closed my finger in a drawer..yow. Just saying, you are not alone..but hope you find a solution for something to grab in the shower. Be careful..take care..and hope you get more rest..all three of you, very soon. The colors in your apartment are great..keep on seeing your creativity. Thank you.

  5. I have not had a coffee table for years, never liked them. My living room is very small so I do not have much furniture in it. A loveseat, rocking chair, side table and my tv.
    I would like to get a recliner and move the rocker out.
    Charlie looks so good, he is such a handsome boy. Ms. Ivy and her antics are so funny. I enjoy reading about both of them.
    Wishing you a wonderful week-end.

  6. What a great photo of little Charlie. He looks so bright-eyed and intelligent.

    Coffee tables can be a pain in smallish areas. I just have a small primitive-style bench in front of my couch that holds the books that my grandsons read. Sometimes that is even too cluttered-feeling. And that’s something for me, the Queen of Clutter, to acknowledge! I think I am learning to eliminate clutter despite myself, from my daughter living with me. She is the Purge Queen!

    A sunny and rather warm day here today. I am not feeling very energetic though since having my nose surgery on Wed. and the bandage covering half my face is driving me nuts. Won’t get it off until Tuesday, so I’m trying to just deal and wait it out. I don’t want to screw anything up by removing it too soon.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Brenda, in spite of that mischief of a cat that you live with! She never fails to entertain us all, though!

  7. Brenda you certainly chose the right name for your blog. Your house looks so cozy and inviting.. It is so bright and cheerful. I also love the orange pillow in that stylish chair.
    We haven’t had a coffee table at all in the 12 plus years since we built our house. Just never thought it necessary to buy one.
    I enjoy your blog so much but I don’t always have time to comment. I wish you had a like button or a thumbs up button for us who don’t always have time to comment.

  8. Another good one: “House if Cards”. Re “ breaking Bad”: after it was recommended to us, we tried twice to watch it. You have to hang in there awhile, but you WILL get hooked!

  9. Your dinning set is just beautiful
    your quilt looks Great on the couch
    I enjoy your BLOG and your Apartment
    I’m so sorry Charlie is under the weather.
    I had a little Yorkie “Iris”

  10. I agree with you get rid of any furniture that can cause us to fall .
    If it is not useful we don’t need it .
    I love to hear about the fur babies and Miss Ivy is always full of energy and the water squirts aren’t working to good I don’t believe .She is stubborn and sometimes she just does things to get you to squirt her !
    Glad Charlie is doing well with therapy .
    Be careful in that bathtub and enjoy your weekend .
    We are enjoying Netflex now .
    Especially Breaking Bad and I love love Longmire !

  11. We don’t have a coffee table in the living room. We have a handicapped daughter who likes to use the sofa to look out the window and a coffee table would get in the way. It took me 2 years to convince her that the sofa was her ‘chair’ so a coffee table is very surplus to need. You may get to love it they way I do.

  12. I got rid of my coffee table along time ago, after one of my kids fell by the corner of it, inches away from their eye!!! It went right down cellar tell I gave it away. I use tray tables, that can be taken down after using.
    Have a great weekend Brenda with Charlie and Ivy! ?

  13. Good decision to eliminate the coffee table; the older and dare I say wiser I’ve become I’m now a follower of a “less is more” lifestyle. My motto of downsize, de-clutter, simplify may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is definitely working for me.

    You’re very lucky that your bathtub fall was not any worse than it was. A similar incident with me several years ago prompted me to use a sturdy 4-prong cane when getting in and out of the bathtub. No more sitting down in the tub for this gal, although I do miss the luxury of an occasional long hot bubble bath it’s not worth risking a fall, it’s only showers for me now.

  14. Yeah, I had to have grab bars installed in my shower because sometimes I just loose my balance for no apparent reason. Don’t use the suction cup kind, they’ll come off. Get somebody to install the permanent kind.
    I’m starting over on Broadchurch because my husband has started watching the series!

  15. I’ve always had a coffee table. I usually “styled” it with books and a another larger one with my collection of paper weights. Now, 7 years later, living in a mobile home, much smaller than the houses I’ve lived in, I have no room either for a coffee table. My collections are in a windowed hutch, and all of my books are on book shelves. I really don’t miss the table, my living room 16 x 18, looks much larger without it.
    Ivy is so cute.. Miss Cleatus always would put her paw in her water, and then would lick the water off. She would drink it also, but I had to change her water each day, sometimes twice a day. She had two different bowls, one on the kitchen floor next to her dry food, and another on my craft table. the reason being there, when I would watercolor, she would try to drink the water where I cleaned my brush, so I gave up on that, and just give her a large cup of her own.
    Glad to see Charlie looking good! Hugs to you and your lovies from WI

  16. Maybe you could have Nathan put up grab bars in the tub. I had two put in the shower when I took my tub out a couple of years ago. One vertical as you step in and one horizontal along the back you can put a towel over. And I had one put on the wall by the toilet. Just gives me peace of mind.

    Charlie looks great. Everything you are doing for him seems to be working. We have pretty feisty cats the same age. I just saw Norah run out of the shower!!

  17. Hi Brenda,
    Love the pics! You have an eye for decorating. Love your recent crafts too.
    As the years add up, we seem to have balance issues; I’ve read somewhere that doing certain exercises helps balance and core.
    My recent rescue, “Kitty” has bursts of energy (she is about Ivy’s age) and she has also discovered dipping her paws in the water bowl and sometimes turns it over! It’s a challenge, but she will eventually outgrow it.
    I hope.

  18. I do the same as you Brenda and live how my pets are most comfortable, not for show. They love a soft quilt on the loveseat and couch so that it is and sometimes they look messy cause they like cuddling in them, so it never looks neat in my house. So be it. We take care of their needs as long as they bless us with their existence in our lives.
    Is there an adult agency such as Lifetime or Oasis in your area? Maybe call the county aging office there and see what agency helps older folks with services you need. They bring out to homes grab bars and railings for people to keep them safe in their dwellings and I don’t believe they charge for it here.

  19. The only coffee table we have is between our recliners, and it is there so Dexter the cat can walk over to whom ever he likes and settle down!

  20. I don’t have balance problems, but I am constantly whacking my fingers into things or getting them caught! Sigh. I now put my forks tines down in the dishwasher since I poke myself constantly when emptying it.

    Charlie looks great!

    I love your couch and wall hanging in the pic. Looks very colorful, yet peaceful!

    I never had a coffee table, nor grew up with one till I got married. All I ever do is prop my feet on it and on popcorn night, my husband’s drink and bowl are on it. I find them useless.

  21. Maybe you should consider getting a grab bar for your bathtub. I have one in my shower and it does come in handy at times. I have slowed down when moving around my apartment and I am really aware of my surroundings. I bumped my head too many times. xo Laura

  22. Hi there Brenda,
    First time commenting but have been reading and following along with your posts for a bit.
    Just wanted to say I love your posts, Charlie and Ivy too. I am a cat girl, have been all my life so I enjoy Ivy’s antics very much!
    I also love your decorating style. If I was single and on my own I would enjoy a similar style. Very bright and cheery.
    My heart and prayers go out to Charlie and also to you, get some rest girl, take care of you too!!
    Prayers and good thoughts being sent your way from North Texas!

  23. When I became menopausal I started having problems with my balance. For the first time in my life I had to put a rubber mat in my bath tub because of a near fall. I haven’t fallen, but there have been some close ones.

    1. Brianna,
      You know come to think of it, that happened (and still does) to me when I went through Menopause too!
      Still dealing with it, now I understand why my mom always held on to furniture, walls, ect.. when she walked everywhere!

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