Social Security Form Complications

I just got back from getting my hair cut at Supercuts. I just don’t see the point of going to some fancy salon and spending a lot more money. But then of course I pretty much have mine shaved, so probably anyone could do it.

Ivy has been acting very different lately. I mentioned that she comes to me more often to be petted. But she also now comes to the bed more in the evening when I’m watching TV back in the bedroom.

Here Ivy is intently watching either a light or a shadow on the wall

She “talks” to me and touches me with her paw more often.

I mentioned that she can’t stand for Charlie to be completely under a blanket. But then she gets under one herself and stays there for some time.

It’s kind of like she’s evolving in some way. Growing more sociable. I don’t know what suddenly caused this turn of events.

Maybe she’s become more of an adult and her personality is fully setting in.

I do like that she seems to want to be near me more. Before she mostly played by herself, perfectly content, in the evening and during the night.

Now she wants to be where I am, thus where Charlie is. Through the night I can hear him snap at her occasionally when she “invades” his space.

I think she’s on and off the bed through the night. She sure likes to play with those silly swirly toys during the night. She plays with them all day too. You’d think she’d lose weight chasing those things all over the apartment.

She’ll touch my back with her paw and meow at me. She’s meowing more too. This means she wants to be petted even if it’s 3 a.m.

I was trying yesterday to get my tax stuff together. I see that social security no longer sends out tax forms because it’s too expensive to mail them. So you have to get them online.

That’s all fine and good. But I went to get my social security card to check exactly how my name was written and it seems I’ve lost it.

I tried to call the SS number and it said look online. So I did but apparently didn’t put my name the way it’s written on the card (in other words I think I put my middle initial and it wouldn’t accept that) and when I tried to pull it up it locked me out because it said I wasn’t accurate.

So then just so I’d know what to do when that’s figured out I go to the site where you download the forms for tax purposes. Except there seemed to be no place for the self-employed to download a form. It was all employer-related.

I read over it and over it. It applied to people who receive SS for children and guardians and employers from what I could tell.

Oh, I just hate complications like this! Please, please I surely don’t want to go into the mass of chaos that is the social security office here. So I sure hope I can get things figured out without having to do that.

I want to get my taxes done and this is the only thing holding me up. It’s the first year I’ve reckoned with this. Maybe next year will be easier.

What on earth has happened to my social security card? I’ve never misplaced or lost it before.

Try to do one thing and that leads to another glitch to deal with. Sigh.

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  1. I have my SSAN memorized. I have the original card from when I was a teenager in my firebox. I am waiting until the end of the month to get my retirement annual statement. I have a number of business deductions, so I have been using an accountant. I believe that it is worth the cost of having an expert advise me where I can get the best results and how to keep good records to back up my deductions. I believe that there are areas where I can do things myself and other things I am best paying for. For example, I cut my wife’s hair, her children’s hair, her mom’s, a couple of her friends and my own. It saves me hundreds a year with great results. I don’t try to do dentistry or be my own lawyer. Of course I have had to fire a lawyer in the past, so I do need to know what my needs are When I hire someone and when they are not being met.

  2. I love that Ivy is socializing. She is becoming a ‘big girl’ and leaving a bit of kittydom behind.
    I hate messing around with social security stuff. I am working on the office books, too, and putting out the 1099s tomorrow. Not my favorite way to pass time. lol I can’t find my social security card either and I need to go get a new one. ugh.

  3. If you have an AARP branch you can take your tax information to them and they will have the forms and do them for you for free. That’s what I do every year now. If there is an Office on Aging in your area you can get the information to sign up for the AARP services and location by calling them. Just a suggestion to make it easy for you. Call early as the schedule of appts. gets filled up quickly. I’m hate dealing with all the paperwork and so forth and this is the easiest way I’ve found to get my taxes done. I will say that mine aren’t complicated by any money-making business but I know that wouldn’t be a problem for the AARP people if you have the documentation you need which I don’t doubt you do, Brenda.

  4. i think the differences in Ivy are that she trusts you more. She might have expected to have to move on again, and now she thinks she has a home. She knows she has a home. In my family we always get cats off the street or from the shelter, so they have been through hard times and it takes a little while to know that they are really home now.

