Kitchen Finds At Tuesday Morning

Yesterday just after noon I got kind of restless and went out for a bit. I went to World Market. I really don’t know why I go in there. It’s too expensive.

Then Bed, Bath & Beyond is right next door. So I wandered around in there and almost bought a new heating pad. Mine is old and beat up and I use it every single night.

Then I decided the price was just too much. I’d look on Amazon. And I left there empty handed. Came home and ordered one on Amazon.

I found these two boho style cutting boards at Tuesday Morning. The small one was $9.99 I believe and the larger one was under $15.00 I knew they’d look pretty on my countertops.

I’ve been buying things for my kitchen lately. Like big spoons for soup and various utensils. Finally, probably after 20 or more years, I threw out my plastic utensils! Should have done that a long time ago.

Do you know I bought my first wash cloth since I moved to Tulsa just about a month or so ago at Tuesday Morning? Now I have two new ones. The rest I should just toss.

I also bought one of those clear plastic containers you put eggs in for the fridge. I figure with the hard top on it, I can stack something lightweight on it. Refrigerator space is at a premium.

I bought four bright red salad plates for $1.99 each just because I never buy anything for Valentine’s Day and I figured that kind of fit the bill.

Oh and at the grocery store last week I bought myself one of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. Just a little one under $4.

Now why shouldn’t a single lady, or a married lady for that matter, buy her own box of chocolates?

I found a few other odds and ends. Things I always look at but never buy. Like an over the door hanger for the bathroom. And an over the side of the tub soap shelf so my soap isn’t a gooey mess.

I do love me a bargain. I asked when their weekly shipment comes in at Tuesday Morning, and they told me Tuesday. Appropriate, huh?

Tuesday Morning has kind of become my go-to store. I like Homegoods a lot, but it’s a lot further away. And Tuesday Morning is only about 3 miles away. Not much traffic getting there and it’s never crowded.

There’s an elderly man who works in there and he always wears a suit and a bow tie. Always looks so dapper.

It was nice and sunny if a little but chilly. I rolled my window down and enjoyed the fresh air.

I also switched out my dining room table for the old yellow one that was in the bedroom where Ivy eats. I was just ready for a change. Now Ivy eats on the other one.

That poor old yellow table was a $10 find years ago. But the yellow paint I last slapped on it cheers me somehow. A little switcheroo always lifts my spirits.

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  1. I love your cutting boards Brenda I’ve never seen any like them with the markings. They look spectacular as decor. I always buy myself chocolates though not usually in a box unless they are on discount. That way I get the chocolates I want, when I want 😉 Enjoy yours.

  2. I agree that buying ourselves a little something or even just something to spruce up our homes can be a great little pick-me-up. The Tuesday Morning stores that were about 20 minutes from my house both closed.

    Love your new cutting boards and the yellow table in your dining space. So cheery!

  3. Love the cutting boards, they’re different.
    Jealous of the yellow table,lol,very pretty.
    Galentines Day,girl! Enjoy that chocolate.

  4. It’s nice to find little things that make life easier, such as soap dishes or over-the-door hooks. Sometimes you have to try some different designs to get it just right. My shopping this weekend was for a plant or two for my living room which doesn’t get very sunny. I was standing in the store looking at a pothos and saw it had a tag saying it was good for low light. Just then a woman came by and said she had one and it was just right for rooms with low light. Don’t know how she knew I had that problem! But I thanked her for the suggestion and put one in my cart. It looks nice and healthy.

  5. I forgot to mention. When I use a sealer I always use a water based one. Because the oil based one will change the color of your paint as it has done for me. Then it looked awful.

  6. How funny Brenda I was just yesterday thinking about that yellow table. I have always liked it.

    Here in Ohio it’s 54 degrees and sunny . That unusual for Feb.

  7. I love the cutting boards, especially the one with the leather strap handle! I love to shop and I also love it when I find something I can use and in my low price range. It makes me so happy to buy just the littlest thing. Changing the table to another room makes it seem like you bought a new table !!

    1. I was looking at those tulip tables online because they are pretty cheap and I like the fact that they don’t have legs for me to trip over. But then I thought: well, just switch out the tables. So I did. I’ll have to watch myself with the legs. I got this particular table because before that I had a table with legs that jutted out and I was forever tripping over them.

  8. My best friend just tripped over her doggy steps next to her bed in the middle of the night. She broke her foot in four places. The X-ray technician told her that so many seniors accidents occur because of doggy steps next to beds. My friend called me and the others in our lunch group and made all of promise to DE-TRIP our homes. I also had a very serious fall in November. Home tripping hazards are the number one reason seniors go to the ER. Be safe. Be smart. Look around your home with objective eyes. Home decor can sometimes be a real PAIN!

    1. I don’t know what to do about the doggy steps. Charlie needs them, even though I often have to help him up them. There’s not much room between that and the wall. I can’t move my bed because it’s one of those Sleep Numbers and I don’t want to mess up the computer part of it. So guess I’ll just be more careful. I normally have the salt lamp on back there and it glows and I can see, but I hadn’t turned it on yet.

  9. Good morning Brenda,
    Happy you were not hurt from your fall .
    Have you mentioned to your doctor about the many falls that you have experienced. I too fall for unknown reasons. DR sent me for PT To treat my balance and it has helped.
    Happy you brought the yellow table back in you’re eating area. Would like for you to come & make changes in my home. Know you would make a more warm & organized environment . Always a very happy
    follower. Your posts are like sunshine.
    May the happiness you bring to me and many others return to you.???

    1. Yeah, kind of missed my old $10 table. I love that shade of yellow. I’ve mentioned it to my doctor, but it may be that my ankle that I broke both sides of is kind of unstable or something. Surgery twice, then sprained it last spring. I tend to move fast and run into/over things.

  10. I love the yellow table, what kind of paint did you use? Did you use any kind of sealant on it after painting? I have been thinking about trying to paint my kitchen table but was worried about chipping from setting things on it.

    1. Valspar. I have some in my closet. No, didn’t put any sealant on it. But might next time I give it a coat, which it needs. Will have to take it outside to paint because of Charlie (if there are any fumes/scent) and Ivy, who might jump on it.

  11. I love this cutting boards. Save your old cloths for cleaning rags instead of paper towels. I like your yellow table. Very vintage looking.

    1. That’s what I’ve been doing, using them for cleanign. That yellow table was purchased because I trip over legs easily for some reason. Last night I fell in the bedroom in the dark over the doggy steps. Knees are banged up today. I’m so clumsy. I can be standing still and somehow manage to fall!