What The Manager Thinks Will Happen In The Kitchen

Friday I went into Hobby Lobby to stock back up with their half priced spooled ribbon. I used most of my ribbon stash when I made the boho ribbon hanger now hanging in the dining room ceiling.

Every time I go in there I see more and more boho decor. It seems like I’m seeing boho everywhere. Even in my grocery store.

Now decorating blogs seem a bit more eclectic for the most part and are adding bits of boho to their modern farmhouse styled homes.

It is interesting seeing it mixed with other styles of decor.

Yesterday I was talking to the manager, who is staying here, and she said she saw a print out of what they’re planning for the kitchen. That is unless they change their minds before the end of the month and don’t sign.

She said they were planning to tear down that L wall that separates the living room and dining room from the kitchen, leaving it open. In the open space they plan a breakfast bar.

That would definitely open it up in here, especially if they angled the bar across the space instead of lining it up. But then what if one of the walls is load bearing? Guess they’ll find out soon enough.

She said she saw black appliances and all new cabinets.

No mention of the rest of the place except she thinks they may put in washer/dryer connections.

I don’t know that they’ve looked at the back of the apartments. When they were here last, they didn’t go out on my patio. Because the rotted wood is pretty bad back there with the roots (whether dead or alive) well under my apartment.

How someone would fix that I don’t know. You’d have to go into the cement and the wall.

But then all this is conjecture at this point.

She said a crew of them were coming in tomorrow to interview for maintenance jobs, etc. From what I understand the ones here are not planning to stay. Guess it would depend on the offer made to them though.

Whoever they hire for maintenance, they would be wise to make them carry a company phone and fix it where they can’t be on the internet all day or texting people. Because they could be working a lot more if they weren’t glued to their phones.

One of you asked why they let the guy who pees everywhere still live here. She said it’s hard to get him out because adult services have come in and say he is of sound mind, so they can’t make him go to assisted living.

I don’t know what the rules are about all that. But she said she is trying to convince him to at least get a new chair because the one he sits in reeks of urine. Apparently he just pees wherever he’s sitting.

And she said she made him buy Depends. Whether he does of course is unknown.

I suppose you could just not let him resign for another year once his lease is up.

I think there are quite a few of the older folks here who really need more help, but don’t want to move. Many have lived here for decades and now have dementia and related disorders.

And apparently no family to help with their care. Or at least family willing to step in.

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  1. Brenda, I am sure you have heard the words, “If not for the grace of God, there I go” I will never ever assume, I know how or why another person lives as they do. It is sad, that some have no one in their life, that gives a dam…There just is too much “nobody cares” anymore. Who knows, maybe I, or someone else I know, might be in the same sad situation some day, we really don’t know, do we???

  2. We see this a lot here…many homeless are old appearing at least…and some disabled…they SHOULD be in some kind of care facility. But if a person is not rich, finding a place is indeed hard. These 55+ apts are kind of a step above a nursing home in a way, where we live. The managers are not keen on that fact but cannot discriminate and not rent to those who are barely able to take care of themselves. It is scary alright…as we age…very!!

    The manager should pick up some $30 fold up chairs from Costco for the office…easier to clean up!! And the white plastic ones are quite comfortable really too.

  3. While you might take issue with her choice of words, how many of you would want to live next to someone who behaves/lives like that tenant? While legally he might be “sound of mind,” he is creating a health issue for himself and the rest of the complex. I do not believe that the complex management cannot find a way to deal with this, the public health department for example. Most complexes use a standard lease for whichever state they are located in; he’s most likely in violation of the lease. New management came into my complex a couple years ago. The office staff has proven time and again that they are good for nothing more than signing leases, i.e., maintain the occupancy rate. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

  4. Brenda, it seems like you’re on the forefront of decorating. I think the farmhouse look will always be with us but I think it is being replaced by the boho look as far as current popularity goes. The older I get I think hmm just keep on liking what you like and mix it together like a well seasoned strew. If I like it that’s pretty much all that matters… my cats just want to be cared for and fed and not much of anyone else sees my place. I love decorating and a pretty place but I realize that it’s not really the priority I once thought it was. Have a great Sunday and I hope this week brings you and the fur babies peace and joy.

  5. Hoping for the best for you and the fur babies, Brenda. It does seem a bit provisional right now, but that’s almost always the way when a transition is taking place. I do agree with Alice about those harsh statements from the one reader. Sometimes it may be really hard to be compassionate, but a little empathy would go a long way. No need for name calling in this peaceful place. We’re all in this journey of life together.
    I love your plants in the apartment. Yesterday I brought some of my houseplants in from their summer vacation on the balcony. It’s always an adjustment for them, but they usually do well.

  6. I live in an updated apartment. I live on the second floor and have a balcony which looks out over two lakes. I love it. And I love your blogs!!

  7. This man obviously needs assistance, but calling the poor soul a “pig”, “nasty”, “goon”, “nut case”, “put in the loony bin” is neither helpful nor charitable. It’s not why I read this blog. Sorry.

