Decorating With Garden Stools

Someone commented that the gold garden stool is too pretty to put outside. Well, it won’t be going outside.

These garden stools have become very popular in home furnishings and decor.

I have looked at them many times online. But either they were small and too much or big and far too much.

The one I found fit the bill all around.

Here are some garden stools I found on Pinterest to show how they are sometimes used.

For instance, they can be used instead of side tables. Which is an obvious choice.

Use several gathered together instead of a coffee table. This would work wonderfully in small spaces.

In fact for a really small space you could use one or two.

Next to a bar cart to hold the ice bucket for a party or evening in with a few guests.

You could use it simply as a decorative accessory much like I am in my living room.

You could put garden stools on the porch to use when someone needs a place to set their glass of iced tea.

One or two would be really pretty in an entryway underneath a Parsons table just for decoration.

You could use a garden stool in a bathroom to hold towels or a glass of wine.

You can read the history behind these pretty stools here. Their origin is in China and they were used in gardens, hence the name.

I love mine. It’s such a gorgeous color and I like the texture. It’s a good height.

I’m so glad I went ahead and bought it ($69.00) because I doubt I’ll find one for anywhere near that price for the size. I would have regretted it if I went back and someone else had snapped this beauty up.

It’s place will remain indoors as a decorative element or side table. I look at it as a piece of “jewelry” to accent my bohemian theme.

If you go to buy one online, check the size because sometimes they aren’t really all that big. This one is 12 inches wide and 18 inches high.

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  1. We plan to spend a large amount of time at my brother’s vacation home and my wife was wondering what gifts we could leave them to use as outdoor decorations. I really liked how the examples in your article show how versatile the garden stools can be especially because we’ll be on vacation and we may have different needs at different times, whether it be a coffee break or during reading sessions. I’ll show this article to my wife and see what kind of outdoor decorative stools we can bring for vacation. Thank you so much!

  2. I like that you included some stools you could use in your bathroom ort as a decorative. The different colors and designs are really intriguing and I would love to get some like this. There are some areas near my tub that would look great with stools.

  3. Well, now I am educated about the use of garden stools, Brenda! I guess I’ve seen them here and there before but never paid much attention to them. I’m glad to know it won’t be going outside in the elements! It’s a nice piece of bling for your living room.

  4. I had no idea “garden” stools came in different sizes. I love them, but I have no room in my home, for even a smaller one. I agree, it is like a piece of jewelry, have never seen one like yours, in any ad, it truly is a beautiful accent!

  5. Your garden stool is so pretty and fits your space/decor so nice. I now have three garden stools and not a single one of them is outdoors (although I do carry them outside once in a while to use as additional seating or as side tables for drinks/magazines/candles). I have one in each bathroom right beside the shower stall to hold a towel, a candle, or a change of clothing. One of my rescue cats (Sassy) likes to sit on the stool while I am in the shower — surprised that she was willing to get that close to the water but she sure seems to like that stool. I use one beside the guest room bed so that a guest can place a book/phone/glasses close by. On the other side of the bed is the standard bedside table but the room is way too small for two bedside tables. I, like you, shopped around to find the right size at an affordable price. And they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

    Thanks for presenting so many neat ideas for using these stools. I can just see one placed on my front porch (with a pitcher of margaritas nestled in an ice bucket) during the hottest summer days when my crazy cousins come for a visit.

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday snug in your cozy little house.

    1. I love garden stools and how you used them in various rooms. I will check out your site/blog and I love the name cozy little house.

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