  5. Brenda-try this-look on your last year’s income tax filling packet from your tax-preparer and the name you used last year will be the one the ssa has for you, It will be the correct one to use when you go online to print out your ssa stuff you are trying to do…

  6. Brenda i just got my SS 1099 yesterday. So it should be there in a few days. Yes tax prep used to be so easy.

  7. I don’t think the yearly summary is mailed out anymore, but I have read the SSA 1099 tax statement will be mailed in January…(that’s like the W2 form of Social Security). Is that the statement you are looking for? I know you can get a replacement online, but you should be receiving the statement this month sometime. Here’s a link that explains it…

  8. Brenda, for some reason my comments are printed twice – Please delete the one of Your choice – I think all this wet weather is wreaking havoc on our internet service!!! Thank YOU!! 🙂 b

  9. You are never supposed to carry your SSN card in your purse in case it’s lost or you’re mugged and it’s stolen. Once someone has that number they can assume your identity and take you to the cleaners!

  10. I did our taxes online for years in another state, then we moved back to NC and we got someone to do them for us because of the state change, etc. We have used her ever since. Taxes and any kind of Insurance tax (no pun intended) my brain – When I try to understand them the experience takes me back to Mrs Futch’s Algebra II class – None of it makes much sense to me. I sure don’t look forward to retirement and SS – I would rather work, but with memory loss (at times) I might be considered more of a hindrance than an asset (I lose more paperwork here at home as it is!). Ivy, the Social Kitty. Well, why not. She looks like one of those Queens posing, looking off to the side or in the distance. She sounds like a real “hoot!”. 🙂 b

  11. Do you have last year’s tax forms? Look on them for the information you used. Best of luck to you!
    Ivy and Charlie are such great company. I always look forward to the posts with them being cute–that would be all of them.

  12. Or you can check with your local library. Some keep various tax booklets and forms on hand throughout the year.
    Best of luck!

  13. My husband got his social security form in the mail late last week. When there’s a question, I go online. When he chooses to deal with it, he calls. So calling is an option too (but prepare to wait a while).

    1. Oh believe me I’ve read tons of stuff online. That’s my first go-to source for everything. I called and waited an hour and then got a woman (poor thing) on the phone who had a voice disability and I could hardly understand a word she said. Maybe mine will come this week. Hope!

  14. Maybe your SS card is stuck to another one in a wallet or in an old one no longer used. I have found small pieces of paper stuck to things in my Important Papers file or in my wallet stuck to small pictures.

    Try using the form 1099 to get Self Employee in SS forms on line. Good luck.

    1. I checked all that. Twice. I always have it in my wallet. I’m going to check my small lock box in a few minutes but I don’t think it’s there as I always carried it on me.

  15. I dread tax time so much. it used to be simple. I got the forms. filled them out and mailed them.
    now it all has to be done electronically. this world is not made for simple and serene.
    it is made for chaos and complications and NON communication!

    1. You still can do your federal taxes with paper forms. In my state you still can do your state taxes with paper forms too. But you do have to go to the official federal and state websites to print off the forms.

      I used paper forms last year because the online site I’d used for a couple of years wouldn’t let me enter some new information and I got frustrated trying to figure it out. So I just printed off forms and did it the old-fashioned way. I’ll probably use paper forms this year too.

      1. Just talked to my accountant and he insists they will send me a SS tax form or whatever it’s called in the mail. I already have the one for blog income. Dreading it all. Didn’t have any taxes taken out of SS and it’s going to bite me in the butt. Will sure have some taken out this year. I didn’t even realize you could do it until my neighbor did it.

    2. Did you know that you can go to any SS office you want? Pick one that isn’t so busy and be first in line. That’s what I did when I applied for my husband’s benefits as a widow. GOOD LUCK!

  16. I have two cats. Leo is very lovey and wants lots of attention. Simon has always been a loner and not affectionate. That was until I purchased a laser toy which he loves and we play it every night while I try to watch tv. If I get too engrossed in my show he puts his paw on my arm and slightly uses his claws to get my attention. Now he rubs against my legs, and wants attention. He still won’t sit on my lap but head butts me while I am on the computer and wants me to pet him. This has taken 5 months for him to become so affectionate. I love my cats but I am allergic to them. My eyes weep and get crusty, my ears itch, my nose runs and I get a headache. I use two air cleaners, and vacuum every two days and I still suffer much of the time. And the massive cat hair shedding drives me crazy. I am hoping I will develop a tolerance to these things over time. I do not want to have to re-home my cats. They give me a lot of pleasure and keep me from feeling so lonely.

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