    1. I agree with you. My mouth was hanging open at her words. Do you speak of all elderly people like this? You might one day be “that pig, goon, nutcase” and put into a looney bin. Shame on you.

    2. I agree. His condition is not normal but calling him names is beyond unkind. I don’t appreciate this kind of meanest. We need more live, kindness and understanding. There may be an underlying health or mental condition that causes this behavior. This man needs help not ugly criticism. This kind of comment just depresses me.

      1. Thank goodness you all spoke up. There but for the grace of G.d go I. Many elderly people become not only incontenant but also loose their sense of smell. I am so glad so many of you expressed empathy for him.

  8. That tenant who pees on everything and everywhere, I don’t care what his stand of mind soundness is. He’s breaching the lease by being a pig and is a health hazard I’d bet good money on, under local sanitation laws, if nothing else. That is grounds for EVICTION. What’s the matter, management doesn’t want to evict this guy, are they afraid of him or something? ALL states provide for eviction of nasty troublesome tenants, whether they have a lease or not. It’s easy enough, especially with a written Lease and local health codes, to be able to find several grounds to evict him. Those cheapskates should retain an attorney and let him or her have at this nasty tenant and get rid of him once and for all. And regardless of what the incompetents in the Mental Services unit have said about this goon being of “sound mind,” obviously he’s not. He’s a nut case, pure and simple. That doesn’t give him extra protection under the law except he can’t be put into the looney bin where he obviously belongs! Either management is too cheap to hire a lawyer to evict the goon, or afraid of undertaking eviction proceedings against him for some unknown reason. You can be sure, however, that the NEW owners (if the deal does close and ownership is transferred) will be mightily hacked off when the find out about this literally leaker tenant! It could even be grounds to void the transaction, depends upon what kind of due diligence laws your state imposes on a potential purchaser. Regardless, rotting walls and ledger boards need to be replaced, as does water-decayed concrete. I would complain to the health department about it, it’s dangerous and a health hazard because of potential mold and the potential for rodents and other nasty critters to overtake the building through the openings in the rotted wood and deteriorated concrete. And if/when this new ownership comes in and tears your apartment apart from ceiling to subfloor, where are you, Charlie and Ivy supposed to live meanwhile? You will NOT be able to keep Charlie in an apartment filled with drywall dust and possibly mold and mouse feces particles from a prior infestation floating about in the air. Nobody should be living in such circumstances. The project they’re talking about, replacing possibly a load bearing wall would require pillars that transfer the weight load of the building above down to the foundation, new footers might need to be installed, and installation of a reinforcing beam to span the opening of some sort to pick up the load the wall used to bear. The work could take weeks, it won’t be done in a day or two. Seems to me that right now, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing among either the current or expected future owner(s)! That does not foretell a smooth transition or a new owner that will be responsive to the needs of the tenants.

  9. I had a dear, elderly friend (who has since passed away) who lived in an apartment complex that was once very nice and filled with reliable tenants. In the years that passed the apartment complex changed ownership and management. After a while she was the only original tenant left. Sadly, the place started to get run-down and dodgy. Even though her children wanted to move her out of there she refused to budge. She didn’t want to move in with them because she was fiercely independent. They even offered to move her to assisted living facilities, but she still said no. I worried about her because of scary incidents that she would relate to me, but she was determined to stay put. She would tell me about tenants who had mental health issues or were elderly & poor and had no one to take them in. She was lucky to have children and grandchildren who frequently came to check on her. Most of the tenants had to rely on government services to help with their rent, medical services and food.

  10. It doesn’t seem like that urinating on yourself and sitting in a stinky chair would be considered normal adult behavior…just saying. Very sad. Glad the poor man has been introduced to Depends so that may help his quality of life. It surely is not something we all look forward to… aging and becoming dependent on others for our care.. :0( … That would be exciting to get an upgrade of your kitchen…but hopefully, a plan you like. Awaiting the unknowns in life is always a challenge… Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. It sounds like they have some good plans for your apartments. Twenty years ago I lived in an apartment where they came is and updated everything. They put a washer and dryer in one of the storage rooms and updated the kitchen. I had to go and stay with my mom for several days because they had to drill through the concrete floor to install the water line for the washer. They put up plastic to try and keep the concrete dust down, but when I came back it was still pretty much everywhere. I hope they have good plans for the tenants for when they are doing the upgrades. xo Laura

  12. It made me very sad to read your comments about the elderly living in your building. How very sad that in your declining years you have no one to look after you or to at least check in on you.

    I hope that they make some great improvements to your place and don’t raise the rent.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. A very sad commentary on the aging population. Someone likened the baby boomers progress through life as:
    The “pig in a python” syndrome or effect (also “pig in the python,” “pig through a python” and “pig through the python”) describes swallowing and digesting something large. We are such a large segment of society that we affect everything and to say that society is unprepared for the aging population is an understatement. Many people will be and are being left by the wayside.

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