A Rainy, Cold & Dark January Day

It has been raining all night and it is kind of dark out still. Poor Charlie has to go out in that rain and I stand at the door with a towel to get him warm.

Ivy has increasingly been begging to be petted. This is more a recent state of events. She’s always liked her head to be petted. But now she’s relentless.

I call her Miss Lovey Beggar. When I pet her head she often falls over in her bliss. Her big paws open and close as cats are wont to do when they’re happy.

I watched another episode of “Brokenwood” last night. I spent some of yesterday afternoon trying to figure the whole Vera thing out.

When you go to Amazon Prime Video and put “Vera” in their Search box it takes you to a page where you can sign up for Acorn or Britbox, wherever the particular season you want to watch is being shown.

I can’t find anywhere where you can watch it free with Prime. I think Amazon must have made some sort of deal with them.

I’ve already paid for a year of Acorn TV, but haven’t tried Britbox. Maybe I could watch what I haven’t seen in the one week trial period.

I get Amazon Prime with my cell phone plan. Which is good since I rarely use the darned thing for anything else.

I just can’t understand people’s intense desire to have their cell phone as an appendage to their body. I just don’t get it. It’s like an addiction.

Sitting somewhere with the phone piddling around just bores me to tears. I get all the internet time I want on this laptop and want no part of it when I’m away.

I guess I’m a strange duck. For me it’s just something useful if I have car trouble, which luckily I never have had happen with this 14 year old car. Or to use for coupons. That’s pretty much the extent of the interest for me.

When I’m out and about I want to look at trees and birds and such. I don’t want to deal with a phone.

Who wants to miss a gaggle of geese crossing the road? Or flying overhead? I just think what I might miss if I had my focus on a phone instead of the world around me.

I’ll be meeting younger daughter for lunch today. I’m not sure I want to go out all that much because I have an ear ache and it’s cold and wet. But I hate to miss the chance to see her.

Older daughter emailed and has a full day and no time for lunch so maybe next time for her.

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  1. Hi Brenda.
    Like you, I do not wear my phone in my hand all day every day. However, I do ‘understand’ it, to some degree. Here’s my take- with respect, we are ‘old’. Over 55 or so with a clear memory of a pre-digital age. Millennials and Gen X I know never lookout a laptop or desktop unless they’re at school, working, or gaming. Why would they? They have a computer in their hand.


  2. Britbox is great and not really any more than acorn. Vera season 10 starts jan 21 and I can hardly wait. I watch a lot of other shows too.

  3. Brenda, my doctor suggested a hydrogen peroxide soak for my ears. I swim 2+ times a week at the YMCA and occasionally will start to get an ear ache. She said put an old towel down and drop straight peroxide in ear till it’s full; I use a dropper. Lay there for about 15-30 minutes, it will foam and tickle; but it is slaying all the bad organisms. It also softens ear wax. Use a Kleenex or paper towel to swab out whatever is comes out of the ear canal. My daughter’s pediatrician recommended a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol for her children. He said the peroxide kills any bacteria and the alcohol helps to evaporate most of the rest of the liquid. She has them lay down to make sure the mix stays in the ear.
    I am thinking if you do this, I’ll bet Ms. Ivy will be very curious and will check you out!
    Feel better!

    1. A cat begging for attention and to be petted isn’t a sign of illness. My female cat is just like Brenda’s, in that the older she gets, the more attention she craves. My kitty is now even pawing at my arm (just like a dog nudging with its nose) when she wants me to pet her – which is a lot! If I remember correctly, Brenda had Ivy at the vet not too long ago.

  4. I love the way that sweet Ivy has started loving being petted and is attaching to you. She has decided that she loves you. It took her a little extra time to be sure she was truly at home now. She is a strikingly pretty kitty. Her size, her markings, her intelligence, and especially her personality are very special.

  5. I have been watching Vera on Amazon Prime with Acorn @ $4.99 a month seems to have all 8 seasons. I think there are so many plans no one can figure it out. Sort of a cross between taxes and medicare.

    1. “I think there are so many plans no one can figure it out. Sort of a cross between taxes and medicare.” lol Funny You should say that, I came from the mailbox and there was another thing talking about medicare – I was talking out loud as I came to the house about how all this info on medicare plan choice is sooo confusing and right there on a flyer it said that, without so many o’s!!
      lol 🙂 b

    1. I believe I already put that on my BritBox watchlist. Obviously I had to sign up with it! I want to see the Vera series I missed and then go to #8 and watch the rest.

  6. I have BritBox. THe new season of Vera is coming out. I also watch British shows on Amazon and Hulu. I rotate them so that I don’t have to pay for too many at once. xo Laura

  7. I think the remaining seasons of Vera that you want to see are in Brtibox. I think you would like Britbox. There are also a lot of other mystery shows on it. In addition, I think Amazon Prime has.a Masterpiece channel available on it with a bunch of British shows. Someone else mentioned Midsomar Murders. A new season of it just became available on Acorn TV and BrotBox. I think there are some seasons of it on the Roku channel.

  8. BritBox has seasons 3,4,5,8 and 9. Acorn has 1,2,6 and 7. I have Prime, Netflix, Acorn and BritBox. I like them all for different shows.

  9. amazon sells a lot of subsciptions to other channels. i usually just go to the site i want and sign up directly. i think brit box is great as is acorn. another good channel is MHz. it is all international shows, mystery and other but you do need to use captions. the problem i have with pbs is that so many of their shows are behind a paywall.

  10. My library has a ton of videos also so perhaps people are right and that’s your answer!

    It’s a miserable day here, super cold with a real feel in the -20’s, my hands seriously froze when I was out for just two minutes this morning in the garage rooting around for something in the freezer! I was worried I had frostbite!

  11. We dropped Netflix and have Acorn and Britbox, along with Amazon Prime. Checking the library is a good idea. I hope your earache is better. I have tinnitus so I can relate to ear problems.

    1. Ditto on the tinnitus – I hear crickets or something similar and earth moving equipment – when the second sounds came into play I thought our heat pump was running all the time, but no, it was my ears or the cause of it. I just looked up tinnitus and saw this: “How do you get rid of tinnitus?
      These tips may help: 1.Avoid possible irritants. Reduce your exposure to things that may make your tinnitus worse. 2.Cover up the noise. In a quiet setting, a fan, soft music or low-volume radio static may help mask the noise from tinnitus. 3.Manage stress. Stress can make tinnitus worse. 4.Reduce your alcohol consumption. I vote for the opposite of #4 – lol, I’m just kidding ladies!

      Brenda, as for Prime, we get Britbox, but it doesn’t look like we have to pay for it – I don’t see it getting paid for on statements anywhere, maybe it is included with the Prime payment – idk. It appears Britbox is limited on some of the stories – I started watching some show where real estate folk take folks to three different homes/land in England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland, to see if any are to their buying-like, but the show started with a season in the 80’s, like Season 84 or 89 and went on for few or two seasons. I enjoyed what I saw and I don’t usually like those things. lol 🙂 b

    1. I really like watching Midsomer Murders. I like the characters and the story lines. Look forward to it each week.

  12. Brenda, I live in Tulsa county and use the library system a lot. I just checked and the library has the series of Vera. You may want to check it out next time you’re at the library. If not at that particular library, they can get it for you.

  13. Not home right now so can’t be sure what service (Britbox or Acorn) carries Vera. We have both services and is worth it. I also suggest the PBS app which carries the Masterpiece shows. All wonderful!

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